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  1. umm... that's a new type of error you are getting.... Which version you are using?
  2. v.175 is released. overall 30% better than v1.74.
  3. the game is much updated now
  4. full game section one is released. download at www.darkkyshadow.com/about.html feel free to report any bugs.
  5. Problem? Insert troll.png
  6. V0.4 beta is ready! it now have achievements, a guidebook to menu. Two new AWESOME Equestia maps added. Twilight spell "Absorption" fixed. Possible NPC "Trixie" crash fix. Two more puzzle mini-games added for testing. 4 more teleport location added. Added over 10 music tracks!!! Thank Sim Gretina for most of them! , added 10+ types of new monsters, added changeling army, added epic two stage boss battle! Final section one of the gameplay is finished! Sadly, it won't be accessible in BETA. Special thank to Yurusumaji for reporting some of the bugs in game!
  7. Equestria maps is added to the game. Screenshoot of the map is added to this thread.
  8. beta version 0.3 is released. Added two fun minigames to BETA for testing. Fixed two text glitch. Added 6 new maps.
  9. It is fixed in version 0.2. Thanks for the report.
  10. Well. It is a hack of one of the RPG game. Mine isn't hacked; it have custom storyline, gameplay etc.
  11. MLP RPG BETA is now released. Download it from http://darkkyshadow.com/Download.html
  12. We have a team working on the project. I am just in charge of the game development.
  13. The problems start off in Equestria (dragon's disappearance). However Twilight will later found out Earth is related to what happened in Equestria. After further investigation everything will then trace back to Equestria which will reveal the bigger picture. Another fact I have been considering is earth maps are easier to make while Equestria maps will require more texture packs and map editing.
  14. Youtube trailer: website: www.darkkyshadow.com/about.html
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