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  1. Thorn looked at the group. "I suppose I must answer Miss Liviel first. She is the owner of the Bistro B&B hotel, a chain of such combined coffee shops and bed and breakfasts or hotels across Equestria. She is currently in Baltimare overseeing the arrival of a shipment of special coffee beans from Zebreca, where they will be roasted and coated in egg white for freshness after she approves the shipment, and sent to all her bistros and hotels. She will be back in a day or two... much to Doc's likely relief." he adds with a wink. He blushed sheepishly at Dusty "And yes, I was spying on you, "Snow". She is doing quite well and will want to hear from you when she returns." The donkey offers a wry smile to the diamond dog "I'm afraid you will not get as much enjoyment from the salt as we do. You can also get cider here if you prefer."
  2. Thorn rolled his eyes in chagrin. He hoped he would go unnoticed for a while longer. Sighing, the dapper donkey straightened his Mild West black string tie and stepped out into the light. "Good day to you Sherrif, Doc, and Louise. Also to you "Snow" and.. Miss.. Liviel, was it?" The brown Jack accepted the seat with a polite nod "Thank you, Miss." He sat down, picking up a salt block thoughtfully, rolling it between his hooves as he looked at Dusty "How have you been?"
  3. Thorn raised an eyebrow at the teasing of the Doc being in love with Madam Bistro, thinking that was a new twist. Perhaps a welcome distraction from Dusty if she gets all out of sorts over Dusty's return? His ears went up high, taking in every word from Dusty... yes it was indeed him! -And "his Mare" looking after them with her clan? Oh, Mistress might be very upset, or she might even be relieved, he wont know until she hears the news. Thorn stayed quiet as he followed, waiting for a chance to get Dusty aside or to hear more.
  4. Thorn had watched as the visitors had come in with the regular crowd of the Sherrif and his friends. It was who had come with them that startled him. The dapper brown donkey waited until they had left, and turned to one of the cashiers "Watch the place while I am gone for a few minutes. Madam Bistro will want me to be sure of what I saw." He trotted out and shadowed the group until he could trot up closer to the large stallion from behind, intending to take him aside for a private chat, then paused when he heard the Diamond Dog's question. Yes, Bistro might want to hear about that part....
  5. Since I have not gotten a reply yet, let me rephrase my Q; Despite my ability to draw these for myself, I have art of my characters, done by other artists as gifts and trades. am I allowed to post those in my gallery as long as I state who did the art for me?
  6. Just after he set Cloud chaser to try an pin down his dragonized brother, a tough green mare ran up and stomped on his brothers foot and the Professor tossed in the cure. Flim's small wings buzzed in excitement as his brother shrank back to normal. [colour=#ffa500]"Brother Flam! Huzzah!"[/colour] He trotted over to hug his mustache-bearing brother[colour=#ffa500] "Brother Flam! It is glad I am to see you back to your normal self! And back to good health!"[/colour] With a pained expression, he rose up on his hind legs and waved at the affected ponies [colour=#ffa500]"Come one! Come all! Professor Krashkop and Miss Zecora have cures for you all."[/colour] He looked to the professor and the zebra hopefully[colour=#ffa500] "I dont suppose you can cure Cloudchaser's giant size and just leave her new, magnificent loquaciousness?..."[/colour] Then, with a pained expression, he looked at the crowd [colour=#ffa500]"And...and we will *gulp* give... full refunds..."[/colour]
  7. Flim was doing brisk business selling telescopes as long as the supply he and Flam made hold out. Nervously, he kept craning his head to see where his brother was off to, heading toward some saloon with that Pegasus dame.[colour=#ff8c00] "I really hope you come back soon, dear brother. I dont think I can make more telescopes without you..."[/colour] Since his attention was on his brother, he missed seeing Lightning Horn sneak out and hide behind a wooden trash barrel nearby. Meanwhile, in the bistro, Hoss looked at the others [colour=#000080]"All right, how do we go about disguising me? a Stetson and serape cape like in your novels? Coal dust or chalk on my hide?[/colour] Madam Bistro smiled at the group. [colour=#800000]"The contents of my Make up kit and my expertise are at your disposal, you two."[/colour] And, over in the saloon... Shanna stifled a giggle at the jittery fidgiting of the dapper unicorn, [colour=#008080]"Maybe a drink, Dear Flam. I've never had a salt block before and I dont know how it would affect me..." [/colour]
  8. Is it still okay to post art of my OCs by others as long as the artists are creditied with their work, as I have done once before in my Gallery?
