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  1. So, I recently Did some film work... and lost more weight... I also go t play Rocky in "The Rocky Horror Show" There are a few other pics from the show I want to post, but I'm not sure where the borderline between ok and nsfw is
  2. Did my best to fit it on my iphone, I had to take three to fit it all /: Center: With Canterlot on screen To the right a bit: And to the Left:
  3. I recommend searching within the time frames of 3:50 and 4:05
  4. Yeah, she can be quite Silly Sometimes
  5. Haha, well Lovin, I did a cover of "Lost" by them a long time ago... Let's see what I can cook up
  6. That was a cute gesture Tales I'm not getting nearly as much feedback as I was hoping though
  7. "You know I belong in your prep school's Host club..." And that's all for now This last one's my personal favorite
  8. "Check out this Armani Shirt I'm wearing in a Country background, sexy right?"
  9. "Hey mum, I'm still you're little boy"
  10. "Sorry babe, just because I play Guitar, doesn't mean i want you following me backstage, you're friends cool though, sup?"
  11. Alright, Drumroll Please... "Something Wrong Sugercube?"
  12. And Ironically I JUST got my letter from the photographer today saying there all finished! Thanks Tales
  13. I'll be posting the rest of my headshots and such when I get them...... I have about 7 more waiting to be done
  14. I really want a Flugelhorn

    1. ping111


      Believe me... you don't. You can't vibrato them at all, and you can only play one note at once.

      The CAPITALIST PIG-DOGS are getting to you, my boy! Quick - to the Marxcopter!

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