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  1. Why do I always screw up and get things wrong?

    1. StarStorm


      EVERYBODY makes mistakes, Arcade! The trick is to learn from your mistakes, and use them to grow as a person for the better. Don't dwell on it.. You are only human, after all. Best wishes scamp :3

  2. It was mostly just an OC change. I personally wanted to change it. Not because of Christmas or anything, a little while back. I just don't have any references of the switch yet.
  3. Dear Santa, I would forever love a picture of my pony, Arcade Perfect. She is a female unicorn (don't let the gif fool you). She has a purple pelt and black mane with a gold streak going through it. Blue eyes. Her cutie mark is a N64 style controller. She usually wears a white headset around her neck. I would like her opening a bunch of presents (or maybe a stocking) of video games, WiiU, comic books, and other geeky things Heres some pictures of Arcade (back before I changed her to a mare) Milk and Cookies! ~AP
  4. The problem I'm having really is getting the right shape and in a good pose. Plus I hate how my lining goes on photoshop and I might do drawing because its twice as good for me (unless someone really wants it digital and clean). But it will probably be easier than Celestia. Is that okay with everyone? Drawing and not digital... It'll be done twice as fast
  5. You don't want to know how many times I've redrawn piper because I hate how my dragons look... It seems every free moment I have away from school I need to do family things or maintain a social life. It's weird Statuses: LovinMoonlight: Just Need to Add Clothing Kryptchild: Just Need colouring SonicRainboom: colouring Tales: Gonna settle on something by tomorrow Quicklime: Done The rest are sketched or not started
  6. I did read the rules. This may be stupid but the problem is editing request, correct? Yes. Final changes. That is what I want. Cross my heat hope to die stick a cupcake in my eye. If it is the ponytail that is the problem you can get rid of it.
  7. Steam avatar of Arcade Perfect female. 300x300 size. She has the same colour scheme (purple, black, long messey mane and N64 controller cutiemark). I want it a headshot with her wearing this headset. Also the back of her mane is in a ponytail. Sorry about this
  8. Hey dude, could you also give her a ponytail in her mane?
  9. 184px. I believe optimal for it to work is like 300x300
  10. hey dude. can i change my request? Steam icon of a headshot of Arcade. But he's female now (thinking of changing it). and he's also wearing a headset that looks like this
  11. MIT this weekend holds a thing called Splash. High School Level students (usually the nerds in the grades)take advancish livel classes taught by graduate students. Anyone else on the forum doing it this weekend?
  12. Anyone going to MIT Splash this weekend? Meetup or something?
  13. I see you posted that you uploaded it. I still however don't see it. Point me in the reght direction? Nevermind found it! thinkies
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