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  1. Name: Shale Malkhane Gender: Male Age: Late Teens Species: Pegasus Eye color: Blood red left eye and a spectral white right eye. Character color: Dark, pale blue colored coat. Mane/Tail/Other: White mane, medium length, parted down the middle and flowing gracefully down the sides, and ruggedly down the back of his head. Short, white tail that curves over and away from his flank. A vertical scar passing through the right brow down to the right lower eyelid. White freckles on each cheek. Physique: Lean, partially muscular body. Residence: Alleyways of Grand Soren Occupation: Theif Cutie Mark: A cloaked figure with a dagger, leaping into action Vocation: Strider Starting Skills: Ensnare, Toss and Trigger, Helm Splitter. Current Equipment: Basic long bow, flint-trigger daggers and gloves with a lower wrist compartment for gunpowder (for Toss and Trigger) and a retractable gripwire mechanism (located on the backhand of the gloves) that allows the wire to be dispensed through the finger tips of the glove and retracted afterwards (for Ensnare). Dress: Tattered, black cloak made from curtains, grey civilian tunic and pants, black worn-out boots. Unique Traits: Tends to rely on constantly flowing combat movements through the usage of acrobatics and flight maneuvers. Will generally use his bow for anything but its intended purpose. He is partially capable of fighting while drunk off his flank, but tends to remain on ground more when in this state. History: Shale as resided in the alleyway of Gran Soren for as long as he can remember, often resorting to theft of food stands to keep himself fed and alive. He has no recollection of any parents or siblings, and has been living alone for the majority of his life. It was when the Arisen came about that he found his calling through pickpocketing and doing odd-jobs for the people of Gran Soren. Since then, he's been taking coin pouches, getting in bar fights (and taking belongings of those involved), kicking the **** out of the competition- well, more like pissing the competition off and getting ganged up on often but he still manages to pull through. Recently he's been pulled off the streets and forced to join the likes of the Bluemoon Brigade, and has been having issues with alcoholism as he has resorted to relying on the drink to soothe his nerves and his pain. His scarred eye was acquirev when he had gotten into a particularly nasty fight, one that almost left him lifeless. Character Personality: Rowdy, hotblooded, and short-tempered. 'Patience' is not a word the exists in his vocabulary as he tends to abhor having to wait around, go slow, or do anything that generally cannot be done without moving around. Though he tends to be incredibly motivated, willing to stand up against in the greatest of odds (in fact, the gamble actually excites him), he tends to come off as cold and antisocial when meeting with strangers, but generally a degree nicer towards mares. Shale is also quite prideful, which may become a problem should any question his courage. Character Summary: Thief, Boozer, and reluctant Bluemoon Brigader. Shale is a troubled guy with a bit of a drinking problem, which left unattended can lead to some pretty horrific events ranging anywhere from starting bar fights to simple, drunken shenanigans. The former thief had been living a fairly decent if not completely legal life up until now. Currently, he is trying to settle in with the rest of the Brigade. Despite always wanting to go outside of Gran Soren...never wanted to be completely removed from what he considers his home. He still misses the bustling of streets and the birds that would visit him, even the cats and the dogs who were without owners. So despite acting all rough and tough, parts of him, his self-esteem especially, which have been left unnourished by any semblance of parents, are still sensitive. (Dead tired, will add more to it if needed)
  2. Unless you're talking about the Steel Brotherhood/Rangers, there's not much of a 'military' so to speak.
  3. Attention everyone, a virus has recently tried to send a file or video of some sort to our skype group. Anyone in the skype group who gets this file, please ignore it and/or delete the frick out of it, but do not execute it. It's most likely another virus, and I'd rather not have anyone find out what that one does.
  4. Back from vacation everyone, sorry about that ^u^;
  5. I'm all saddled up and ready to go. Next stop: adventure! Can't wait to actually tank, usually I roleplay as a thief, but I think I've got a good setup.
  6. Leave a link when you do. I be refreshing the page in the meanwhile.
  7. Oh...that's unfortunate. Well hopefully things will bet better when you get back.
  8. So...are we all having connection issues? Sorry if I seem impatient, the thread's gone quite and I'm a little worried.
  9. I can see that being a problem, especially trying to figure out how to factor skill percentages into rolls.
  10. Hm...nobody else has posted by now and its Monday. Interweb problems you think?
  11. Hey there again, it's been a while. I'm pretty much requesting the same thing again, coloured, I'll give you the link for my OC Malik again (just scroll down until you see his name, his character page is acting up today.) Also, if you need any help on what he's supposed to look like in terms of body structure and colour, just see if you can make a pegasus pony version of this As for stuff like the eyes the cutie mark, I'd like for you to refer to the OC post rather than the image itself. Leave him maneless, but give him a slightly frayed tail made out of copper wiring. For his pose, I'd like to have him leaping through the air at something with his wings spread out. PM if you need anymore details or if it's a bit too complicated., just so I can see it on my inbox button and remember that I posted there, I tend to forget sometimes. ^_^;
  12. Oh good god, we have two ponies who have both worked for Mr. House and find other ponies to be walking meat shields. This is going to be hilarious, since one of them is now against Mr. House.
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