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  1. @BadIuckBrian oh my

  2. Did I do it? lol Im sooo new to this And I think everyone loves music My plushie, like I told everyone else, will be on my dA. I had to make a pattern myself, and it will look like this. I hope.
  3. NY, Ive always wanted to go there. Im jelly. And you sure do like headphones. And how do you do that thing, with the gray, with what I said in it? The little gray box thing?
  4. @starswirlthebearded Where do you live? I mean, what state? And I dont think Ive ever met someone who knows a lot about headphones @Dash91 Thanks! And the finished product, like I said, will be on my deviantart, cheesyhug123.deviantart.com
  5. I might go there sometimes! I need new headphones anyway @Rosewind The avatar! But all avatars are awesome!
  6. Hello, welcome to ponyville log! This is pinkiepi here! I tell you about the news on My Little Pony! In early september, season 3 will be out, and I cant wait! Well, lets get to know the author of Ponyville Log, since it is the first "issue," as I call it. My favorite ponies in no particular order are, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Twilight Sparkle. My name is Ashley, and my OC is named Twilight Star. Her pet is a chipmunk named Nut. Anyway, since there is no MLP episodes to talk about, lets explain the characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie is a bright pink earth pony. She has a toothless pet alligator named Gummy. She works at a bakery/candy shop named Sugar Cube Corner. Cutie Mark: Story of her cutie mark: Pinkie Pie tells the Cutie Mark Crusaders in the episode The Cutie Mark Chronicles that she was raised on a rock farm with her two sisters and her parents. Her family's coats and manes are Earth-colored, muted browns and grays. When Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom clears the clouds and paints a rainbow across the sky, the shock wave frizzles Pinkie Pie's hair, giving it its distinctive curl. Subsequently, Pinkie Pie experiences magnificent joy and smiles. She then decides to dedicate her life to making people happy and throwing parties. When she invites her family to their first party ever, her mother calls her Pinkamena Diane Pie. An animator on the show, John Irving L. Prudenciano, revealed that Pinkie Pie's full name is Pinkamena Diane Pie a few months prior to the airing of The Cutie Mark Chronicles. The Cutie Mark Crusaders end up unsure whether Pinkie Pie's story is true or not, especially since she concludes by stating, "...and that's how Equestria was made... Maybe someday I'll tell you how I got my cutie mark!" Applejack Applejack is a orange earth pony with a yellow mane, and has a pet dog named Winona. She lives and works on a farm named Sweet Apple Acres. Cutie Mark: Story of her cutie mark: In Call of the Cutie, Applejack tells her sister Apple Bloom that she was the last one in her class to get her cutie mark, a trait that seems to run in the family. In The Cutie Mark Chronicles, she tells the Cutie Mark Crusaders the story of how she got her cutie mark. It begins with a young Applejack leaving the farm to live with her upper class relatives, the Oranges, in the big city called Manehatten (a play on words based on a real city, Manhattan). Once there, however, she finds it hard to fit in and becomes terribly homesick. The rainbow left in the wake of Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom leads her to return home to the farm. Once there, she realizes that she truly belongs there, and finally gains her cutie mark. Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash is a blue pegasus with a rainbow colored mane and tail. She has a pet tortoise named Tank, and does weather patrol. Cutie Mark: Story of her cutie mark: Rainbow Dash mentions in Call of the Cutie that she was the first in her class to get her cutie mark. She tells the Cutie Mark Crusaders in The Cutie Mark Chronicles the story of how she got her cutie mark. Her story is set in summer flight camp, where she defends Fluttershy from a pair of bullies, who refer to Rainbow Dash as "Rainbow Crash", which she is also nicknamed by Spike in Bridle Gossip. One of the bullies already have their cutie mark, where Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy do not. She challenges the two bullies to a flying Pegasus race, and in the ensuing contest she discovers her passion for speed and for "winning", in her words. Going through the race course, she performs her very first sonic rainboom, not only gaining her own cutie mark, but also inadvertently setting in motion the events that would cause Fluttershy and her future Ponyville friends to gain their own cutie marks. Fluttershy Fluttershy is a shy yellow pegasus pony, with a pink mane and tail. She has a pet bunny named Angel, and is an animal caretaker. Cutie Mark: Story of her cutie mark: The episode The Cutie Mark Chronicles offers a glimpse into Fluttershy's past. Like Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy hails from Cloudsdale. As a filly, she was not a very good flier, and was bullied by some of the other ponies, who nicknamed her "Klutzershy". She was taller and ganglier than the other foals, with slightly larger wings. Rainbow Dash, however, stood up for her, and challenged the bullies to a race in which the participants unintentionally knocked Fluttershy down to the ground, a place she had never been before. She was saved from a rough landing by falling onto a large group of butterflies. Upon seeing all the different animals which lived on the ground for the first time, Fluttershy was so overjoyed, she started singing. A few moments later, Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom scared all the animals away; however, Fluttershy was able to calm them down, and learned that she had a talent for communicating with animals. It was at that point she gained her cutie mark, which was butterflies and a lifelong love of animals. Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle is a purple unicorn, with pink highlights in her tail and mane. She has a dragon named spike which is also her Assistant, and she also has a pet owl named Owloysius. She is a librarian. Cutie Mark: Story of her Cutie Mark: Twilight Sparkle tells the Cutie Mark Crusaders in The Cutie Mark Chronicles how, as a young filly in Canterlot, she always wanted to go to the Summer Sun Celebration. There, she witnessed Princess Celestia raising the sun, which inspired her to learn everything she could about magic. At first she finds it difficult to magically turn a page in her book, but she quickly achieves her goal. In a time-lapse sequence, she reads through two big piles of books, and her parents enroll her in Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. However, she has to pass an entrance exam before joining. Under the supervision of four examiner ponies, she has to use her magic to hatch a dragon's egg. Despite her best efforts, the egg does not hatch, and Twilight apologizes for wasting the examiners' time. Just then, Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom startles her and causes her enormous magical power to manifest completely out of her control, hatching the infant Spike. With her eyes now glowing white and a purple aura around her, Twilight fires off a flurry of spells: she makes the examiners float in the air, turns her parents into potted plants and transforms Spike into a giant dragon, with his head breaking through the roof. Princess Celestia takes quick notice of the later while walking by outside and quickly intervenes to control Twilight's magic and return everything back to normal. Twilight apologizes, but Princess Celestia is not upset; instead, she recognizes Twilight's raw power and recommends that she learn to tame her abilities through focused study. She offered to take Twilight Sparkle as her own personal protégé at the school. Twilight excitedly accepted the offer, and at that moment, her cutie mark appeared, much to her joy. Throughout the series, Twilight continues to study magic, and in particular she studies the "magic of friendship" under the decree of Princess Celestia, and sends her reports of her studies. Rarity Rarity a unicorn pony, with a light light light OH SO LIGHT gray coat, and a mane and tail that is purple. She has a pet cat named Opalescence. She is a fasion designer, and owns a boutique named Carousel Boutique. Cutie Mark: Story of her cutie mark: During The Cutie Mark Chronicles, Rarity retells her story of how she got her cutie mark to the Cutie Mark Crusaders. The flashback starts on an outdoor theater near the schoolhouse, where some fillies were practicing for a school play, dressed as various foods. The teacher complimented Rarity on her costume design, but the perfectionist Rarity insisted that the dresses didn't meet her expectations and tried to create new ones to no avail. Almost immediately, a light ignites in her horn, and it shoves Rarity leftward until it stumbles into a very large, geode-like boulder. Rarity, having thought her horn would help her find "her destiny", is deeply unsatisfied. Then, Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom occurs, causing the boulder to split in two, revealing the boulder to be filled with gemstones. Rarity decides to add these to the existing costumes to snaz them up, earning both the admiration of the crowd, and her cutie mark. -- Well, there are the profiles for all the ponis of the show. Follow this blog if you like it. :I
  7. Sorry about the late reply lol @SkyMunki Im good! I find it good here! @Armony Thank you! @Winter My finished plush will be on my deviantart, cheesyhug123@deviantart.com @shyshy Sure! I will message you if I need help @starswirlthebearded Ive never heard of 32ohm, and My avatar is rickrolling you because @Chapien Thank you! @Talex Thank you! And The plushie, Im getting the fabric tomorrow, and the finished results and maybe WIPs (work in progress) will be on my dA, cheesyhug123.deviantart.com
  8. Cheesyhug


    About Myself: I live in Portland Oregon I like to draw ponies My favorite shows are My Little Pony, Adventure Time, and pokemon. How I found Canterlot.com: Browsing the Internet How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: Well I was on dA, deviantART, and there was a ton of MLP fanart, so eventually I went on this site, mlp-fim.com, and watched some MLP episodes. I liked it and now I've watched all the episodes. My favourite main cast pony/s: AppleJack,Rainbow Dash,Twilight Sparkle My favorite 3 ponies are Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Twilight Sparkle, in no particular order. I am currently trying to make an applejack plush, and if I finish it I might put it on my tumblr or deviantart.
  9. Hi there! My name is PinkiePi. Heehee...pi, not pie!
  10. I'm in a group video chat with 8 others - Click to watch or join: http://t.co/hMoXTm46

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