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  1. Welcome. Welcome to Canterlot 17. You have chosen, or been chosen, to relocate to one of our finest pony forums. I thought so much of Canterlot 17 that I elected to establish my fanfictions here, in the creativity area of our forums. I have been proud to call Canterlot 17 my main forum. And so, whether you are here to stay, or passing through on your way to parts unknown - welcome to Canterlot 17, it's safer here.
  2. Any math problem. Besides I already know some croatian or as it's called in croatian Hervatski. Time travel or the ability to breath in SPAAACE?
  3. Overfunnygassound ((Ha I did that in one word. Alright I'll do one word)) Over
  4. Well this is it, the sneak peek I showed you was most of what I did because well I'm lazy and I need some ideas for the next episode but here you go. It was a nice day out in Cloudsdale, except the relationship of Leeroy Wingkins and Starberry blast; The green pegasus was sitting on her cloud thinking 'Why would he cheat on me?' 'And who is that other pony? I bet she's happy with him.' Meanwhile in Leeroy's apartment "What's up man?" A blue pegasus with a spikey green mane said, "Nothing Golds. My girlfriend thought I was cheating on her when it was just a practice date." Leeroy said as he picked up a Coltari 2600 controller to play a game; he turned on the console and played some Mac-pony [Parody of Pac-man] "Darn, that must stink. Why don't you admit the truth?" Goldsword said and asked "Well I tried to do that, But she just kept interrupting me; I tried to call her but she wouldn't pick up."[colour=#282828] "Dang, that sucks." Goldsword said as he opened a bag of chips "Hopefully I'll be able to get a chance to get back with her." Leeroy said, meanwhile at Starberry's place a note was dropped at her front door saying 'You, me, behind the Spitfire mall, midnight - Anonymous.' Starberry picked it up and read it, not assuming it was Leeroy's hoofwriting since it was a lot sloppier, she decided to prep up and go, Leeroy was taking a midnight stroll when suddenly he noticed Starberry coming up to somepony all in black, completely unrecognizable with curiosity Leeroy watched "What do you want?" Starberry asked "You…" The stallion in all black injected a tranquilizer dart and carried her somewhere, Leeroy went in pursuit at fast speeds while trying to get him he slammed into a blue box as Doctor (W)hooves opened the door of the TARDIS "Looks like he fell, I guess we'd better bring him into the TARDIS." Doctor (W)hooves said as he carried the unconcise pegasus corpse into the blue box and laid him on the bunkbed, A few hours later Leeroy wakes up "Huh? What is this place?" Leeroy asked.[/colour] [colour=#282828] TO BE CONTINUED IN EPISODE 2.[/colour] [colour=#282828] I really hope you enjoyed the pilot of Bri Canon. I'm gonna leave the first episode on a cliffhanger to see if you guys like it. If you like it a lot I'll make 6 episodes and if you want more I'll bump it up to 13 Anywho I hope you enjoyed it and because I added the ()'s on the W was because the official name for Doctor Whooves is Doctor Hooves now.[/colour]
  5. Because tommorow fa-I mean spring is here! Because tommorow spring is here. Wait a minute tommorow's another day in fall. It doesn't make sense! I gotta tell some-*Shot*
  6. Dear Princess Celestia, I am better then both the salami and the baloney combined. Your faithful student the cheese.
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