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  1. Technically still open, I've just been very busy as of late. I'll add you to the queue, but then I think I'll close to new requests until I can catch up.
  2. Hmm... I would be interested in joining this RP. I have a half-zebra character, Sporange Brew, who... may not be much of the treasure hunting type, but we could say that he's tagging along to visit his father's homeland.
  3. Aaand... done! http://eben-swf.devi...t.com/#/d5h9cuh I've also uploaded it to the Canterlot.com gallery. I got a bit fancy with this one, so I also uploaded a transparent vector version, without all the frills: http://eben-swf.devi...scraps#/d5h9d0u Yeah, but just the cutie mark? Also, do you have any reference images?
  4. EbenLynx

    EbenLynx's OC Drawings

    I draw OCs! If you'd like me to draw yours, check out my request thread to see if I'm currently open.
  5. Ahoy - still alive. I just finished the sketch version: http://eben-swf.devi...scraps#/d5gzm77 I... feel like I butchered his eyes... but fear not! I intend to rework them in Flash.
  6. Added blush - I knew I was forgetting something!
  7. A gift of peace in all good faith: http://eben-swf.devi...t.com/#/d5goswt I also submitted it to the gallery, but it doesn't seem to be visible yet.
  8. Alrighty – I've updated some of the details of the application with that in mind. I've also simplified the cutie mark, as I felt the old one was a bit complex and unclear.
  9. I thought about having her say "I foresee a romantic evening with a beautiful gypsy in your near future." But if you can think of something more suitable for her, do tell - I wouldn't want to use something out of character for her.
  10. Can do! I'll add you to the queue. Hello again. I've been away from my computer for a couple days (which is naturally problematic for digital artists), but here's a pencil sketch I did while out and about: http://eben-swf.devi...scraps#/d5gjbf9 I chose to go with a simpler scene to avoid possibly biting off more than I can chew and completely ruining it. I want to put some kind of witty dialog in the blank area beside her head. I still plan to finish this with colour in Adobe Flash, so if there's anything you'd like changed, let me know, because Flash is like art with cheat codes.
  11. Done I'm having some trouble trying to use the gallery, so here's a link to a DeviantArt submission: http://eben-swf.devi...t.com/#/d5g7ugj I'll admit she came out looking somewhat older than I intended... I tried to make her look older than the CMCs, but younger than the mane cast, but I've always been terrible with young/pre-teen characters. Plus, I'm still getting used to drawing ponies.
  12. I'm afraid so. This one looks fun. Let me know if you have any specific suggestions.
  13. An interesting idea, but I was hoping to focus more on OCs. Right, sounds good. Is there any particular pose or situation you’d like her in? So... A flirty gypsy pony? I can do that. Did you want me to draw her in that scenario you described? If so, could you tell me a few more details, like who she was with, where they were, etc? I’ll queue these up on a list and get started as soon as I can, but do remember that it may take a while, as I have other things to work on as well.
  14. [Closed to new requests until I can catch up] Hello there! I’m fairly new to the site, and I figured I could use this part of the forums to get some drawing practice. I’m an animation student, currently attending Westwood College, but with my school’s heavy focus on 3D art, and my tendency to get distracted when drawing on my own time, my fundamental drawing skills have gone a bit stale. Fortunately, I tend to do better when working for someone else, and so I would like to take your requests (preferably stuff with OCs). This is my first time taking requests, so I welcome any advice on doing so. I also welcome critique on my work, regardless of how brutal. As I mentioned, I am a college student, and also already working on a side project, so it might take me a while to get around to and complete requests, so please be patient. I draw with vectors directly in Adobe Flash, so it’s possible to add animations to the drawings (I’d prefer to keep these as simple as possible in the interest of time). Here’s a link to my DeviantART gallery for samples of my drawings and animations: http://eben-swf.devi...rt.com/gallery/ Queue: - BlindJester - BrainedBySaucepans - ArcadePerfect - Starbuster
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