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  1. I’m so darn particular about beginnings and endings- I have this nagging feeling that its always got to be done right. At that pace, I’ll never get this started though. So- on to the good stuff. I’ve recently been learning how to code in Python and greatly enjoying it- so much that I really want to be sure I spend some energy digging deeper and learning more than the basics. To that end, I’ve decided to build a text-adventure game! Yay, how original, and exciting. But actually, it kind of is! During my time running Canterlot, a lot of good ideas came across the drawing board- and many of them just never made it to light. One of these ideas was to take the MLP:FiM setting and turn it on its head by creating a survival-horror scenario without dipping into something as trite as zombies, vampires, etc. Granted, now that there is a fanfic for just about everything, doing anything that isn’t tired in the MLP:FiM community is a challenge in itself, but I do wholly believe that a survival-horror using canon in-world elements could be really fun as an RP for one, several, or many users. The implementations for a mass RP event on the forum were very exciting- but the bottom line was that it was too much work to make it work on that scale. So I’ve decided to make a text-adventure game based on the survival-horror setting of Heart of Equestria. I’m keeping this blog to talk about my discoveries and progress learning to code with Python, and keep myself accountable for making some kind of progress on personal goals. My current goal is to create a basic version of the game using codeskulptor. In other posts I will go into more details of the game, and share plans for character/party interaction, puzzle and problem solving, game interface, combat, and more. Ultimately, I want this project to be a survival story against terrible odds that players can plug into and experience with their own persona/character. If it goes well and I learn a few things, I may try making a DM booklet and converting the whole piece over to a group-play style game. If you are curious about updates to the Heart of Equestria project, please feel free to follow, or leave comments with your feedback or ideas. My tumblr can be found here: https://www.tumblr.c...g/inner-atelier I’m planning on posting once per week with an update on the code that I’ve made, and the overall progress of the project. We’ll see how that works out for now.
  2. I see you checking me out lady ;)

  3. Empathy should be the ultimate pursuit- for in achieving it, you live through others, and experience more than any one person ever could alone.

  4. @BezelFolf I know right? :D *hugs!*

  5. I'd likely pop in to playsome terraria from time to time
  6. Until there is a Diamond Dog lore that becomes approved as site canon to use, I would suggest that you focus on creating a diamond dog that seems to follow any patterns or information that can be gleaned from the show. Also, remember that different types of RP here on canterlot will mean different levels of acceptance for non-pony characters. For example, FFA would allow you to play any kind of diamond dog character right now, without any type of requirements. There would be some reasonable limitations for CC, and to my current knowledge there is no current implementation plan for Diamond Dogs in the WoE RP, however *I could be wrong* about that. I do not know what Rosewind and Dio have in mind for the RP at this time. Maybe, just stick to something you could see happening in the show, and be open to feedback.
  7. Here's to new beginnings, healtheir life styles, and spending more time with the person I love. Canterlot is in good hands- I can trust our successors to do amazing things while I get my life back on track, do my marraige justice, my job secure, (and my body back into shape)!

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    2. RarityDash


      Good luck with everything, Mane! <3

    3. Davroth


      I hope you new, brighter future involves Skyping every now and then. Otherwise I'll miss you a lot. <3

    4. Armony


      Best of luck Mane! Hope we still get to talk on Skype every now and then! <3

  8. These were very thoughtful gifts, and have garnished much attention in my home we put the second item in our scrapbook). Thank you very much for the thoughtfulness
  9. It has been a real pleasure pouring my heart into the community here. I remember joining this community as a member its first day, and sharing the news that I was proposing to my sweetheart with other excited individuals here. This forum even celebrated my wedding with me. I have deep, fond, loving memories of the community here, and I have made friends for life. However, as my career and personal life have been taking off, it has become painfully aware that my time to offer to this site has become increasingly limited, and the community here deserves better than that from me. I am still going to be around, and I look forward to interacting with everyone here in ways that I previously could not. I have the utmost faith in our successors, and I know that they are supported by an excellent team of RP Helpers, SRP's, and mods. I am looking forward to bright days for the community here. Thank you all, for being the best community I've ever had the pleasure to serve.
  10. There is so much I should have said, and so much we should have done together. Thank you for your kindness, your life, your thoughtfulness. Thank you for your smile, and the life you shared. Rest well friend.

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      *Joins in the hugging*

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      You have our support, Mane.

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      I'm sorry for your loss, Mane pony. :c

  11. Hehe, I think it depends on the day. ;D
  12. First Impression: Spunky and a bit tart. Ambitious like a fire-cracker; one high-energy burst to the next- always delivering a bang. Always makes me think of Key-lime pie.
  13. Put all of your information into a word processor, then copy paste it over? Should be a simple easy fix until you find out what the real issue is.
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