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  1. I got a 20 lol on my grandmas computer from 2002 Hahaha I feel proud c: 16-19 age group
  2. Hay everypony here is todays chat http://tinychat.com/aoiokiesrb3
  3. ^ I lol'd! My dad used to play this Lydia song to me when I was younger:
  4. LOL!! I love that XD I started with Applebloom because I call Thebluemage Applebloom, he happened to be talking to me when I made this!
  5. Thanks everypony for the welcomes c: funnily enough im listening to the welcome song on everfree radio X3 gotta love irony!
  6. Thanks guys X3 She is just really special hah
  7. meowplease

    My Little Plushies

    These are plushies I have made ^^ and my DA is meowplease! Thanks for lookin!
  8. My username started when I was in 7th grade, I really liked saying meow at the time and I couldnt come up with anythin to use for usernames (this was when things such as deviantart really started to pop up in mu life) I figured "Hay since I love saying meow why not meowplease" and I have been using it ever since!
  9. meowplease


    This is where I put my MLP drawings, I dont do them often so there may be slim pickin's in this folder c:
  10. meowplease


    Lol thanks Applebloom, her bows are yellow because the original Mimic's bows are, I tried to keep the colors as accurate as possible. c: I do think she would look better with a different color tho yes hah!
  11. meowplease


    Your too nice to me, you know that? X3
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