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  1. [colour=#9baaba]N I G H T B L A D E[/colour] [colour=#9baaba]The night was both moonless and starless. Dark storm clouds roiled in the sky like an unpleasant concoction brewing occasional flashes of lightning and ominous rumbles of thunder in its depths. Most pony folk with any sense had long since retired to their homes, and the lights from their cottages glowed like beacons in the distance. Only one shadowy figure, a lone renegade, still braved the streets as they turned to mud under his feet. The rhythmic pounding of Nightblade's hooves was lost in the tumult of heavy wind and rain. His two saddlebags were drenched and clinging to his sides. With his beryl eyes narrowed and head low, the lean-bodied unicorn scythed through the vicious lash of the gale. However, even with his horn glowing with his brightest lighting spell, he was practically running blind. There were no decent means of shelter anywhere but in the small, unassuming village ahead of him. As he reached the outskirts, Nightblade first became aware of the change as the muddy roads became wet cobblestone. He slowed to a brisk trot, blinking rain from his eyes as he glanced up at the surrounding buildings, hoping to find some form of lodging; perhaps an inn or any sort of vacant housing. To his detriment, every home seemed to be fully occupied already. It looked like the small town was already more or less overpopulated - they didn't seem to have room for any extra ponies. A powerful gust of wind sent a fresh barrage of rain hissing against the pavement and battering the already-soaked Nightblade with more pelting drops. He slackened his pace to a walk, ears drooping dejectedly as he realized he might be spending the night out. As a traveler that wasn't uncommon for him and he had provisions for it in his bags, but it was a miserable prospect at best on a night like this. He halted under a small overhang protruding from one of the buildings to look forlornly up at an intersection street sign in a final, desperate hope that there might be an inn nearby. There wasn't. Nightblade heaved a weary sigh. He was tired after a full day of traveling on foot and he didn't think he could go much further, nor did he think it was a good idea to keep moving in a storm. For several moments the sodden unicorn simply stood staring blankly into the darkness, wondering what he should do. He could try knocking on some doors to see if anyone would let him stay for the night, but he doubted many would be willing to accept a strange, mud-streaked and travel-worn stallion from foreign lands so late. Nor was he eager to encroach any anypony's home or burden anypony with his presence. If worst came to worst he could find some kind of sheltered area - the side of a building or perhaps a deserted wagon to stay the night, but that was a distasteful prospect he refused to consider unless he was absolutely desperate. Which he might be, sooner or later, if he didn't find someplace to stay for the night. Head hanging, Nightblade began to plod along the avenue of houses, wondering which would yield the best results if he knocked. At last, he chose one at random and gave the door a few light raps with one hoof. He waited. [colour=#4CA2BA]"A-achoo!"[/colour] And to make matters worse he might just be coming down with a cold. [/colour] [colour=#9baaba]_ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _ Multi-paragraph replies are preferred ^^[/colour] ​
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    A collection of all my pony-related art, consisting mostly of drawings of my OCs and RP scenarios.
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    Gorgeous colours - they remind me of a desert sunset
  4. Applebuck Season was the one that really caught me.
  5. NightBlade is already a character of mine. He was approved a few months ago ^^
  6. I got a score of zero~ I used to work with a lot of gradients because my first art program ever was MS Paint, and gradients were pretty much the only way to blend colours on MS Paint, so it was pretty easy for me.
  7. O__O I swear, I had no idea there was a character like that OTL |D Sorry about that! Any similarities are entirely coincidental, I promise. ^^'
  8. @Artax: I wasn't aiming for that? X'D Who does she look like?
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    Bring it.

    Thank you both @MLPTales: Yes, I will be setting up a request/commission thread soon. ^^
  10. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Honey Cider Species: Pegasus Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Eye colour: A deep, honey-toned amber. Coat colour: A sandy tan hue. She has darker and lighter coloured freckles above her muzzle. Mane/Tail/Markings colour & Style: Somewhat scruffy bangs of medium length that sweep outward from Honey Cider's face frame her forehead, and longer locks of the same style sweep against her neck. Her tail is medium long and curls at the tip just like her mane. Both her mane and tail are tri-coloured with a rich, chestnut russet brown streaked with dark goldenrod and light brown. Physique: A lifetime of farm work has given Honey Cider a lean, sturdy build. Though average in height, Cider's athletic abilities exceed that of many. Healthy and hardy, she has high endurance and a life of lifting bales of hay, bushels of apples, barrels of cider and harvesting crops has made her strong and fit. She's not the most agile or swift of fliers, but Honey Cider is a tough pegasus. Cutie Mark: Half a heart shaped apple beside a honey dipper. A leaf from the apple hangs over the honey dipper so that it resembles a musical note. Origin/Residence: Born and raised on a farm in the outskirts of Manehattan. Occupation: Honey Cider's family's specialty is in making 100% home made cider. Honey Cider is dedicated to helping run the family farm and business. Motivation: She has a natural talent with healing and is usually the one to look after farm animals when they are injured or sick. Honey Cider loves to be able to help others, and is a very caring and compassionate pegasus. She also has another talent: singing. However, she keeps this ability somewhat stifled and hardly shares it with anyone. Eventually, she will begin to explore singing more thoroughly and gradually open up to the world so she can reach her full potential in that area. Likes: Helping others, apple honey cider, music, singing, friends & family, animals, working on the farm, clouds, sunsets, excitement & adventure, completing & achieving something. Dislikes: Bullies, offending or hurting others, falling out with friends, sitting around doing nothing, failing, expressing her feelings, singing in public or with others. History: Unique of the majority of the others of her kind, Honey Cider is an almost exclusively ground-dwelling pegasus. Ever since her birth, she has resided on her family's farm. Her mother Cinnamon Spice