  9. Flim chuckled as he listened to Reno admit fillies dont' have cooties and actually has a filly friend. He did his best to look innocent at the icy glare from the waitress when she dropped off the meals.[colour=#ffa500] "I for one am glad to hear that Reno. What Pony type is Ruby Pinch? A unicorn like your dashing uncles? An Earth Pony like your side of the family? A Pegasus perchance? I promise we will not say a word to that silly "Foal Free Press" that caused so much trouble recently..."[/colour] And he meant it after they became the target of an entire issue... He looked thoughtful as he ate, offering the sampler platter for Reno to pick from. [colour=#ffa500]"By the way, how is schooling going for you now that you arent traveling as much?[/colour]
  10. (OOC: sorry it took a while to do this post. about a 3rd of the posts contradict each other and I had to figure out which was right...) (Posted Jan 9)"...Climbing into the vat with the other two colts, Snips watched as Remington decimated several apples, then suddenly dropped into sleep again. He was getting used to the pegasus' quirk now, but he still rolled his eyes.His breath caught when he noticed Remington's unconscious form began to slide toward the drain in the center of the vat. Snails had bumped the colt away for a moment, but Remington was still heading for the hole. Snips tried to reach out with his magic and grab the pegasus, but nothing happened. Rushing forward, he grabbed the red colt's tail in his teeth. "Shnails!" he shouted though his teeth, "Gif me uh hoof!!" Snails whinnied as his eyes went wide [colour=#daa520]"Yipes! On muh way, Snips!"[/colour] and gallumphed through the apples squishing underhoof as he helped grab onto the sleeping pegasus by a wing. Hopefully before they could slip any further toward the drain. He spotted Zecora nearby and waved an orangey hoof fratically at her. Fortunately for all three of them, Zecora noticed and lent a hoof.. or a mouth anyway... (Posted Jan 1) "...Zecora noticed the pony that fell asleep while working (in the apple vat) "Goodness me! This cannot be" She tsked moving her head down, grabbing the sleeping Remmington by the scruff and gently pulled him out and away from the drain, once he was secure and resting nicely on a sack of burlap sacks...Zecora noticed another problem! The wheel going fast and flying filly projectiles of DOOM!.." Now that the drain crisis was over, Snails looked around and saw the giant hampster wheel at the next station of the machine was spinning faster and faster![colour=#daa520] "Oh my Gosh! Look out Snips!" [/colour] Some of their class mates were being launched from the side of the wheel to land in comical, dizzy heaps, so far without any injury, but if it gts any faster... Cheerilee returned, along with Apple Bumpkin and all three adults tried to get in and stop the spin. [colour=#daa520]"Yay! They're gonna stop this crazy thing... and ,....ummm okay, they aint..."[/colour] as the adults tumbled around with the foals. Sparks shot out of Snails' horn as he tried to think of something. The wheel was slowing down but not fast enough. Maybe something jamming the wheel lke he did on accident last week helping out on the "Foal Free Press"? Seeing a wooden bucket near the hopper they were in, he picked up the bucket by its rope handle and swung it to land between the wheel and the machine body acting like a brake. [colour=#daa520]"Um Ah was aiming ta put it under th' wheel, but that works huh? Lets throw another couple buckets Snips!"[/colour] Between their efforts and that of the adults, the wheel stopped and Snails hopped out to pull out the buckets. the first one had a scorch mark from the friction of the wheel and machine wall. [colour=#daa520]"Lookit this!"[/colour] (Posted Jan 24) "...Shivering, he backed away from the belt without checking his surroundings and fell into the vat! "Aaaaah!", he yelled as he fell and landed on Remington and Snips with a small grunt of pain. He then rolled off and into the mix of apples with a splash, stunned by the impact..." Snails looked back into the vat[colour=#daa520] "Gosh! Ya okay there Timid? How about you Snips?"