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  1. I'll toss up an app for heroine of water in the morning. Gotta sleep for now.
  2. Hrmm.... LoZ holds a special place in my heart, along with most of my childhood, can't see why I wouldn't join. Are you still open for apps, and if so, what elements are still available? Just wanted to make sure before I toss mine up.
  3. Accepted Shadow, i'll update the new OOC in the 18+ section. There's a link in my post from earlier..
  4. Accepted pyro! Welcome to vengeance! On a side note for everyone else that is planning on applying, I'm going move this topic, and the RP itself to the 18+ section, so we will not have to have as many restrictions on the rp. Here is the link: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/15724-vengeance-equestrias-rebirth-ooc-and-sign-up/
  5. Here is an example for character applications, which will also serve as my main character. Be in mind though, I will be playing as Empress Twilight and Nocte as well, but they will only occasionally make appearances. [colour=#282828]Name: Red Herring[/colour] [colour=#282828]Age: About 31 in pony years.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Gender: Stallion[/colour] [colour=#282828]Race: A regular unicorn.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Alignment: His cause is that of the RLF, and he serves as the military general of it, second only to Nocte.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Place of Birth/Starting Location: Red was born in Canterlot and has lived there his whole li[/colour]fe, even after it's conversion to Equinia after the Culling. [colour=#282828]Physical Appearance: Red is an [/colour][colour=#282828]average height, lightly built stallion, with a bland, grey coat and long, unkempt crimson red mane. He will normally be wearing a dark grey military style overcoat and smart, black fedora.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Personality: Red is a stallion of mixed persona's, although his normal demeanour will be that of a charming, quick thinking rogue who can talk his way out of most situations. While he is normally sober, he has been known to drink when he is sad, depressed, happy, or many other moods. This drinking problem will not cut from his razor sharp wit though, as although he will not seem like much, he hides a fierce intellect and is a nimble fighter when provoked. He is a brilliant tactician, and is to make decisions in an instant, although he will not leave a single pony behind, even when it means going against orders.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Cutie Mark: His cutie mark is a red lensed magnifying glass, signifying his great love and skill for detective work.[/colour] [colour=#282828]History (Back Story): [/colour][colour=#282828]From the time when he was a foal, the world always presented Red Herring with more questions than answers. Always the smart-flank, his demeanour often got him into trouble, earning him the title of one of his town's most disliked young colts. Being an orphan though, there wasn't much more that he could do. He moved out of his orphanage and joined the equestrian military force as soon as he could, and for a while made a living as a sergeant who was hated by his men. One crucial mistake cost him his career though, as being drunk while manning a vital sentry post isn't the best of decisions, and was dishonourably discharged. Soon after though, he donned the iconic fedora and began his career as a successful detective, solving case after case. Soon enough, Twilight became princess of the stars, and crime seemed to die down, something he wasn't fo[/colour][colour=#282828]nd of. But slowly, cases came up of alleged guards being seen murdering civilians. But try as he might, he just couldn't figure them out, and the cases were closed. Soon he was approached by a hooded mare, who told him not to give up. But her warning was too late, as two days after the meeting the culling began. Red then finally figured out Twilight's descent into madness. As the terrible truth struck him hard, he developed his split persona's, and his drinking problem came about. About two months after the culling though, the strange mare returned to him again,this [/colour]time revealing her name; Nocte. She devised to him a plan, and the RLF was born. He now resides as the public head of the RLF, keeping Nocte's existence a secret. I'm going to have 8 slots available, with up to 3 characters per person. I may boost it up to twelve if I receive enough interest though. Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! The British Brony (Red Herring, Nocte, Twilight Sparkle)
