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  1. Birthday, woo!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. XanXeto


      Happy birthday to you; and many more to come!

    3. Firehawk


      Eat a birthday radish for luck.

    4. leapman


      Happy Birthday Buddy!

  2. Ummm... WHY WASN'T FLUTTERSHY'S BOWTIE A KEY!? This would have been a perfect opportunity!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Corsair


      I'm guessing Fluttershy's key may come from this week's episode, but can't say more to avoid spoilers.

    3. ping111


      Okay, I see. But, perhaps I'm overanalyzing so I get what I want, but Fluttershy could have refused to sing backstage for Big Mac because of her fears, meaning that the animals, the girl, etc. wouldn't have gotten the performance they needed/wanted. If it weren't for her kindness towards the animals, she would not have sung.

    4. QuickLime


      Yeah, overanalyzing, this wasn't about kindness, it was about overcoming fears (Again) and she sung because she secretly wanted to.

  3. May none of you ever know the feeling of being the editor of a yearbook, when the entire yearbook team doesn't CAPITALIZE THE NAME OF THEIR OWN SCHOOL!

    1. SongHeart


      Ha! Want some help?

    2. ping111


      Well, I have a GDoc I need edited because they're all stoopies. If you're actually interested, add me on skype cheersping111.

    3. SongHeart


      I don't have a Skype. Sorry.

  4. Well, that's a first... Bit my tongue so hard it bled, while eating a TEMPURA FRIED CUCUMBER

    1. SongHeart


      i dont think i've tried that

    2. RainbowFoxxy


      ouch! that sounds painful!


  6. Finally in Montréal! And tomorrow, onwards, to Mont Tremblant!

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    2. DreamySunday


      I live in Gatineau. In boring ol' Gatineau :I XD

    3. ping111


      Well, I'm here in Tremblant now. Got greeted by a family of deer at my room's door o_0. And hey, at least the world doesn't publicly ridicule Gatineau like they do my city :c

    4. DreamySunday


      That is true X3 The perks of being overshadowed by the capitol XD

  7. Just found out that in less than half a year, I'm getting oral surgery, with all four wisdom teeth coming out... This brings my total of surgically-removed teeth to nine. Wee. Hopefully the "Ping After Dentist" video's funny...

  8. The Neighbors, what are you doing? The Neighbours? STAHP. (Psst... pony references in latest episode! Not positive, but funny.)

  9. Just picked up the last of my convention swag - a Lyra blob plushie! My swag gallery should be open soon...

  10. At last, at long last! The stallion in front of her's lengthy conversation with the purveyor of the velveteen ambrosia that was an apple to a hypoglycaemiac has come at long last to an end! Finally, the seemingly limitless fountain of fluster that was this wretched blob of titanic tangerine-toned tan (well, that's what his hide would be if he'd stood between Maple and her prize a moment longer) had stumbled off, no doubt to cause great distress to greatly hungry ponies elsewhere. It was with Maple's first heroic step in her grand approach to the stand that, as soon as her forward hoof had disconnected from terra firma, that the shaking came again. The carrots were a flimsy barricade against this pure Prench Revolution of agonizing ravenousness and unending vibrato sufficient to make a tectonic plate blush. It was with Maple's second heroic step in her grand approach to the stand that, as soon as her forward hoof had reconnected with terra firma, that the shaking ended. Rinse and repeat, yada yada, until she reached the stand. By then, however, all four hooves had been cruelly forced away from the motherly earth and sprung skyward, and then come down again. But, the shaking would not last long against the sweet sweet fructose content of an apple and her digestive system's uncanny ability to derive fructose into glucose. Or something like that. Her acquisition of the fruit would be concise, precise, and require minimal exercise, lest the shaking begin again. Her plan was all there. It was simple. It was beautiful. It was 'Excuse me, but I'm so very hungry. May I please have one of my apples, of which I plan to buy one or more bushels, so that I may concentrate more completely? I have hypoglycaemia, you see. Of course, you have my word that I shall pay in full once the transaction is complete.' Deep breath. You got this. It was with Maple's first heroic jaw-opening in her grand request for an apple after approaching the stand that the stupid began. ~ "K-ken y-ye... jist lem'hivn ipl nao...?" ~ 'Haha, nope.' Said Maple's mind. 'Idiot.' Slam. Went Maple's body's hoof on the table. She didn't mean for it to happen, but mass plus gravity equals velocity. Or something. "S-s-sorrrry. Ap-p-pp-le, p-lea-lea-se?" Point. Went Maple's body's wibbly-wobbly hoof at an apple. Want. 'Let's give this another go, shall we?' "I... need an... apple... please." 'Better.' And indeed, better it was. Congratulations, Maple Abell Blossom! You just expressed your desires through oral communication! Brava, brava! Now, how 'bout that apple? Why, that is up to the merchant. At last, at last, at long last... you can eat.
  11. Today I learned that Iron Will is also a Chinese company that sells gloves and computer mice. Huh.

    1. Halide


      Silly Vegeta. The only thing Iron Will sells is merchandise!

  12. WOOOOOOOO! CANterlot 2013 (First Edition!) was a complete and utter SUCCESS!!!!

  13. On my way to my first con!!!!

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    2. tacobob


      wants an engraved hip button! And an flask button! And and flash hip! I want it all! And also a pony.

    3. ping111


      Funnily enough, there's an engraving booth that will do all of that for you. The first two things are $50 together, a flash hip is just a roll of tin foil away, and a custom pony plushie is $95 and shipping.

    4. tacobob
  14. Even if I did get over a dozen cast checks because I could never find a good place for him, Steven Magnet was a lot of fun to play. Was? Was... Aww man, now I miss him! Swim freely, O fabulous one~
  15. Is it just me, or is everyone getting bomb-dived with new user titles...?

    1. Bellosh
    2. tacobob


      Mine is still the best. :3

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