[/colour] (posted Jan 24)"..Apple Bumpkin looked on it a hint of horror as she saw Remington, Snips, and Snails all heading towards the center of the vat. Surely they knew that was where the drain was. Bumpkin quickly made her way up there and with the help of Snips pulled Remington out of the vat, a little too forceful she ended up pulling the other two ponies out with her as even her herself fell out of the vat. Landing smack dab on Cheerilee, their muzzles very close. Bumpkin closed her eyes as she braced for impact but having landed on something soft other then the ground she gasped and opened her eyes, blush streaking everywhere and her eyes widening as she just laid there not knowing what to do. " 'Ah hope all them foals are safe, is anypony hurt?" She muttered from her position atop Cheerilee. " 'Ah can go get the med kit should anypony have some scrapes or bruises." She wanted to make sure that Cheerilee herself didn't have to care for the foals as much hoping that it would lighten her load as a teacher and get her to relax a bit..." Snails yelped as Apple Bumpkin tumbled back over him and Remington with Snips in her hooves, and landing on Miz Cheerilee in a pose that made him turn away with a blush. It didnt help that Snips had landed right on Miz Cheerilee too. [colour=#daa520]"Um... Sorry there Miz Bumpkin, Miz Cheerilee... Didnt mean ta trip ya..."[/colour] "...Scrambling to the floor, Snips turned and saw the prone form of his teacher on the ground. "Ohmygosh! Miss Cheerilee are you ok?" he asked the mare, trying to hide a blush that was staining his cheeks. "Where's Remington?" Snails waved his hoof at Snips and pointed. [colour=#daa520]"He's over here where Miz Zecora put him. Ya all tripped on me and him both."[/colour] Snails suddenly yelped as it was brought to his attention by screaming fillies that Timid had not been pulled out by Apple Bumpkin after all, and Haywire jumped right in after him with her bigger sis on the end of the line to pull her out. In moments, Timid was rescued, but the force sent Miz Cheerilee into a stack of Apple juice jugs, and now she looked ready to cry. Snips was also drawn to hug the teacher like the others in the class. "[colour=#daa520]We're all so sorry, Ma'am. Things jes seem ta happen in this class, but Ah helped stop th' wheel at least..."[/colour]
  11. In the space of a week, the Green Pastures has gained three new herdmembers. I had not reported on the first yet because it was so disheartening. Now I must report on that and the next grevious loss to the Mini herd. Last week, Autumn foaled unexpectedly. It was two months early or we would have been paying attention... The foal was stillborn. Now her mother, Blueberry, foaled this morning. She foaled in the shed we just rebuilt into a run-in shelter and somehow managed to smash her leg through the wall and get stuck. They...died. She was our rescue pony, abused by her first owner and never letting anyone near her until recently. She would scream like a little girl if she was touched, but that was getting rarer and rarer. She was our little Fluttershy... Epona bless and watch over them.
  12. Miss Caramel Bistro sipped her coffee, taking demure glances at her dancing guest as he also took a break. She tried to keep her glances subtle as she wondered how he was holding up to the dancing. Could she help break him from his shell? The cracks were already showing just from the way he presented the town to the businessmare from Stalliongrad, and she hoped to lever them open the rest of the way. It certainly helped she was too wealthy to be a gold digger, unlike some of the mares that had tried to throw themselves at him in the newspapers. Suddenly Maximilian moved closer, taking a deep breath. A tremor ran down her back in anticipation, wondering if he was finally comfortable enough to make a move. The touch of his hoof on her shoulder and then her mane was a definite answer as he thanked her. He heart leapt in joy and she forced herself to keep it to only a smile, to encourage his talking a lead. And truth be told, that felt really good... She set her coffee down to keep the pleased shivers from showing in how she handles her cup. [colour=#800000]"You are welcome, kind sir. I believe I am ready when you lead the dance."[/colour]
  13. Gah! This must be why Twilight is my fave pony! I have been ready to come back for a month now but have been freaking out in embarrasment for being so far behind and for having writer's block, just like a certain purple unicorn mare would if she were a player here instead of a character. I feel so horrible right now and sincerely apologize to all the other players here. Please, PLEASE prod me if you think I'm lagging. (Oh and dont banish me to the Sun... ) If you must do so off Canterlot, my Gmail is Scott.Teel
  14. (Sorry on my end as well, delays with medical issues aplenty. ) Madam Bistro smiled sweetly and nodded. "[colour=#800000]Yes, a Bolero would do nicely, Max. I have not that one in some time so you will be more in charge for this one. [/colour] [colour=#800000]In the meantime, I need just a quick drink before we begin. Would you care for a drink as well?"[/colour] So saying, she stepped aside for a moment to sip at the coffee that had been left by Thorn for them. Caramel smiled and gave a subtle stretch hopefully hidden by her dress as she prepared herself to dance some more, watching Max and trying not to rush him.
