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  1. The original was super sculpty and green stuff. This is from a mould cast I made then the details in miller putty. So I'm set to make more ponies sitting on a cloud lol
  2. Hello Every pony this is a bit of a repeat of what I said in my intro, But I am a sculpter as it were and am making models, OC and otherwise. Heres a look at one pony I made and was sold on ebay. (First and last time I do the ebay dance lol) As a little starter to raise funds heres a pony I've mold casted to increase speed and production. Not pretty but bare with... As ya can see I've only done the body and clouds but with that I can change it to any peg as like so here was the first prototype I did Let me know if ya want one :3. Price projections are to be around £10 to £14. I'll post pics of any more I make. Raindrop and Suprise Pinkie will be next.
  3. Part drawing, part model picks, part derp
  4. Well then stay out of my shed :3
  5. Hello now lets eat bacon!... wait do ponies eat bacon?.. they keep pigs and pinkie pie eats hotdogs. Must do
  6. I just thought be funny to work up a ton of warnings without ever really doing anything bad or ever getting banned Like Who's line is it anyway's points
  7. 0 warning points. Sounds like an achievement if I get to 1000 lol
  8. About Myself: I am an artist and furry. I also started sculpting models. Which always get a kick out of the fineshed product so I'm investing more into it. How I found Canterlot.com: Jazzi told me to come play How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: I saw the art of the show and thought I bet craig behind this. Not knowing that his wife made the shows I thought he had originaly. My favourite main cast pony/s: Pinkamina Diane Pie Hello every pony, Jazzi said I needed to join to show my wares I've started making. So here are some This one was sold already- This one I've just made as a prototype for my mould casting so these will be available to all :3
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