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  1. Jaque walked with her. "At your pleasure, doctor" he said, gesturing to a bulletwound in his arm
  2. Jaque walks in, quite tired and not to mention bleeding. "Well, that could've gone better" he said out loud. "Where's the medic? Kinda...messed up at the moment"
  3. I think that's a great idea! Btw sorry bout being away for so long, hope I didn't get dropped or anything
  4. Remember how I said I was leaving? Well I missed you guys too much. I'm back, better than ever
  5. Sorry mate, I'm in the process of leaving this site, so.....
  6. I almost don't want to, but I'm leaving the site. So long, and thanks for the fish. Anyone who still wants to talk to me can hit me up at midnightblackhorn@gmail.com
  7. As a couple of the robots neared Reveille, they suddenly dropped. Behind where they were standing stood Jaque. "It appeared as though you needed a hoof"
  8. Jaque cloaked as the robots headed their way. He disguised as one of them with a paper mask (robots are dumb) and readied himself
  9. So, a question to all of my lovely friends here on Canterlot. When you are RPing/writing about your OC(s), are they in relationships with anypony? Personally, in a different forum site I've been frequenting, one of my female OCs, Stardust, has gotten into a relationship with Krystal, another person's OC. I'll attach a pic so you guys can see below, but essentialy I wanna know if anyone else does this, or if I'm just weird
  10. USE ALL THE CAPSLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. DnBDezixKBrony



    2. TemplarFrost



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