  6. "Power corrupts..... so absolute power corrupts absolutely. Time teaches us this. We take this message from time and try to learn from our mistakes; Sometimes it can seem cruel, sometimes it will seem hopeless. But it is the hope on the horizon that has kept us going. That has kept ME going. It has been five years........ Five long, hard years. Not long after Princess Twilight Sparkle was crowned, it became apparent that peace had finally settled on all of equestria. Things were different though...... Twilight was.... different. Ponies began to fear the Princess of the stars; the one who had the power to accomplish anything. She began to take notice of this, soon enough she began to take risks; risks that were plain in sight to the populace. But nopony said anything; this unicorn turned alicorn, just how much power did she have? What was she capable of? Eventually, ponies took heart and began to stand up to her, but the uprising was short lived. She silenced the rebels viciously, there was no trial. No charge of treason, just slow, painful death at the hands of the alicorn princess. More and more ponies rose to the cause; It was clear that Twilight had now become a tyrant, not a princess. When Princess Luna and Princess Celestia struggled to justify their heirs choices, they too joined the fight to end the reign of the once noble Princess of the stars. But Twilight had anticipated what was going to happen, and so she enlisted the help of powerful enemies of equestria; the changelings. Together they resurrected king Sombra of the crystal empire, with the promise of returning his empire to him; she was now unstoppable. The assault final assault on Canterlot lasted 3 long days; thousands of lives were lost in the culling of the innocent and guilty alike. On the final hour of battle, only two figures remained. They stood tall, although broken in mind and spirit. The destruction of their kingdom glared at the from all around; with one responsible. Perhaps it was by fate that the student now surpassed the teacher, but one thing was clear: only one would be walking away from this final battle. Nopony knows what happened on that final, fateful hour. Equestria now lies in ruin, with a tyrant empress sitting upon it's throne. The populace: an enslaved, beaten entity. Corrupt nobles run the new cities and towns, appointed by Twilight herself. The Elements of Harmony have gone into hiding: afraid that they would be the first targets of this new dictatorship. But what can anypony do? A few have chosen to question this statement. a resistance has began to rise in the slums of the once grand cities. We few have chosen to rise from the dirt and the dusk and rise to rebuild our once grand nation. So, the choice is yours. Do you choose to stand your ground against the tyrant that we call empress? Or do you stand steadfast by her side, choosing to defend this new, noble civilisation? Maybe time will tell. But I know it is time for a change, for better or for worse. A time for peace, or a time for war. A time for vengeance." - Nocte, leader of RLF, the Royal Liberation Force. Hi there everypony! Some of you may know me around here, others may not. To those of you who don't, you can call me British. Now, what we have here is an idea that I've been cooking up for a while now. Some of you may remember Valencetiger's revolution saga: an rp that I dearly miss, and wish to revive in a way, with my own spin on things of course. To put the plot into a basic summary, you can refer to the first sentence of the above. Power corrupts, so absolute power corrupts absolutely. We all pondered how Twilight may react and cope with her new royal status, but what if she took it the wrong way? That is basically the premise. What about characters? With the rise of Twilight as dictator-evil-empress, a new caste system has been developed. At the top sit the nobles of the new civilisation, which are mainly comprised of Unicorns and Changelings. Next stand the middle class, mostly Pegasi, with a few Unicorns and Earth Ponies. After that is the working class, a mix of the bunch, with all three pony races, but mainly Earth Ponies. But at the bottom of the pile are the non-pony races, Zebras, Dragons, Gryphons, and the rest of the races that inhabit the new Equestria. The mane six are still about, but have gone into hiding to stop themselves from being targeted by the empress. If you wish to play as one of them, let me know via pm. What happened to the cities and towns? Canterlot remains the capital of Equestria, but has been rebuilt and renamed to Equinia after the destruction of the culling. Other cities include New ponyville, the once peaceful village turned bustling city, rivalling the population of Canterlot, Las Pegasus, Stalliongrad, Manehatten, Appaloosa and Thunderneigh. Since the return of Sombra, many crystal ponies have fled the empire, but it does still remain, albeit in a crushed, hopeless state. But rumours have sprung up of a new village free of the empresses' corruption nestled in the mountains, named Dusk's Blossom. If this is a war, what weapons