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  1. [colour=#B22222]Emerath[/colour] Emerath listened to his old friend, Pocket Change, go on about old and new times alike, nodding where necessary, but mostly just looking around at their group and taking in the party around them. Dragons! Griffons! Even a sea serpent! Emerath tried not to think too hard about the fact that the sea serpent was on land. He was sure, knowing Zecora, she had cooked something up special. Emerath was surprised to feel like a minority in this group, but it wasn't much different from how he ended up feeling when surrounded by Griffons during the voyage of the Polar Star. And he was certain in Unyasi he would feel much the same, in the homeland of the zebras. However, he looked forward to seeing the culture most of all. Zecora herself was a very interesting zebra, and he was curious of all zebras were like her or not. If they were, he was sure to have fun indeed! When it seemed like Pocket Change had given pause in the conversation to allow Emerath to respond, he turned to the fellow unicorn and smiled. [colour=#b22222]"It is indeed a shame that Ember Spark couldn't make it. I miss that inquisitive mare. She made things fun and cheerful all the time. Although I'm genuinely surprised she didn't find interest in such an interesting voyage! Perhaps next time an opportunity like this presents itself, we should contact her too!"[/colour] Emerath couldn't even attempt to hold back the excitement in his voice. He was just too happy to be here, away from his nagging family and around all these wonderful fellow creatures of Equestria! Emerath understood what drew people to Zecora and he he was certain that everyone, including himself, also had their own reasons for undertaking this adventure. [colour=#b22222]"She is quite a wonderful zebra. I've only met her once before this, but she has this way about her that is simply... enchanting,"[/colour] Emerath said with a chuckle. [colour=#b22222]"I don't think I've ever seen a Diamond Dog before,"[/colour] he continued, [colour=#b22222]"aren't they the ones that live underground and hoard riches they find in their underground mines? Like dragons but furry."[/colour] Emerath put a hoof up to his mouth and looked around in case any of the three dragons overheard him speaking. [colour=#b22222]"I mean no offense, of course..."[/colour] Emerath hoped he didn't insult anyone, and continued conversing with his friend about the other topics he brought up, although Pocket Change's last comments prompted him to look around as well. [colour=#b22222]"Perhaps everyone is intimidated by the group makeup we have here. I mean, we do have a very... diverse group makeup. Or they're off having adventures! Just like us! I hear something happens in this town quite often involving the lovely mares you mentioned."[/colour] Emerath chuckled again, [colour=#b22222]"But sure, you should introduce me to the college sometime. I'd love to learn more about magic. Although, convincing my parents to do anything besides lock me up in my study above the theatre upon my return home will be a feat."[/colour]
  2. Emerath stood in the doorway, the sudden aroma of herbs assaulting his nose. It wasn't unpleasant however, and Emerath found it quite soothing and relaxing. He blinked at the mare in the shop, who seemed to be very busy this day. [colour=#b22222]What a day to get injured. I wonder if she'll even have time to help me? [/colour]He wiped his feet as best he could what with the dripping and drying mud all over his body. He didn't really feel comfortable going any farther into the shop, seeing as he didn't want to get it so very dirty due to his current predicament. [colour=#b22222]"Would... ah..."[/colour] He stuttered, looking around sheepishly. [colour=#b22222]"I don't want to make your shop messy."[/colour] He blushed and moved a little into the doorway, and moved to sit to the side of it, just inside the shop, but not in front of the doorway so that other patrons could access the shop.
  3. I generally don't post pictures, but I've been on Canterlot long enough. I may as well. Here you guys go: My hair is a bit messy, but for once, it isn't being stupid, so I took the picture.
  4. I need sleep. I need lots of sleep. And also less cold. Less cold would be nice too. Too bad neither of those things will happen anytime soon... D:

    1. StarStorm


      I'm sure that they can happen soon!! Sleep deprevation actually makes a person more susceptible to cold. I've been having horrible sleep problems lately myself..