  15. Candy listened with her heart beating rapidly as he started in on a rant about why he went on the last expedition, but she caught a tone of affection for Dunder's behavior. She held her breath as he continued on, sure he was enjoying dragging out the moment for her. Finally she let her breath out as he agreed to come with her. Her faintly scarred wing fluttered in joy. [colour=#daa520] "Oh thank you, Swift Squall! This will be an epic trip for sure!"[/colour] She spread out the folder's contents. [colour=#daa520]"I already have steel cabled bolas and nets being specially constructed at the Canterlot Castle armory. Given the terrain, We will need to rent a small airship to get there, just big enough to haul the equipment. There are no plans to actually carry the thing anywhere so we do not need "Enourmous" unless you want the extra legroom. Oh, I hope you are not allergic to catnip, are you? We are hoping it's just stone armored and not a stone elemental cat. We are hoping a ton of the stuff will pacify it after the capture..."[/colour]
  16. (OOC< sorry delays as per my blog here) Remington had jumped in full tilt into the hopper ahead of the other foals and looked really energetic for a change. He turned back to Cheerilee [colour=#daa520]"Uh, yeh, where d'ya want us Miz Ceerilee?"[/colour] A moment later, she told him and Snips to go to help Remington. [colour=#daa520]"All right, We're raring to go, Ma'am!"[/colour] As he climbed up to get in the vat, a big splot of applesauce hit his face and knocked him to the floor.[colour=#daa520] "Mmm Appleiscious!"[/colour] It took him a minute to lick his face and eyes clean before trying again [colour=#daa520]"Hay, Remington? Can ya slow down a bit? We need ta get in there, eh?"[/colour] suddenly the stomping stopped and a soft snore amplified to adult size by the tub came out [colour=#daa520]"Oh hes asleep again. Wow! He gets more sleep than Rainbow Dash! Lets get in there before he wakes back up, eh!"[/colour] With that, Snails jumps in beside Remngton, his legs straddling the drain hole [colour=#daa520]"Watch out Snips! There's a big drain in here!"[/colour] He noses Remington aside to make room for Snips, not realizing he nudged him to safety for the moment.
  17. (OOC: sorry delays, as per my Blog) Candy sat back, affecting a relaxed manner as he revealed he was indeed a Noblepony and asked what she was after this time. She giggled sheepishly and shrugged a wing casually as she set the folder down before him. A rough sketch of a leonine creature with a pony outline beside it for scale slid out of the folder. Apparently it was at least the size of a railroad passenger car... [colour=#daa520]"Oh, sorry, that was supposed to be last in the folder, once you read through the material. The RCZS has commissioned me to do the first examination of a Mountain Lion. the first one in a century has been spotted in a mountain range up North. They think the return of the Crystal Kingdom woke it up and drove it south. [/colour] [colour=#daa520]Nopony's mane a real study of these things and they need to find out how much of a menace it is. If I cant handle it, they might send it to Tartarus..."[/colour] She sighed [colour=#daa520]"I need all the help I can get on this one.."[/colour]
  18. I am so sorry to everyone I've left hanging. i have so much to catch up on. Aside from that lingering lung fungus I finally shook off, that little thing I mentioned about a visit to the hospital? I'm on meds now to keep from meeting Luna's guardian of the dead aspect in person. I found out too late it comes with a side of depression. Now that I know what Im fighting, I'm back from my party of one, hopefully for good. It's not been fair to any of you, and I swear on applejack Im going to make it right.
  19. Hoss awwed and blushed at the praise from Rising Star for helping her and the others. [colour=#0000ff]"It was my pleasure to help everypony as I did, Star. and I believe Greenshot and Sugar Apple are over there.."[/colour] He points. [colour=#40e0d0]"Um... Who's that orange Earth Pony mare? You know, the one with blond mane I've raced so fiercely against at the end?"[/colour] He stretched his wings to ease a muscle [colour=#0000ff]"Oh Applejack? She runs Sweet Apple Acres. Thanks for reminding me. I need to buy more apples before I leave."[/colour] Seeing Shanna nearby, he waved her over and asked for a small raincloud for Earth Writer, seeing as he promised a quick wash, and described the pony. Moments later, Shanna Skybright came over to Earth Writer with a small raincloud. [colour=#008080]"Hello, Hoss said you needed a wash.. Oh something to drink? sure!"[/colour] [colour=#008080]She puled out some bottled water she got for Hoss and tossed them over "Here you go! Let me know when you are ready for that shower."[/colour]
  20. Hoss panted as he kept his legs moving, trying to walk himself down to a stop after cooling down. He definitely did not want to suffer any cramps he did not have to. The pegasus was quickly enveloped in feathery hugs from his family and Special Somepony Jubilee. He looked over to see the standings as they were quickly posted. That must have been Clockwise he had bumped at the last moment. Shanna patted him comfortingly as he saw Gilda beat him after all. There would be no statue of him to grace this field, but at least it would not be Gilda's statue either. When he saw who held the top slot, he laughed! Who would be more perfect for the honor of a statue than a famous model? He had to trot on over to congratulate the stunned unicorn mare. [colour=#0000ff]"Great job Star! Congratulations! Your statue will represent this race for generations to come!"[/colour]
  21. Just checked the race thread. finding out my last post was after it was supposed to close didnt affect my standings did it?
