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  1. lolz... that was a silly thing I just said... I'll probably know if it's the weekend
  2. Very well... I could spare a few hours on the weekends. But you may have to remind me... I'm between jobs having just graduated, so I have a hard time keeping track of when the weekend actually is lol
  3. Maybe... probably be pretty rare, but I could see doing it ^_^
  4. Sorry for long time in responding... forum didn't email me for some reason! I'm actually leaning more towards Luna on this one for the most part. However, I can see Twilight's point of view... there should be a kind of common ground. And I think realistically, in any situation of dialectics, including sex, heated debate, or warfare, you'll find out pretty quick if you're destroying rather than creating common ground.
  5. My "Debates on Brony Sex" fan fic, however, got 140 views total, and I didn't really "post" it anywhere. It's also result #1 on Google if you search for "Brony Sex." *sighs* I never understood people...
  6. I've released it on two fanfic sites, and 5 forums, including this one. FanFiction.net: 53 views PonyFictionArchive.net: 31 views Everywhere else: 58 views I'm pretty scientific about my projects ~.^
  7. That's always been my biggest problem. Honestly, IMO you just have to put it in the budget, unless you're lucky enough to have really dedicated friends. But they have to be really dedicated: there's not much worse than showing up for a shoot you need 10 people for, and only 1 showed up. If you give them an incentive, they're more likely to show up. But then it has to be in the budget.
  8. University of Idaho. But honestly, to make films, the best thing to do is buy some equipment and just do it. You can get a Canon Rebel T3i for around $500, which produces professional grade video. The only problem is, if the subject or camera is moving quickly, it won't look good. But if you live anywhere near a video rental center, you can plan out your production and shoot the quick-moving stuff on a different kind of camera. I could go into the technical details about this issue if you want... but the more important thing is to get the camera, get a good microphone or two (like a lapel mic), and some LIGHTING EQUIPMENT! New filmmakers always assume that lighting is somehow extraneous, but then their films look unstylized and boring... so if you have lighting equipment, you have a real edge. And you don't need studio grade lighting equipment: go to a hardware store and get some halogen worklights for less than $50, or buy them used for even less. Look up 3-point lighting, as well as bounce lighting: I've never once needed more than 3 or 4 lights, and it's almost invariably 2. Also, in my opinion, if you're really into filmmaking, I'd go to school for advertising, because that's where all the creativity is, as well as the money. (Advertisers are actually, interestingly enough, 1,000 times more creative than Hollywood film directors in my opinion. They just produce stuff that's more annoying.) Broadcasting / Journalism stuff I think is more for documentary filmmakers.
  9. Someone like you should rewrite my stuff. I've taken six semesters of college level creative writing classes, and in two posts you've touched on all the main criticisms every one of my professors have leveled against me. *sigh* Yes, I'm a filmmaker. Here's my Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/EnzymeProductions
  10. This is partly why I'm a filmmaker rather than a writer! Anyway, it was a long story... I tried to condense it as much as possible. I feel I stayed true to the characters, and so I didn't really need to flesh out their decisions since I feel they were the heartfelt decisions they all would've made. I felt the best part about the story was how real the characters seemed: they all fit into their roles quite nicely, and I felt they explained the dilemmas of democracy perfectly. But I wouldn't be surprised if pacing was a problem, as I tend to over-condense more than over-elaborate.
  11. Name refers to a ) the fact that I have multiple artistic projects (i.e. multiple tentacles) and b ) an original story I came up with for an animated character I call "Reptilian Buddha." Reptilian Buddha is a reptilian child whose parents died in a terrible space-ship accident. She was so terribly upset that the only creature in the universe that could comfort her was a tentacle being, because all the other aliens had only four limbs, and a four-limbed hug wouldn't give enough comfort. After experiencing the compassion of the tentacle beings who were the reptilians' sworn enemies, she decided to travel the universe and spread a message of peace, love, and compassion.
  12. After a heated disagreement, Luna stages a political coup. Celestia, despnate, turns to an old enemy for aid. Will friendship prevail, or will chaos rule Equestria? http://aquadoxical.blogspot.com/2012/08/equestrian-revolution-reign-of-discord.html#.UCihyaFlSBo Please tell me what you think ^_^
  13. I just joined, and I'm not a role-player either... The main reason I joined was because of my interest in creating fan fics. And perhaps animations, thought the copyright issues are problematic there...
  14. Hey, I'm into filmmaking too... Might run into a few copyright problems if you're intending to make an entire feature film based on MLP... I want to make a feature MLP film too, but that, of course, depends on the folks over at Hasbro. If you need any help or filmmaking tips, I've made several short films and have a degree in Broadcasting. ^_^
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