  5. [colour=#B22222]Emerath[/colour] Emerath had received the letter, requesting his presence for an expedition. Normally just a timekeeper and director's son and assistant, he hadn't really expected another adventure quite this soon! Excitedly, he penned a response to the zebra, and the two exchanged letters over the course of a few days, until Emerath had come to understand his role in the crew. As helmspony and quartermaster of the Polar Star, he had gained quite a bit of experience manning a ship, and it appeared that he would do much the same on this upcoming voyage. Excitedly he went and told his parents... who refused. His mother was worried enough on his previous expedition of her son never returning, and his father was tired of not having his son around to do most of the prop work and rehearsals. Not to mention, Emerath would be needed for upcoming social Canterlot events as one of the lead planners! His life simply didn't allow for all these adventures to be taken at a whim! Emerath would spend the rest of the evening arguing with his parents about how he's a grown stallion and can live his own life as he chooses, and his parents don't need to baby him anymore, etc etc etc. It wouldn't work, of course. His parents still refused to give their blessing on such a trip. So, in his study that night above the theater, his burning desire to relive his adventures upon the Polar Star anew in a new land would not be extinguished! He packed up his books, his plays, and his writing utensils, as well as a few travelling clothes, and would escape into the night, wrapped in a cloak. The late night Canterlot residents would recognize him otherwise, of course, and he had no intention of them alerting his parents before he could make it to Ponyville and get on the ship! And so he went, taking the Friendship Express to Ponyville overnight, and arriving the morning of the day Zecora had mentioned in her last letter to him. Slowly making his way through town, still wearing his cloak, he made his way to the town square. It wasn't all that hard to figure out where that was, considering there was a rather inconspicuous dragon right in the middle of the town. Then he saw Zecora and then his eyes continued to see an old friend, chatting with the zebra. Pocket Change! Pocket Change would be going on the trip?! This was going to be an even better adventure than he had imagined! Upon seeing his friend, Emerath bounded over to the group as fast as he could with all the weight of his saddlebags slowing him down and skidded next to a halt next to Pocket Change.[colour=#b22222] "H-hey!"[/colour] he said, a bit nervous, as he threw back his head and the cloak hood fell upon his back, showing his face to the rest of the group. [colour=#b22222]"Pocket Change! So good to see you!"[/colour] he said, overjoyed, as he slid his bags onto the ground and gave the fellow unicorn a quick hug, before turning to Zecora and giving a light bow, [colour=#b22222]"Hello there, Zecora! So very nice to see you again!"[/colour]
  6. -as per request by Limey- Character: Emerath Reason: Having experienced one adventure and raring to go on another (not to mention to escape his father's ever watchful eyes and become his own pony) Emerath believes that going on an expedition to the zebra homeland is a great idea! His adventure to the far and icy north taught him many great experiences that he believes will aid Zecora and her companions on their quest. Not to mention, Emerath is an experienced helmspony and quartermaster, and can aid the crew in these aspects as well. As a side motive of his own, Emerath hopes that going to the zebra homelands will give him an idea for an original play to write, and will be ever watchful for opportunities to create a captivating story.
  7. I'd like to point out, one of the most commonly used phrases in internet culture, the simple phrase "lol" is actually insulting to a small Asian country (that I can't specifically remember the name of, my apologies, but it does exist I assure you). I know this because once in my video game livestream this person came in and couldn't understand why everyone was saying such a vulgar insult in response to my jokes. He thought they were rather funny, and not insult worthy! After a while, he began to join in and started saying "lol" as well. It wasn't until he sent me a PM later explaining where he was from and how he was "new to the internet and liked to watch people play video games" that he asked me why everyone insulted me so much. Granted, this person could have been trolling me, but I learned that very different things are insulting to different people, even if we think it normal. Regardless, imagine if this person was a child, and everyone was saying a bad curse word. Much like this foreign man, they wouldn't understand why everyone is saying it, but to try to "fit in" they start saying it as well. The child wouldn't have the understanding to PM someone and say, "Hey, is this bad? I probably shouldn't be saying this, huh?" they'd just start saying it, and wouldn't give a care in the world until their parents or a teacher or someone else heard them say the word in real life. Then when asked where they heard the word, they point to Canterlot. Last thing all of us need is Canterlot being shut down as an all-ages site just because some people couldn't keep their mouth shut and think before they speak. And if you think I'm being too serious? Well, you haven't been around the internet long enough, my friend.
