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  1. Wow, thank you all once again for the lovely warm welcome, happiness cannot be expressed!!! *SQUEE!* x
  2. Hallo Ace! I'm new here too, I hope we can be the best of friends and that everypony will love you as much as I already do!
  3. Can I haz MUFFINZ..? :D

  4. Hallo everything, thank you so much for the lovely warm welcoming, I'm so happy to be here! First of all; ShreddedPeggasus, RoseWind, SonicRainb00m and Armony: It's lovely to meet you all and I hope to become great friends with you all on here! Secondly: It's nice to meet you KryptChild, the weather's been quite miserable here in the UK today, but nothing can dampen my hapiness! ^_^ And finally: ShyShy, thankies so much for the dubstep suggestions, I LOVE Grunge, bands like Seether, Bush, Semisonic and Nirvana are amazing! I love it just as much as Dubstep, it's just that I go through different phases of what I listen to most is all. >_< You all seem AMAZING!!! ^_^ x
  5. About Myself: I'm LovelyCassie, from the UK, and I want to be EVERYPONY'S FRIEND HERE!!! I'm from Scarborough in the UK, and have been a fan of the show for roughly half a year now, I love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I love listening to music, and love having fun!!! ^_^ How I found Canterlot.com: I wanted to Roleplay as a pony, and where better to do it? ^_^ How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: My friend introduced me to one of my favourite musicians; Skrillex, a very hardcore electric and dubstep musician, I looked up the song 'First of the Year' by him on Youtube, and found a video with Rainbow Dash in alongside the song, I was intrigued and watched an episode of the show online, and I've not stopped watching since! ^_^ My favourite main cast pony/s: Pinkamina Diane Pie It's so lovely to be here! Wow! ^_^ I hope all fillies and gentlecolts will want to be friend, and will love me as much as I'll love you! Thankies SO much for reading! ^_^ -LovelyCassie x
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