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Status Updates posted by Bellosh

  1. ANNOUNCEMENT: SteelEagle will now sit on the Dragon Throne, as he'll now assume the mantle of my OC Empress Yue during my absence from RP. Hopefully he won't make TOO MUCH of a mess of things.....

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    2. Ciraxis


      Good to hear. I was very interested to drop into ....


      1) Squall's TEMPEST Corporation is getting into arms industry and..

      2) Pummel is Swift's mentor. But now that this thread died....

      Perhaps if someone will pick General, I get another chance.

    3. tacobob


      General Pummel is worst pony. >:)

    4. Ciraxis


      You only write this cause Fire doesn't like his hawkish stance on things!

  2. Oh look, a FIERY SOUL is going to learn from a proper FENGHUANG MONK


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    2. Ciraxis


      You would think they put wards against those like her EVERYWHERE on the monastery grounds, since her last visit. Since she kind of turned the place into an abattoir.

    3. Bellosh


      The thread takes place in Ponyville, actually. :blush:

    4. Ciraxis


      Oh! Then it's 'All You Can Eat' buffet then!

  3. Today is the final day for Ponyville residents to announce their candidacy for Mayor: 


    1. Blueblood


      Everypony knows that there's only one possible winner, Spoiled Rich!

  4. Calling anybody who plays Tails of Equestria: I has written an unofficial Bestiary supplement!

    1. SteelEagle


      It is really impressive work. You should be super proud.

  5. NOTICE: I'll be on vacation from Aug 11-19. Don't expect RP responses from me during that time period.

  6. What you will find at the End of the Rainbow: 


  7. BEHOLD, WoE's last great mysterious frontier: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/24383-lore-the-stormlands/

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    2. Pretzelparty


      I smell Adventure in those lands!

    3. Bellosh


      :toriel:No, Pressy! Those lands are too dangerous for you, my child.

    4. Ciraxis


      Don't listen to Mom Pretzy!


  8. Sunset Shimmer is Hottest Pone. Accept no substitutes: 


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    2. KaityKat


      I will concede that Bacon Hair is best human, but....

      Pinkie Pie will always be best pone. o3o

    3. PyroBlaze


      Hottest? *looks over at his various ponies with power over fire*

    4. tacobob


      Boo! Traitor pony! Booo!

  9. With any luck, I'll be able to resume RPing sometime later today! ^_^

  10. At 12:58 this afternoon, my mother has moved on after a nearly 2-year fight with ALS. Thank you to everyone who has given their love and prayers over the course of this ordeal. Mom will always live on in my heart and those of her loved ones.

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    2. SymphonicFire


      I'm sorry for your loss. 

    3. tacobob


      I'm so sorry to hear this...

    4. CaptainMcDerp


      Man, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you're doing okay. Don't hesitate to ask if you need anything.

  11. Hope you're doing well, Zee. *clings*

  12. There's only one thing I want for my birthday this year... so naturally, it will be the one thing I can never have..... :o

  13. Spent the good part of the day watching actual equines race for the amusement of humans, if anybody's curious.

    1. Windwright


      Is it time for the Running of the Leaves already?

    2. tacobob


      For someone who has been on a horse RP site for like two decades, I've had very little interactions with real horses. Only time I really spent time with one when I was at a stable waiting for my sisters to ride around a little ranch on some ponies. An very elderly mare came up to me and stayed at my side while I gave her a few friendly rubs on her cheek (FACE CHEEK).

  14. Bleh, that Steven Universe theme is one heck of a pesky earworm. >.<

  15. So many RPs to respond to, so little time.....

  16. GAAAH! Why doesn't this cough GO AWAY? :(

    1. DreamySunday


      <Reaches into Belloshs throat and searches for the cough.>

    2. SymphonicFire


      <shrugs> Maybe it likes you. 

  17. Unless I'm mistaken, I believe it's your turn in Happy Derpday. ^_^

    1. tacobob


      Waagh! That was too long of a wait! Please feel free to PM if I'm late by a week. a month! Yikes! :o

  18. Fire Walker is up in Costume Contest, BTW. :)

    1. tacobob


      Oh yeah, I know. I shall be posting later on today! :blush:

  19. @Lux When you get the chance, we can use a Twi post in Happy Derpday. ^_^

    1. Lux


      Yup, on my list of threads to respond to today!

  20. You're up in Fire & Sword, I believe. ^_^

  21. Okie dokie, now that I've finished doing the thing I was distracted by, I will slowly but surely resume normal activity levels. ^_^

  22. My activity levels might be lower than usual over the next several days as I pursue other distractions. XD 

    1. Rosewind


      Stop looking at pron!

  23. ATTN Spellbound Members: we are now officially the Magic Guild. New OOC here: http://www.canterlot.com/forums/topic/22738-magic-guild-ooc-thread-mk-iii/

  24. Gala finishes tonight; you all better get your last posts in if you can!

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