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  1. http://objection.mrdictionary.net/go.php?n=6773807
  2. I found out yesterday the new Ace Attorney game will come out this fall in Europe and North America.
  3. The fifth installment in the Ace Attorney series will be available for e-Shop download for the 3DS sometime this fall. I have anticipated this release for some time now, and there's finally a range of possible release dates we can expect! The digital download-only option may be a bit of a turn-off for some buyers, but I don't mind it if that gets me my Ace Attorney fix after 4 years without any AA game and 5 years without one in the main series. And the Ace Attorney is back in the spotlight as a playable character! I hope Capcom shares more insight into the game during its E3 spots these next 3 days. I also can hardly wait for the surprise they've got. I hope it's good. Mega Man 11? X9? Legends 3? (Most likely Legends 3 with how they've miffed that series' fans to no end) In a few more months, it will finally be here! OBJECTION! is coming back!
  4. Tetris. I think. Either that or Super Mario Land. My dad owned a Game Boy at the time and I remember playing it on our way to visit my uncle and his family in Louisiana.
  5. The Equestrian Video Boxing Association announces a tournament to crown its first-ever champion as well as set the ranks to contend for position to challenge the champion as well as the champions who will hold the stepping-stone titles en route to the Canterlot Circuit. This tournament will feature denizens of the nation of Equestria and its neighboring territories as well as challengers from the world of Nintendo! Step into the ring as Little Mac, Don Flamenco, Glass Joe, King Hippo, Mr. Sandman or others as they warp into this world, find out they are ponies and train on (somewhat) equal ground to win the tournament and capture the Canterlot Circuit title, contend for said title or take a lower title The three circuits will be: Ponyville Circuit (aka the Minor Circuit) Manehattan Circuit (aka the Major Circuit) Canterlot Circuit (aka the World Circuit) We can flesh out rules in here since the characters will all be races from FiM, so boxing will work differently from how humans do it. Any takers?
  6. [colour=#ff0000]"Okay, as long as it's within good reason, I won't object. The analogy is a bit different for me, but I get the gist the same. I will join you as soon as they get that underway. For now..."[/colour] Harrington left Razor as his little sister began to hug him to suffocation. He found a small circle of colts and glided over to join them, landing a few steps away from them, picking up on what one was saying about some late-night activities and fun. [colour=#ff0000]"Good day, boys. Name's Harrington Sleuth, investigator by trade and colts' counselor for this week. The s'mores are an absolute must at any camp, the stories are okay provided they are not objectionably gruesome and, if we don't plan it already, I'll make sure there's toast. Oh, right...you may have to excuse me for that, I...have a bit of a habit of listening in for a bit before dropping by for a word. It's been there since I was about your age."[/colour]
  7. I suppose I would have to play the beta of Yogventures! to really determine how I feel about it. If my laptop can run it well, that is. First time I played it on alpha, it was laggy as kick out with hind-legs.
  8. Where have you been all this time? I'd like to throw in Harrington for prosecutor. If Trixie can be an attorney, why can't a private investigator?
  9. (I know it's been a while since I said I'd post. Lots came up this week. I had to be the masochist and decide to do the harder AP Calculus exam.) It had taken Harrington a good while to finally make it to Stalliongrad, but he found his way to the city in due time. This was his first time to Stalliongrad, so he had to rely on a map to get him there. Once in the city, the letter he got from one Miss Snowfall also contained directions to meet her and the rest of the team she assembled in her manor. He had heard news of the ruby claw's disappearance from its storage, but he found it odd that the thief had only swiped that from the manor. There must have been many other valuables ripe for the taking where the burglar had gone into, but something was definitely up. He had a hunch the moment he read in the Baltimare news: "The claw was the only item not accounted for when the estate's owner, Miss Snowfall of Stalliongrad, returned after the thief left. The acting CEO of Northern Storm Industries would not speak with this news outlet about the incident in question and we are only left to guess at what this silence implies about the crime." [colour=#ff0000]So that begs the question...why does she need my help? What's so special about this thing? It was the only item stolen from her manor. It struck me as odd as well, but she also mentioned there will be two others involved. Must be extremely important to get this back from whoever stole it.[/colour] Several more thoughts ran through his mind as he wondered about the case. He had looked into how the claw originally fell into Snowfall's hooves, which lined up several possibilities involving griffons or other Aquellian nationals. It was an ancient treasure that was forged in their dominion, but it had also been lost for a while. It would take some personal or national vendetta to want it back to the extreme of stealing it from somepony in the cold north of Equestria. Whatever the reason, his thoughts would organize into questions for Snowfall and the others she invited to the meeting at her onion-domed manor. He made sure to dress warm for the weather, with a gray coat, red snow shoes yellow scarf, red wool hat with what looked like a white, three-pronged crown at the front and black visor for whiteout blizzards along the way. He made his way to the mansion with the directions in the letter and arrived at the massive doorway. He was not long behind Fire Walker and entered alongside her and the rest of the team when Snowfall's butler opened up for them. [colour=#ff0000]This must be her...[/colour] He paused until Fire Walker spoke to introduce himself. [colour=#ff0000]"Thank you for the invite out here, miss. I am Harrington Sleuth, the wandering private investigator...which leaves me to wonder...why me? Why have me out here to help you with this? I'm sure the local authorities...or even the national authorities...would be of greater help to you than one wayfaring stallion..."[/colour]
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