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  1. Time to get back to work in the rp field. Respond to anything I missed. Also, who wants an rp where we help a penguin find its home? :P and get into mischief along the way?

    1. tacobob


      YAY! Both Shadow and Quillhart return! Now I am a happy horse!

    2. tacobob


      Now I'm just a sad horse! :(

  2. Alright I got a Twilight Sparkle from Santa. Just what I wanted*Hugs Twilight*
  3. I just got an Asus laptop. Top of the line and the latest laptop tech.

  4. RaraJack is best ship :)

    1. SunsetSombra


      That and SunLight I can and will ship like fedex!

  5. There are alot of books. 'nough said.

    1. Rosewind


      Read Redwall, Sandcat!

    2. tacobob


      Hey Shadow, your inbox is full! Delete some of your old messages!

  6. June - 2016: I have a reason now to be excited for my birthday :P

  7. *Hands you a filly/colt version of yourself* I might have an idea for an rp....

  8. I don't fully understand the rage of Day One DLC. Can someone explain without the rage?

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. SunsetSombra


      Why not just make it a thread in the game section? It's pertinant for all afterall!

    3. Blueblood


      Yeah, I might do that. Although, making it a public discussion might open up this conversation to the kind of raging and ranting that I was glad to find here.

    4. Blueblood


      To not find here, I should say :)

  9. The halloween episode on halloween :) perfect timing

    1. QuickLime


      It's why we had a christmas episode last week!

  10. I think MarbleMac might be cannon partially due to how those two ponies were blushing and lookin at each other. Or maybe I'm looking too deep and hoping too much.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ShadowWalking18


      It be awkward to ask out someone after being under the influence of love potion anyway.

    3. QuickLime


      One meeting and a bit of blushing does not a relationship make

    4. ShadowWalking18


      Sure it does. Otherwise half the pairings in the fandom wouldn't exist. And didn't you see their conversation while looking for the rock? Did you not hear the deep passions in their words?

  11. Why do I feel like the Pairing Stone is a reference to us fans and all the pairins we make for characters. And Granny Smith's question is an unsaid request for fans to pair her with some kind old gentlecolt.

    1. RainbowFoxxy


      Aw I would love to see granny with a nice old gentlecolt :) That would be so sweet!

    2. QuickLime


      It's you looking too deep into it, many cultures, especially older ones have "arranged marriages" so :P

  12. Limestone and Marble are my two favorite new ponies. Limestone especially.

    1. QuickLime
    2. ShadowWalking18


      Quicklime you need to app for Limestone Pie. It would fit your name :P

    3. QuickLime


      Now that's an idea

  13. April 28th, 2016 - FOR SIGMAR!!

    1. Zealot


      Hang on, I need to pray so all my soldiers get ward saves.

    2. CoffeeLand


      Muh blood for the blood God, skulls for the skull throne

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