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Status Updates posted by Mojo

  1. Posted my 'goodbye' in the Planning/Leaving thread earlier.  I may visit here every once in a while, but my 'active' days on this website are done.  

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    2. SteelEagle


      I will miss my wonderful Mojo.

    3. tacobob


      Sorry to see you go. You were best grandmother. :unsure:

    4. Ciraxis
  2. Leaving Canterlot's Discord App because I hardly ever use or visit it anymore.

  3. Watched Season 7 premier, VERY impressed!  Perhaps there's hope for me after all!   :smirk::smirk::smirk:

  4. Guess it's official.  One day before the Season Premier of MLP FiM, and I'm not one bit excited.  I'm not even all that active here anymore...

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    2. PyroBlaze
    3. Bellosh


      We need to blast you off into the upper atmosphere again, Mojo... *glomps*

    4. tacobob


      I dunno about excited. I do look forward to the show.....with all the negative crap going on in the world, it's nice to have a half hour of happy once a week...Also, I can't afford any of the really good drugs.

  5. Did the unthinkable yesterday.  In order to save money on my household budget, I downgraded my Dish TV package.  Lost access to Discovery Family in the process.  When the new season starts, I'll just watch on YT.

    1. tacobob


      Dailymotion usually doesn't nuke it MLP episodes as fast as YT. I have Discovery, but sometimes something wacky happens and some shows don't get recorded, so I have to rely on DM. :unsure:


      And you could alway support the show by buying Season DVDs like me!

  6. NFL Pick'm Games for 2016-7 are about to begin!  Click link below for more details!   :smirk: 


  7. NFL Season will soon begin!   We got Pick'M games that will be starting soon!   Details found here: 


    1. starswirlthebearded


      I'll follow football until Hockey starts. :P

  8. Hoping the rumor I heard that John de Lancie is retiring from MLP FiM at the end of Season 6 is wrong. 

    1. PyroBlaze


      Me too, I love his voice.

    2. tacobob


      Nah. He's



      Just not going to be in the movie.


  9. Glad new episodes are starting up again on July 30! 

  10. Grand Galloping Gala time!  YAY!

  11. It might prove interesting if there were some kind of 'Master Cast List' to keep a record of all of the Cast characters who have been approved for RP.  This way, any potential RPer could glance at the list and know who to contact if they wanted to RP with other Cast characters. Perhaps this list, if constantly updated, would serve as a catalyst to increase RP action on the website.  Just a thought, from a 'retired' Staff Member... pardon me, time to wind my gold watch!   :)

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    2. Lyipheoryia
    3. Mojo


      Looks that I had a good idea after all!  Of course, others had that idea first.  Thanks, Lyipheoryia!  This new website setup is hard for an 'old time' like me to navigate.  :D:D

    4. Mojo


      'old timer' I meant to write above.  Just learned another thing, you can't edit replies to a Status entry.  :)

  12. At the end of this month, I will have been a member of Canterlot.com for five years running.  And to celebrate, I get to watch MLP FiM go on hiatus.  Cruel irony, isn't it?

    1. Davroth


      I wouldn't have thought I'd see the day Mojo changed profile picture.

    2. Mojo


      Things change, Davroth, time changes all things...  :smirk:

  13. Canterlot got hacked over the weekend, I wonder if there's any lingering damage to the site?

    1. RedCedar


      There were some lost posts, as they had to restore a backup, but otherwise seems good. Tell Dio if you find anything.

    2. Lyipheoryia


      Hacked?  As in whatever repair-peeps were doing?  Or actually hacked?

  14. Seems like I am becoming like Maud Pie.  Season 6 is coming and I'm not all that excited about it...

  15. Ok, the 'Event' is over. Back to regular RP, all of my Cast characters have RP posts for January! YAY!

  16. Rainbow Rocks ROCKS!!!! Doesn't it?

    1. Apolline Allura

      Apolline Allura

      I heard it was surprisingly not wack!

    2. stormchaser1991


      i haven't seen it yet but i want to

  17. You know you're getting old when your "Get up and go" has "Got up and went!"

    1. Slazer


      Does that mean I'm getting old at 19?

  18. Back to evaluating RP Character Apps again! Feels like old times...

  19. It's sad when a 9 year old is bullied over MLP and the school reacts like this: http://news.yahoo.com/school-tells-boy-bullied-over-little-pony-lunchbox-131746587.html;_ylt=AwrBEiFHqClToCcAmuHQtDMD

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    2. Darkwind


      The county this was in is like 2 hours from me.

      Also, the same people that said this would probably lose their minds if anybody suggested that the way a woman dresses is "asking to get raped".

    3. QuickLime


      It's sad when a nine year old gets bullied period :(

    4. ShadowWalking18


      Its sad indeed to see this. I think there was some other bronies that heard about it and gave the kid some support. Though this isn't surprising, bronies tend to be ostracized by society today. Granted its by a minority, though I suspect even some people in the majority don't see us in a decent light at times because we like MLP:Fim. I know I keep my bronyness in the closet where I live, due that if people found out I'd be targeted by redneck folk and people from new Jersey, not t...

  20. Status Update: "I have a status?"

    1. leapman
    2. Ciraxis


      Don't worry! I heard it's curable.

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