  8. Emerath and his father had decided to take a trip to Ponyville. It was at Emerath's mother's request, really, and to be honest, Emerath didn't really want to go. But, Emerath's father needed help pulling the cart from Canterlot for their supplies to take back home, and Emerath's mother just had to have certain things from Ponyville that just weren't as good of quality to her from Canterlot. Emerath always sighed at this. Canterlot had everything! Why did his mother always have to send them to this town once a month just to pick up things he could've walked down the street and gotten. That and he had to be around his father. While he loved his dad, they never really saw eye to eye on a lot of things, and often Emerath wouldn't get to do the things he wanted to, despite that he wasn't just a foal anymore! Emerath sighed as they pulled the cart into town, and they released their harnesses and put the cart's brakes on. His father began to talk about their plans for the day, but really, Emerath wasn't listening in the slightest. His father began to walk around the cart. Emerath watched him until he was out of view, and then he took off at a gallop! Emerath's father didn't even notice he was missing until about 10 minutes later, after he came back with a couple of empty saddlebags for them to carry around their supplies. "I was wondering why my son was so quiet..." he muttered to himself and shook his head, as he put one of the saddlebags back in the cart. "Well, he'll turn up eventually." Emerath ran at full gallop until he reached the edge of town, causing a lot of muttering and shouts to go his direction. Emerath paid no mind, as he dashed into the forest at full speed. He was free! He wasn't in Canterlot and he was free! Ever since his adventure to the far North, his parents hadn't let him out of their sight, and finally he had an opportunity to be alone! It was right about then, that Emerath tripped over a tree root sticking out of the ground, and went flying into a nearby mud puddle, hooves first. He groaned and rolled over in the mud, trying to find his feet. After a moment he found them, and started to stand up, before promptly yelping in pain and falling face forward again. He groaned. He must've hurt one of his legs. He stood up again, this time careful of the pained leg, and put all his weight on the other three. He began to walk towards town with a limp, wincing as he put any sort of pressure on his hurt leg. [colour=#b22222]Apparently freedom in this case comes at a cost. So much for having fun and going on another adventure... [/colour]He thought to himself as he made his way back. Soon enough, and many painful steps later, he finally arrived. His father wasn't anywhere in sight, and that was good. However, Emerath probably looked like a wreck, as he still dripped mud and he was standing holding up the injured hoof whenever he stood still. A fine sight indeed. He looked around for any sort of medical attention, and he saw a sign that indicated an apothecary nearby. He limped over, past murmuring ponies and staring eyes. Twice now he had been talked about in town, and he had only just arrived! What a day indeed. Carefully, he pushed the door open and limped into QuickLime's shop.
  9. Sometimes life is sour. Although, thanks to a certain Lime, I've found that isn't always a bad thing.

  10. A few notes while I watch: The Magic Mirror is still an awesome character, and I love how well he is animated even back during this time period with all the smoke and faded face and stuff. Snow White, while she's running into the forest, really should've listened to "Giggle at the Ghostie" before leaving the castle. Why would Snow White think that a pickaxe is a perfectly acceptable children's toy?! I really do wish I could sing and make animals do my bidding. ...why lock the door if you're just gonna hang the key on the outside of the door?! I want to listen to Doc give an entire speech someday. It is bound to be hilarious. He's gonna sneeze! Jump him! No sneezing allowed! The pots and pans monster should have been the true villain. I would enjoy the hilarity. Grumpy is way too genre savvy for a Disney movie. I really do love the idea that in her blind hatred and jealousy, the Queen becomes that which she hates most. I want Grumpy's organ, so bad. Not because I can play it, but because it looks awesome. The Queen had to climb up the cliff so that she could have the proper first Disney Death. Many more to come! I dunno about you, but I wouldn't kiss a corpse. Gotta love fairytales though. Alright, get that they're happy she's alive, but does nobody find it odd that she just WOKE UP FROM DEATH?! The Prince just picks up a zombie and everyone dances! And into the sunset they ride. Happily ever after. And so concludes my running commentary of Snow White. Hope you guys had as much fun watching as me. :3
  11. Oh, so it is. I'm a derp! I must've missed it on my two readthroughs of the list.
  12. I almost forgot (and it doesn't seem anyone else mentioned it yet) but Darkwing Duck! "Let's. Get. Dangerous!" *seriousfaic*
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