can we use? A few good outcomes have come about since Twilight's ascension, including the acceleration of pony technology. Equestria is very much in a Victorian like era, with steam and magic powered machines hitting the scene. This means that yes, there is guns, but nothing to the standard of what we have today. Think of old bayonet rifles and flintlock pistols, nothing too advanced. But be aware that swords and other bladed weapons are still the main choice of Equestria's military. Magic weapons have been developed too, with steam/magic powered blimps taking to the skies for aerial combat. What are the factions we are fighting for? I am going to say that you don't necessarily need a faction, but they go as follows: The GEF, Grand Equestrian federation: This was founded shortly after the culling, and it's main role is to serve as Equestria's military backbone and police force. They mainly utilize the old ways of pony to pony combat, meaning swords, bows, lots of numbers, and powerful Unicorn magi, but do have a rifle force, and a blimp air force ready to deal out some damage from the skies. They also employ gryphons as elite aerial shock troopers, and Dragons for when the going gets really tough. Empress Twilight Sparkle also has her own personal bodyguard, comprised of elite Unicorn, pegasus and dragon soldiers, led by none other than Spike the dragon, who is sworn to give his life for his empress. The RLF, Royal Liberation Force: An army of rebels who operate in secrecy in the Equestrian underground, these brave souls use guerilla warfare and unconventional tactics to outsmart the GEF. It is the oldest group of rebels the GEF has had to put up with, and the first to stand up against the new empress. It is a rag-tag group at best, comprised of hired mercenaries, former soldiers of the royal equestrian military from before the culling, and civilians who feel that it is time for a change. They fight with whatever they can get their hooves on, but focus a lot more on attack and guerilla tactics than the GEF. As for your own faction, if you wish to create one, by all means do, as there are many other movements throughout the time of the revolution. If you do, you will have to explain their cause to battle, how they came to be, and if possible, what sorts of tactics and weapons they use. Time for some applications! Here is the basic layout, don't be afraid to add stuff if you think you need to. Name: Your name dummy! Age: How old are you? I will allow fillies and colts, but they will not be able to get into the nitty and gritty of the revolution. Gender: As Professor Oak said, are you a boy or a girl? Race: The races are Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn, crystal versions of the previous three, Changeling, Zebra, Gryphon or Dragon. Please, no Alicorns. Alignment: What faction do you support, if any? And if you are indeed in a faction, a rank would be nice too. Place of Birth/Starting Location: Where does your character hail from? Physical Appearance: What does your character look like? Small or tall? Any distinguishing features, maybe a scar or two? Nothing too crazy though. Personality: Just who is your character? Are they shy and forgetful, or loud and clumsy? Perhaps they secretly are into pop music? Cutie Mark (If available): Your special talent silly! History (Back Story): Give us a quick, or indeed long, backstory of your character. Well, that about does it from me. If you have any questions, and I mean any, please don't hesitate to ask! Thanks all for reading, and I guess I hope to see all of your apps!
  7. -sigh- I must admit I haven't been posting, even though I have been watching the thread hoping for everyone to start up again. I am still here though, even though I may not be talking much.
  8. -[colour=#ff8c00]General Applejack[/colour], RLF forward command, the frozen wastes- ​Applejack considered her options, a defensive lock down would give the RLF time to regroup and wait for reinforcements from down south, but then again, if the CE supply line could be cut, it would drastically decrease the CE's ability to fight back. [colour=#ff8c00]"Hrmm.......... I think it would be best to set up a 5 kilometer lock down of the surrounding area, it would give the other factions time to get their flanks up here and to the fight. Make full advantage of the anti air weapons we have at our disposal, the CE freaks like to use bizarre dragons to flank us." [/colour]She shifted her stance to a more casual one, and felt the vial of chevalier blood jangle in her pocket. The general began to move for the exit, before stopping and looking back at Striker. [colour=#ff8c00]"I need to get something to the med-labs before I head off for Manehatten. You now have field command Colonel Striker, don't disappoint me." [/colour]She smirked, tipping her hat towards Striker before exiting the command center.
