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  1. "Ah, somepony to practice with," Wheat said to Presteza. "I was thinking of a song, and I want to know what you think of it." With that, the teashades-wearing pony launched into her first song again. ♪P-p-p-p-p-p-peace! P-p-p-p-p-p-peace! P-p-p-p-p-p-peace!♪ Wheat blushed a little. "It's a first effort, but I rather like it; it just...comes from my heart. How do you feel though?"
  2. "Thanks fer yer help. Does yer ... friend wash at all? 'e sorta smells like cheese." asked Presteza. Wheat chuckled. "Well, we like being natural and all, working hard with nature, and we end up smelling a bit ripe after that. But...I think sometimes Flax just forgets to wash rather than making a conscience choice." She wrinkled her nose but smiled. "You're welcome. Any time!" Looking at Flax make his proclamation she shook her head, moving to the stage. "Flax?" she asked. "I know you're fired up, but it's awfully premature."
  3. The creaking, clanking of the wagon caught Wheat 's attention. She watched in amazement as it unfolded into a usable stage. She gave a laugh and stamped her hooves. "That's amazing!" she told Mojo and Starflower. She approached the stage, testing the surface and nodding at how solid it felt. "It really works," she breathed. "This is a remarkable contraption. It will be perfect to do our tour with." "How did you do it Mojo? You're not even a unicorn!" Flax exclaimed. Wheat rolled her eyes and moved next to him, pulling Flax away from Presteza a bit to give the mare some room. "I think it's just engineering, Flax," she told him. "Not magic."
  4. I was under the impression that the Free-For-All role-plays didn't need applications and posted in these threads from the point of view of original characters without any profiles. Should I remove my posts and make applications for these characters?
  5. When watching this a little while ago, I was ready to say it was my least favourite episode of the season so far, and, in a sense, it is. The first half felt so clumsy and forced to me after a while. Then Apple Bloom reached the swamp and everything improved so much, becoming one of my favourite Apple Bloom moments. So I'm conflicted.
  6. Zima entered the room, head lowered, her overgrown mane of purple, magenta, dark blue and white stripes so long that it draped like a cloak over her back. The snow white Unicorn filly felt an uneasy mix of emotions in her stomach; awe for the everlasting night and its beauty, fear for Princess Luna's transformation. She loomed over them all, terrible and magnificent. Zima had always idolised the princess of the night, but never imagined they would meet under circumstances like this! "My princess..." She bowed deeply, a sense of reverence coming over her. "I may only be a filly, but I will do what I can for you and your endless night."
  7. Clearwin had never been more confused in her life. First the day had been replaced by night just like that, then she heard what could only be the voice of Princess Celestia echo in her head with a plea to rescue Princess Luna. The young Unicorn mare had never given much thought before to either princess; like the Sun and Moon they ruled over the sisters had just seemed too distant, just something to take for granted. Now the Sun was gone, and with it Celestia. Clearwin was never going to take either for granted again. She crept along, nervous even though she had seen nothing threatening yet. Compelled to go in her current direction, she wondered what she would find. Peering up, she saw a powerful light rising like a beacon and a calm settled over her. She knew that safety was up ahead. Clearwin found herself amongst a group surrounding an elderly, dignified Unicorn stallion dressed in blue. Starswirl the Bearded? Well, if anypony could help it would be him. She stood quietly in the back, looking prim with her black mane in a tight bun and a burgundy cloak on her back. She was merely a governess; hopefully the others were endowed with more useful skills.
  8. I'm interested in joining with original characters, but I have a question: What is FMA canon?
  9. Nurse Starflower? Whoa; what a groovy name! An image entered Wheat's imagination, one of a sparkling blue flower opening in slow motion across a starry night sky. That would make a great logo for our band... "Pleased to meet all of you." Wheat nodded, her eyes glittering. "A pleasure to meet you too. Oh! Your name is just the grooviest!" She glanced over at Presteza, wondering if she would be interested in doing some promotional art for them. Well, they needed a name first and a time to advertise first, but it was nice to know they had somepony who could help them come up with something good.
  10. Well, isn't anyone going to ask, 'What is it with the glasses?' This is one I was waiting for, and I was was not disappointed. This might be my favourite Fluttershy episode now, and certainly one of my favourite friendship lessons. Finally, a little variety from Fluttershy! I was beginning to think the writers had forgotten she was anything other than being fearful.
  11. Today's character team-up is the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Discord (!). Compared to last month's conventional team-up of Applejack and Pinkie, IDW went for weird very quickly.
  12. They needed Pinkie to articulate Fluttershy's fears in a way so very young children would understand, and then to have those fears pointed at as irrational at the end when Pinkie is called out on it. I suppose they thought it would have been awkward for Fluttershy herself to flat-out explain it.
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