passed up open skies and a life in the clouds to live with Cider's father, Brisk, an earth pony, and devoted herself to the farm. Thus, when Honey Cider was born, rather than spending her childhood in Cloudsdale, she grew up on the ranch. The family ranch did was not originally in Manehattan, but another far more humble city. When circumstance and opportunity caused the family to move, Brisk chose to settle in Manehattan for the business they would receive there. Because of that, Honey Cider's family isn't entirely under the 'Manehattan' influence and generally are seen somewhat even as outsiders, or foreigners to the city. Often, during the winter, when there was little work to do on the farm, Honey Cider's family would travel from city to city in Equestria selling cider they'd made over the summer and fall. They even traveled as far as Marelia, where Honey Cider met NightBlade and was friends with him for the duration of her stay there with her family when heavy snowfall kept them there for an entire winter. Honey Cider experienced many different places and met many different ponies, and this gradually germinated a desire to travel and see and live in other places more often. A strong-willed and fiery pegasus, Cinnamon Spice was a, though fiercely loving and protective, also a strict and overbearing mother to Honey Cider. When Honey Cider first began to realize her singing abilities, and initially expressed interest in moving deeper into Manehattan or possibly to an even bigger city in the future to study music and become a traveling singer, Cinnamon Spice immediately shot down the idea, insisting that Honey Cider needed to remain at the farm to help with the cider making, and eventually inherit it from her father. She dismissed her daughter's idea as 'frivolous and impractical' and strongly impressed the idea that the best choice for her future was to remain at the farm. Because of this, Honey Cider forced herself to close her eyes to the possibilities of her singing and focus on the farm. She sang less and less around others and took particular care to avoid her mother, subconsciously taking Cinnamon's rejection of her dream as an indication that her skills were inadequate, until she only sang when she was alone. She was stifling her dream for another pony's, but it wasn't all too bad - she enjoyed helping with the cider business and working on the farm. She developed a talent for caring for others and became something of a pseudo doctor for the farm animals. When she was a filly, Honey Cider left her home temporarily to go live with her aunt in Cloudsdale while she attended Flight Camp. Her aunt enjoyed her company and offered to allow her to stay at her house in Cloudsdale, but Honey Cider was hesitant to accept, as she felt far more at home on the ground, at the farm in Manehattan, and she shared her family's devotion to the cider business. However, she also did enjoy flying and a life in the clouds. What finally resolved her dilemma was when she received a message from home that her pet dog was ill. Upon hearing this, she immediately packed up and returned to the farm in Manehattan. She spent several weeks nursing him back to health with tender loving care, giving him medicine and even singing to him. In the duration of that time, she realized how much she really enjoyed her life on the farm and how much she'd missed it. She came to the conclusion that she would never be completely happy in Cloudsdale - Manehattan was her home. When her dog finally recovered, Honey Cider received her Cutie Mark: half a heart shaped apple beside a honey dipper. The apple represents her loving, compassionate nature and her devotion to the family cider business, while the leaf-crossed honey dipper represents her sweetness, and more subtly, a music note, which stands for her talent and beautiful voice for singing. Character Summary: True to the nature her Cutie Mark depicts, Honey Cider is a very endearing young mare who is warm and welcoming toward all ponies. Friendly and amicable, she enjoys socialization and thrives on companionship and interactions with others. She is very caring and compassionate, and is thoughtful and sensitive toward the feelings of others. She has a gift for healing and can be a sympathetic listener, a shoulder to cry on and is efficient with dealing with the animals on the farm and attending to illnesses or injuries. However, her highly understanding and receptive characteristics, in addition to her mother's overbearing influence, also make her quite inhibited. Honey Cider is often reluctant to state her true feelings and opinions, choosing to allow emotions to bottle up and turn sour rather than let them out. She fears to become a burden to others by sharing her problems, and fears she will upset or hurt other's feelings if she says something wrong. She absolutely hates making other ponies uncomfortable in any way and would go out of her way or be self-sacrificing to ensure she is never making anypony unhappy. In a sense, she is somewhat shy of telling the truth at times, and this restraint can cause her to feel trapped and ill at ease. Often she has trouble deciding between doing what she wants and what another pony wants. However, in any case, when Honey makes up her mind she remains dedicated to what she stands by. She holds true to her beliefs, morals and friends and this devotion is evident in the care she puts into her work on the farm. Having been responsible for many chores since she was a young filly, she has a good work ethic and is a tenacious and hard worker. The family business has suffered its fair share of hardships and Honey Cider has weathered through them with perseverance and faith, and her approach to life is much the same.
  11. [ L u v y n a ' s L o g b o o k ] --- ◆ ◆ ◆ --- [ M u s e ] Activity: Moderate | Art: Low | Roleplaying: Moderate --- ◆ ◆ ◆ --- [ C h a r a c t e r s ] bolded character names are active. [ N i g h t b l a d e ] [ unicorn ] [ young stallion ] [ profile ] --- ◆ ◆ ◆ --- [ T h r e a d s ] [ N i g h t b l a d e ] [ Night Visitor ] - Ponyville
  12. Ah, I see ^^ Thank you for telling me!
  13. I have a question regarding the applications and approval process. Do I need to do anything else to be able to post in the roleplaying boards besides get my first application approved? Today my first app was moved to the accepted apps sub-board it belongs in, but I still can't post in the roleplaying boards. So I'm just wondering; is there anything else I need to do or anything? I looked through all the info and FAQs but I'm afraid I might have missed something or done something wrong. I assumed that I would be able to RP after my first app was approved... but apparently that's not the case? ^^; It's just I'd really like to get started in the Mane RP now - I've been waiting for a full month to do so. So, I'm just wondering if there was anything else I had to do.
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