  9. -[colour=#FF8C00]General Applejack[/colour], RLF forward command post, the frozen wastes- Applejack nodded as Striker asked for an update of the situation, turning towards the map display. The bleach white tundra was highlighted at different intervals, with RLF encampments circled blue, and CE bases and watchtowers circled blue. [colour=#ff8c00]"Shortly after the demise of the royal changeling hive, RLF forces started to push upwards towards the Crystal Empire. The process would have been simple, but the railroads leading towards it were severed, shattering any means of communication with Princess Cadence's domain. We assumed the worst. But a[/colour][colour=#ff8c00]bout two weeks ago, after mostly a mostly unhindered journey northwards, the lead convoy were attacked by CE forces. They were lead by what we now know as a 'Chevalier', supernatural warriors most likely under Pierrot's direct command. We suffered heavy casualties, until 2nd Lieutenant Lavender Bloom of the Hades Core managed to dispatch the Chevalier. From then onward we have been under constant attack by CE hit-and-run squads, but 3 days ago we began to target and eliminate key CE outposts and watchtowers. The march has so far been successful, as we believe we are almost within reach of the CE supply line. After it is disabled and any remaining targets are wiped out, we will proceed to wait for assistance from the GEF, Freelancer and Salus Umbra ,before we launch an attack on the heart of the Crystal Empire itself, hopefully crippling Pierrot's remaining military personnel and isolating him to whatever dark, damp hole he is hiding in. Well, that's the short version of the situation anyways."[/colour] Even from her own mouth, AJ still though there were too many flaws in the plan. So many things could go wrong, what if they weren't even up against the full strength of Pierrot's forces yet? What if the other factions refused to cooperate? She shook her head slightly, that would have to wait. [colour=#FF8C00]"Now then, I have to ask a favour." [/colour]She raised her eyebrow and smiled, hoping the colonel could comply. [colour=#ff8c00]"2nd Lieutenant Lavender Bloom, Free's sister, was wounded recently, and needs some time off duty, so I will be taking her and a small detachment of Eternium Brigade troopers to Manehatten to set up a defense of the city tomorrow. I'm giving you field command of the current operation until Manehatten is secure."[/colour] The general hoped that whatever procedure Striker had been through hadn't altered his eagerness to get into the thick of things and take command.
  10. -[colour=#ff8c00]General Applejack[/colour], RLF forward command post, The frozen wastes- AJ sighed and slowly shook her head towards the colonel. 'personal assignment to assist the war effort my flank.' She thought as he explained, they would be able to talk later. [colour=#ff8c00]"Well, it's good to see you back I suppose." [/colour]While he was a tad annoying at times, Striker had been a good friend of her and Free's since the beginning of the revolution, so his quiet demeanor didn't come as that much of a surprise to her. [colour=#ff8c00]"But lets save the explanation of your assignment for later while over a pint eh?"[/colour] She smirked as she talked, it had been a while since she had been able to drink freely. [colour=#ff8c00]"I take it you are aware of the current situation we are in?" [/colour]She asked, tapping a map display, warping it to an overhead view of the majority of the wastes.
