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  1. One where Discord goes face to face with this guy
  2. My favorite pony shipping's are Pinkie Pie X Rorschach because Opposites attract Frank West X Applejack because both are honest Twilight Sparkle X Freddy Kruger because I can Dante Sparda X Rainbow Dash because they are both CUHRAYZEE Rarity X Batman because Upperclass ladies are attracted to Upperclass men Skrillex X Fluttershy because they both scare me And Me X Celestia AND Luna because I'm Deadpool and am so awesome that I get 2 princesses
  3. Soooo..... If anyone needs me I'm gonna go whine that this app of a criminal was better than my App of a criminal
  4. Yeah, This movie is like the DmC reboot, rushed with TERRIBLE execution
  5. -_- if you must know why. The pacing was terrible, it relied PURELY on the popularity of the show. AND NOTHING MADE ANY SENSE ! EXAMPLE W/ SPOILERS: When Sunset Shimmer turned into a demon only to revert back to human 30 seconds later. We had just finished comprehending that she was a demon. We barely saw her in action as one, and she went down WITHOUT a fight. Another example is Dreamy McCute-bottom I mean really, YOU SEE A DIFFERENT CREATURE IN A DIFFERENT DIMENSION AND IMMEDIATELY FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM! WHY!?
  6. Essentially, all of my characters for this are going to be whacky and violent. still waiting for criticism on Happy Hypie though
  7. Deadpool HERE! There have been heavy hints that Saints Row IV is the final game in the Saints Row series. This saddens me as Saints Row IV is probably the best game so far this year and one of the best open world games. period . So without further ado, here is the reason why the adventures of everyone's favorite nameless psychopath should continue. The series actually knows it's a game Almost every open world game nowadays thinks it can replace real life by giving players a buttload of NPCs. quest, and (Terrible) dialogue. Skyrim won GOTY 2011 for doing this. Saints Row is the open world game that you can play FOR FUN! Maybe I don't want to go in a cave to retrieve a woman's family talisman in order to marry said personality-less woman. Maybe I just want to kill her by throwing A FREAKING CAR IN HER FACE WITH TELEKINESIS. It disproves that video games have to be art. Saints Row took the theory of video games needing to have meaning, and threw it in the garbage where it belongs. I don't care if the game has deep message and well fleshed out character . When I was a kid, I played a game about an Italian plumber jumping on mushrooms to save a princess from a fire-breathing Gamera-wannabe. I play games to have fun, and that is Saint's Rows high point. Saints Row IV opened a whole new world of Gameplay. Saints Row has ALWAYS been revolutionary, a game that skips the boring stuff and goes straight to the murdering. But the very idea of crime games involving super-powers was interesting. The idea that maybe now you could skip stealing cars and just flat out run across the map is a whole new revolution in gaming. Johnny Gat C'mon Volition, YOU GIVE HIM BACK TO US JUST TO END THE SERIES. NO! *clears throat* Anyway, don't tell me you didn't love this character. This guy cares about NOTHING BUT MURDER! The only characters in GAMING who match his awesomeness are Dante Sparda (Devil May Cry 1-4), James Earl Cash (Manhunt), Frank West (Dead Rising Series), Nameless Protagonist (Saints Row) and one other character from Saints Row .... GENKI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MURDER TIME! FUN TIME! As the 4th game clearly shows, So give us Genki as A MAJOR STORY CHARACTER! I don't care if he is an ally or an enemy. (Although SR4 shows that the protagonist has grown a dislike of Genki) JUST GIVE ME MY FAVORITE MURDER CAT! We never found out what happened to KillBane The leader of the Luchadores needs closure, HE MADE A FOOL OF THE SAINTS! Yes I know that Don't make THAT what killed him. Saints Row the third showed that Kill Bane was a master mind who probably survived that (Since it was Saints Row. ANYTHING could happen.) The series just went COSMIC. Really, the 4th game pits the leader of the Saints against a highly respected Alien overlord. You're going to stop at that? NAY! The whole UNIVERSE will be after the Saints now. Am I the only one who sees the oppurtunity here? As long as they keep introducing species and gameplay innovations while still keeping that Saints Row humor, they could make a Saints Row 25 and it wouldn't get old. So in conclusion Why would you end such a glorious series after 4? There is so much to explore.
  8. Richard read the note. He didn't have to become Nightwing till Sundown so he looked at Marco "Lunch, Don't expect any autographs. Bruce is a busy man so I can't exactly take you to meet him." Richard looked at Brass, happy to finally see a civilized person in the room. "Richard, Richard Grayson.", he shook the hand out in front of him.
  9. Great job, Not even the end of homeroom and I've already made an enemy of someone, Bruce will be so proud, Richard thought, "My name's Richard Grayson. ", he replied.
  10. Richard, felt the paper, turned and looked at SG. He sighed. "Why the heck did you throw that at me?", he raised his eyebrow. Assuming she was about to pester him for money
  11. http://www.canterlot...ip/#entry382506 Richard walked through the main hallway, his hands in the pockets of his black hoodie and hair combed to the side with the hood over it so that hopefully no one would recognize him. When he got to homeroom (Which we all share), the teacher, Mr.Fancypants, immediately recognized him. "Mr. Grayson. Is it really appropriate to wear a hood in school?" Richard sighed and took the hood off as several kids shouted "That's Bruce Wayne's adopted son!" He then rolled his eyes. Then a smartmouth decided to open his trap. "Hey, pretty boy, how much lunch money you got?" Of course, Richard was a smart mouth too. "Enough to pay the rent for the car you live in." Fancypants shot a look at both boys and directed Richard to his seat (EDIT: Can the mods move this to Free For All)
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