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  1. I haven't been on much cus something's gone wrong with the laptop and i kept forgetting to tell you guys about it but now you all know I'm on my phone right now and i dont like to do much on it, so I likely wont be on often if at all whilst I just got my phone Cus my phone likes to be a real... twit sometimes. A lot really.
  2. @Rosewind I honestly feel like this quite suits baking: Yes, it is Markiplier's outro, but I just feel it really suits baking. Or at least suits it quite well
  3. I don't have a boring personality! Pffft! In other news, during college some guy touched my backside, and after college he kept asking to kiss me but I kept turning him down I also had a breakdown yesterday. That felt good *thumbs up*
  4. Yes I am 100% positive I have at some point in my life
  5. SATAN SANTA!!!!! I set my avatar and cbox pic on another forum to this. And my facebook. I should do it to my steam and skype now
  6. Speaking of avatars... maybe I should change mine... For the Christmas period at least...
  7. Ooooo! Sounds interesting. If I remember to I might try to, but I've also been constantly rping with my friend
  8. I haven't slept right since last Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I've also ditched college last week(my mum called in sick for me) and this week which no one really knows
  9. I see what you did there I keep forgetting to come on daily
  10. No one can get to me Hey guys did I tell you I literally screamed when I saw a certain character appear when I haven't seen him for so long? No? Well I have now! I couldn't help it. The scream happened without warning. Then I screamed twice again after that.
  11. No tree unless there are others in your house AND there are gonna be presents in the house
  12. The American spelling looks too wrong to me, but that's cause I'm British
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