  11. -[colour=#FF8C00]General Applejack[/colour], RLF forward command post, The frozen wastes- Striding through the hallways of the base to drop off the Chevalier blood sample at the med labs, Applejack stopped as she felt her comm buzz. [colour=#FF8C00]"Applejack here."[/colour] A stern, but slightly nervous sounding voice spoke to her from the other end of the line. "General Applejack ma'am, Colonel Star Striker requests your presence in the command facility. He sounds the same but looks......." The stallion paused for a second, selecting the right words. "Taller." Applejack frowned, where had Striker been? [colour=#FF8C00]"Rodger that, i'll be there ASAP."[/colour] She ought to court martial Striker for disappearing for so long, what did he think he was doing? She knew he wouldn't desert the cause, but still she was less than happy to speak with him. Two soldiers saluted as she entered the command facility, which was eerily quiet, save for the sound of map displays and computers whirring. Turning a corner, the general stopped and raised her eyebrow at the spectacle ahead. In front of her stood a bipedal stallion standing on his rear legs, with stupidly large armour covering him from neck to hooves. It looked like Striker, sure. But gods, taller was the right word. She approached the stallion cautiously, resisting the urge to reach for her sidearm. He looked like he could snap a pony's back as if it was a twig. Clearing her throat, she nodded towards him and cleared her throat. [colour=#FF8C00]"What are you all gawking at? Carry on!"[/colour] She barked at the majority of the room, who instantaneously snapped back to work. Turning towards Striker, she leaned on the map display and crossed her arms, raising her eyebrow again. [colour=#FF8C00]"So. I see you have gotten 'taller'. Care to explain the little hiatus colonel?" [/colour]She droned, clearly not impressed with the stallion, no matter how monstrously large and dangerous he now seemed.
  12. -[colour=#800080]2nd Lieutenant Lavender Bloom[/colour], RLF forward command post, The frozen wastes- Bleach-white curtains and the smell of disinfectant slowly came to Lavender's senses as she awoke in the medical ward, her eyes trying the best to keep her from scanning her surroundings. She looked to her left to see a large mirror, and could hear faint murmurings coming from behind it. Getting up slowly, she trotted over and looked at herself brushing a few loose strands of mane from her face. The events of the previous couple of days gradually came back to her, the attack on the watchtower, the Chevalier, her wing............ Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and slowly began to unwind the bandages that covered the appendage. Biting her lip, she slowly unfurled her feathers opening her eyes. The half closest to her torso was fine, but was covered with........ metal. Her eyes crept along the ridges and curves, as she registered what had become of her once graceful appendage. Flaring her metal feathers, she examined her new wing. Tears began to form in her eyes as she realised the horrible truth, she would never be able to fly properly again. She flapped and hovered on the spot, it worked but.............. Gods, why had she been so careless? [colour=#ff8c00]"Lavender........."[/colour] The mare quickly pulled her new wing to her side, almost ashamed to show it off. Behind her in the doorway stood Applejack, a solemn expression adorning her features. Sighing, she shook her head. No it wasn't her friend's fault, it was hers and hers alone. She had gotten her squad killed, she had let herself be shot. She turned to her and sat on the bed, flexing and retracting her new wing repeatedly. [colour=#ff8c00]"We had no choice sugar cube, the wound was infected. It was either force you to the ground or give you that thing." [/colour]Lavender nodded in response dully.[colour=#ff8c00] "Your armour had been melted to the fur around the area, we had to remove it completely if you were going to live." [/colour]Wait, her armour.......[colour=#800080] "My armour!" [/colour]She exclaimed, remembering the flask of Chevalier blood she had collected. [colour=#800080]"I had an asset, in a flask......." [/colour]Trailing off as Applejack held up the flask, tilting her head slightly. [colour=#ff8c00]"You were holding on to it as if it was keeping you alive. What's in here anyways?" [/colour]Lavender gently took the flask off her, opening it and looking inside at it's contents. [colour=#800080]"Blood. Chevalier blood to be exact." [/colour]The general's eyes widened, gasping slightly. [colour=#ff8c00]"You killed one of those things?" [/colour]Lavender shook her head, handing the flask back to the surprised mare. [colour=#ff8c00]"Listen Lavender." [/colour]She sighed, looking her in the eye. [colour=#ff8c00]"You need time to recuperate, so i'm pulling you off of duty."[/colour]The general's choice didn't really surprise her. Getting up, Applejack strode to the door. [colour=#ff8c00]"The nearest city is Manehatten, so we'll head over there while you get used to your new wing. I have to get this to the med labs for now, so i'll see you first thing tomorrow. Ok?" [/colour]Lavender just sighed and nodded, flexing and retracting her metal wing. Frowning with worry, Applejack closed the door slowly, heading off to the labs.
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