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  1. I unboxed the Delinquents Downvest, the Bolshevik Biker, and i too now have the Powdered Practitioner! I'm also very happy about the recent buffs, Winger, however, is now incredibly op, because scouts are now soaring through the sky when i play Control point, jumping over me and my team D; And right after i spent the rest of my monies on 4 Mann up tickets, i get another summer cooler D: WHY ME!?!
  2. abc


    Hmmm lets see here.. Browneh: Ive had this name for a small amount of time, actually, i cant remember who first called me it, but i believe it was my friend that used to call me "brownie" then someone was all like: Ermehgerd, Browneh! And its just stuck from there. Fleetfoot: An even more recent name, i use this for my steam account, the name is from my favorite Wonderbolt/ background character, Fleetfoot. (the adorable little filly on my avatar) Welux: My name on many gaming accounts, not much to this name, really, just threw a bunch of letters together Not many names there, but meh, im not very creative
  3. The steam sale, its happening! Men, Women, Children, Gamers. Let us buy all the things!

    1. NeoExlucky


      Are they selling half life 3 yet?

    2. abc


      No, as it is located under your bed, the scary monsters are protecting it.

    3. NeoExlucky
  4. LIES steam summer sale is not yet here! Back to the ship! Its a trap!

    1. tacobob


      Nah. One is going on. Ofcourse, I'm getting "The Steam Store is experiencing some heavy load right now. Please try again later." D:

    2. abc
    3. tacobob


      Oooh! Ultimate Fallout New Vegas for $4.99. Don't mind if I do! :3

  5. Steam summer sale? Tomorrow? Celestias brow! I need money! *scrambles money from couches*

  6. ^ Funny and used to have alot of borat related pictures back when you first came here
  7. Oh steam summer sale, Y U NO HERE YET

    1. tacobob


      Lots of them going on at GOG. :)

  8. That moment when you"re bored out of your mind and just staring at your computer screen like a zombie @.@

    1. Kodokuna


      That's an insult to zombies. :o You should instead use the terminology, 'Zombay'.

  9. Tf2 unboxing has got to be the most depressing thing humanity has ever seen in gaming

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. abc


      very good point there

    3. pollo20x6


      Sonic 06 is my personal pick for most depressing thing in gaming history.

    4. Kodokuna


      I tried the demo at Gamestop back in 2006. Have absolutely no idea why people hated it. XDDD Then again, I never played the full game. ;)

  10. Equestria Girls... Was MUCH better than i anticipated! it made me shed liquid pride! And Human fluttershy is the most adorable thing that i have ever seen!!!1!1 9/10 wasn't the best, but i loved every second of it.

  11. I havent watched many movies recently, but i DID watch "October Sky" for like, the 3rd time xD i also saw "The Heat" Very funny and VERY inappropriate but hilarious language.
  12. Also, Pinkie doesn't have her cutie mark in this...hmmm
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