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    Fillies, colts.. It doesn't matter to meh C;

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  1. Just peeping in for a taste of some nastalga.. I miss it here!! c:

    1. Halide


      ah mah gard, nastalga.

    2. tacobob


      Wish you'd stick around! You are missed! D:

    3. StarStorm


      Dude, I should TOTALLY just come back. I really miss everyone here!!!

  2. Im still alive and kicking, scamps!!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. tacobob


      Yay! Nice to see you return! :D

    3. StarStorm


      Nuuuuu!!!! Not the dungeon!! Not again!! D: So dark.. so cold..

    4. StarStorm


      Thanks Taco, I'm glad to be back :3

  3. That awkward moment when your favorite genre is in the "top 10 genres that should NEVER make a comeback" list that you read

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Kodokuna


      XD The thing I loved the most was the Zombies mode.

    3. StarStorm


      Me too!! I liked Call of the Dead C:

    4. Kodokuna


      I liked the theater the most. :) Simplicity at its finest. :)

  4. Hey FeyWright!!! I'm also trying to get in on this, so maybe we can hop in together somehow... I think that there's a battle going on currently, but I'm not sure what else is happening in all honesty O//o
  5. That awkward moment when you forget to draw the wings...

    1. Rosewind


      I've totally done that!

  6. She's so cute!!! What a perfect little expression for her!!! /)^-^(\ Ik I'm about a month late, but thank you very muchly scamp!!!
  7. Two more weeks 'till freedom :D

    1. tacobob


      Freedom from prison? From paying too much for your cable TV? From the Hun?

    2. StarStorm


      Nooo, until summer break silly :3

    3. StarStorm


      So, I guess that means until school got out xD

  8. Do I get the official Derpyy seal of approval to start posterating?!
  9. I would love some arts!! Would you draw my actress character, Fresco, for me?? Pretty please?? She's an older filly :3
  10. I've been on a lot less lately, I'm sorry guys D:
  11. Broseph!! Broski!! Joseph Deubro!!! A-BRO-Ham Lincoln!!!

    1. abc







      i like this game :D

    2. StarStorm


      Hahahahahahaha Bro-neh!! You're really good at this game Bromeo!!! :D

  12. Hooray!! I must get in on this epicness!! Name: Star Storm Age: Filly Sex: Female [colour=#0000cd]I'm just in it for the adventure, the money, and to kick some flank!! Vulpix is my starter! Her name's Snickers, and she's kind of rotten sometimes, but she's radical!! I love her ^^[/colour] Appearance: Star Storm absolutely LOVES chocolate milk! She also likes punk rock and being petted or held. She likes when ponies believe her fibs. She loves calling ponies "Scamp" and using the word "Radical!" Star is really really really reeaaalllyyy afraid of the dark. She hates being caught in a lie. Also, she is really cautious around nerds or know-it-alls, because she can't trick them as easily as other ponies. She dislikes breaking her wings. (She tends to break them fairly often) Also, she's a total tomboy and sometimes takes things that aren't hers...
  13. I'm sure I'm more than a little late to join, but is this story still happening..??
  14. Feelin fine as wine!! :D

    1. abc


      a very fine wine :D

      im feeling pain..like..rain?

    2. StarStorm


      Hahaha, Well, the clouds cry to create the rain, so that makes since to me!! ^^

  15. Im not dead!! Whatd I miss?!? :D

    1. DreamySunday


      You missed the Death and REbirth of Oilwells

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