  22. The final stretch was here and already a close pack was bunching up to try and be the very first across the line. Above the race on a cloud, Shanna and their parents were jumping up and down as Shanna waved her flag. "Go Hoss go!" He did a stunned double-take as Gilda breezed by like he was standing still... [colour=#663399]"I wouldn't count on that, pal! I'm winning this whole thing!"[/colour] Gilda shouted, confidence strong. Oh, it was ON now! The bay pegasus stallion leaned forward and put everything he had into the last sprint, focused on that swishing tufted tail ahead of him. It grew closer and closer until he lost track of it when another racer got bumped sideways into his path. He closed his eyes and jumped over the pony to land somewhere among the front runners but was it enough? The finish line ribbon was a blur a couple heartbeats away. A swirl of dust hid the moment for him when anypony crossed the line. Would he be in the top 10 even?
  23. This was so epic, I had to create my first Canterlot Blog to share it! Just got back today from a trip to my parents and not only quickly got outed as a Brony without any drama, it turns out they were kinda expecting it... While they already knew I was an equine fur, I could not guess their reaction beyond that. We already had the CSI furry freakout 2 years ago with a looooong talk about the truth , so this time was a pleasant surprise. They have permanent custody of my 9 year old neice. Their little Pegasister was so excited I was going to be there this week because in my last trip, 2 years ago, I drew her a Pony that turned out to look just like FiM ponies. Before I knew it, I was openly sharing my MLP song and video collection onto the family computer. mum and dad were quite floored by "The Garden", "Daddy Discord", and "Or we can fly" being done by fans. Afterward, my neice wanted herself and a friend drawn as pegasus foals. This soon led to a ponified family portrait of her, my parents and myself. My parents will be framing the originals and hanging them up.
  24. Quickly the pegasus stallion whinnied and forced himself to sprint faster, his wings trembling as he kept them closed. He kept looking back at Greenshot every few seconds s he listened to Earth Writer's running commentary, untill a flash of red and white announced a flying popcorn box knocking the unicorn off his stride. He faltered a bit in surprise but pressed on when he saw Earth Writer recover. Applejack suddenly breezed on by him, making him really drive himself. If she was here, Gilda was surely close behind and he wanted to be ahead of her [colour=#0000ff]"Dont' care if you win Applejack... as long as I beat Gilda!...[/colour] A sudden flash of colour diving into the race made him wonder if another pegasus was trying to pull something, but a glance revealed a very regal bird flying alongside Star! Was that a Caracara?! He shook his head to concentrate on the last furlongs of the race, his hooves sending turf flying...
  25. As the leaves fell around them in swirling drifts, Hoss suddenly noticed clouds with spectators perched on them in the distance. He suddenly did an excited jump to peek ahead, seeing banners. [colour=#0000ff]"We're in the home stretch!"[/colour] The stallion looked to the ponies around him as Greenshot and Sugar Apple told Earth Writer to go on ahead. Earth Writer did not surprise him by saying he would stay close and instead exhorted them to keep up with him. Hoss nickered at them, finding the fatigue sneaking back into his legs as well. "[colour=#0000ff]It's just a little further! Apples! Your cousin, Applejack will be here any moment! Lets show her what you got!" [/colour] He then nodded to the clouds ahead [colour=#0000ff]"Meanwhile, I got parents and a sister to impress..."[/colour] He broke into a gallop, slowly pulling ahead. Near the finish line, Shanna was eagerly waving a pennant flag with their shared cutie mark from a cloud overhead.
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