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  1. sure~ Sorry i haven't posted here, haven't seen the need to since i cant comment n stuff =_= I can still make these though so... yeah... WAIT Whats in the cupcake!?!?!?
  2. Pfft that's an easy one! at first i was gonna just get a picture of superman, but i know alone Darkside is still a hand full for superman. So i give you... SUPERMAN AND GOKU COME. AT. ME. BRO!
  3. Why does spike have to be so...SPIKE!? i mean, there made of wood. you can BREATH FIRE. hello!? light'em up, i mean come on!
  4. You know what? im gonna try to kill this thread lol. A black whole! nothing can escape its gravity! an what happens past the event horizon only science can speculate at. Your move canterlot!
  5. So i was watching the new episode and i paused it while babs was talking and got this http://i.imgur.com/3f9HI.png I haven't stopped laughing XD

  6. Not, i was born with monkey hands TPBM can not shoot lasers
  7. Well this is too easy, but lets up the scale. Fire will work, but lets make it a FLAME DRAGON!!!
  8. Why the buck not? what do you want to know?
  9. Hate these kinds of episodes, they all play out the same. Subject A get saved by Subject B Subject A think "now i have to replay the with my life." practicably being subject B's slave Subject B at first likes it, until Subject A start to annoy the crud out of them. Subject B thinks "If he saves my life we'll be even and they'll leave me alone!" The one of two things happen ether 1: Subject A find out about B's plan, feeling hurt says "okay if you dont want my help fine!" Subject B then has there life in danger for real, having to apologize to A to get them to save there life Or 2: Subject A doesn't find out but still doesn't end up saving B's life, Until B is really hurt Subject A says "I promise i will never leave your side" B says, "NO!" and tells A whats been going on, A accepts it and we have a feel good episode. Its so predictable D: Who wants to bet me that what i just said will happen in the episode!? i really hate the whole "life saved servant" episodes that cartoons do
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