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  1. Hey again, thought maybe I could get a banner for my new OC, Fine Print. Here is a reference pic: Also, could you make another for my Pegasus, Static Arc? I would really appreciate it! Another reference pic: Thanks again!
  2. Thanks! Glad you like him so much! This made my day, now I feel all warm and fuzzy! Already have an RP planned with him so I'll get on that when he gets moved.
  3. Thanks for the kind words, sorry for the late reply, but I'm good to answer your question. Maybe I should add this part, but when Fine Print was leaving, his parents acknowledged him leaving and started to realize what they had done wrong. They knew next to nothing of their son, and wanted to repair their relationship and try harder to spend time with their son, despite their work. Fine Print refused as they had just now noticed their son until he was leaving, and this had made him quite angry because of this. He didn't want anything more of his parents, and left. They haven't spoken since, and Fine Print has almost forgotten they ever existed. I might expand on it in an RP and make it so they meet again. And on a shorter note, I think I put in that Fine Print and his parents never had a close relationship because of his parents work, and could never grow properly because of it. All he had was the butlers to talk to, that's it. Should I put any of that in the app? Is it important enough to go in?
  4. After Cheery was done greeting the two stallions with her odd charming ways, she was glad to hear the stallion that she had hugged wanted to stop by her store! Oh, the thought of getting more customers would be great, especially ones she met before! [colour=#40E0D0]"Oh joy! I can't wait 'till you come! I have flavours like you wouldn't believe! I have blueberry cheesecake, zesty salsa, fruit salad, hot chocolate, and so much more! Not to mention I have my own custom made fans that I enchanted to have extra chilly breezes, something perfect for the sort of climate we have here! Oh, be sure to drop on be really soon, at least after this gem hunt! It's going to be a BLAST!"[/colour] Cheery put on extra emphasis by standing on her hind legs and stretching out her forelegs and making a sound similar to an explosion. Somewhat similar, anyway. After taking to him, Cheery turned her attention to the other stallion, how had told her about how dangerous a simple gem hunt could be, which made no sense to Cheery. Weren't they just going out into the desert for something similar to an Easter Egg Hunt? Cheery scratched her head for a second, with a puzzling look on her face, thinking about how this expedition could be so dangerous. Suddenly, she burst out laughing. I mean, it wasn't like a simple chuckle, mind you. I mean, it was like Cheery suddenly breathed in a cloud of laughing gas. She continued to chortle for a good few minutes until she suddenly stopped and but on the most serious face she could make. [colour=#40E0D0]"Are you saying the just because I'm the only mare on this team, I can't handle myself in a silly old desert, gathering a few gems where anything could happen, from bad to even more bad? Please, If you think I'll be more of a liability, watch this." [/colour] She then turned around to face Razor, who had made a snide remark at her and gave him a steely glare, and decide to use one of his weaknesses against him for a little teasing. [colour=#40E0D0]"Haha, oh Razor, I bet you would just love to eat me, I know you have had your eyes on me for quite some time. Surprised you would wait until I'm a corpse to finally show your TRUE feelings~! Hmm, what's that, Razor? Do you have some thing to tell us all, especially this truly stunning mare before your eyes?"[/colour] She then gave her flank a little shake towards the griffin and gave a wink towards him. She then held back a bit of her laughter and turned back towards Promontory. [colour=#40E0D0]"Anyway, just look at this and see what this 'little missy' can do."[/colour] Cheery turned towards her saddlebags and drew one of her apples. She tossed it up in the air and aimed her horn at it and let out a shimmering blue wave of magic towards it. Suddenly, it became encased in a solid block of chilly ice. It landed on her hoof and held it up for everypony to see. [colour=#40E0D0]"See? Could serve as a temporary ice pack, or a reverse ice pack as you will, as it could deal some damage when used for hitting or throwing."[/colour] Cheery then cast another spell on it, and the ice turned into a cool puddle of water on the dirt below, and the apple wasn't harmed at all. Cheery took a big bite out of it to show. [colour=#40E0D0]"Now, if that isn't that helpful? A never-ending source for water is a must on a trek like this. Anyway, we should get going. Not going to collect any gems just standing here."[/colour] No matter what anypony says, she would stay and join in this, no matter how dangerous it might be. She was sick of staying in the same place every day, so now, she wanted to change things up a bit and try something a wee bit more exciting.
  5. Hey again, you don't mind if I get a banner for one of my OC's before the rush gets here, do you? I hope I'm not outstretching your generosity after the Junebug banner, I want my OC unicorn Pleasant Flurries, nickname Cheery, to get a banner. Here is the reference pic: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/317/4/9/pleasantflurriesfinal_by_flameddragoag-d5kw9e2.png I'm not sure if your asking for specific poses since you didn't ask, but if you are, just ask and I'll detail it I guess. Please and Thank you!
  6. After Static had called out to the unicorn in the distance and waited for his response, he turned back towards the filly and thought about what she must be thinking about this. Three ponies and a griffon all talking around her, all of them strangers and obviously disturbed about something. She did mention something about her parents before, so mabye it had to do something with that? Then again, why was she coming out of the forest in the first place if she had a family? Did they live in there? Did she decided to run away from home and camp out in the Everfree? Many thoughts and possibilities swam through the pegasi's head, and only made him eve more exhausted than he already was. Static yawned for a long while, and teetered a bit on his legs as if they were going to give out. I need to get home or else I'll fall over. I'll think more clearly when I get some rest. Static was then snapped out of his stupor and became more alert when the filly started yelling about getting a cutie mark. He jumped about an inch of the ground and unfurled his wings, propelling him into the air. His heart skipped a beat as he was now airborn, surprised by the sudden cries from the filly. It had taken Static a little bit to calm himself down, and managed to get himself back on the ground. [colour=#008080]"Ok! Ok, I'm awake now! Umm, anyway, about the cutie mark, you normally get it by doing something you like, but I don't think getting it by trekking through the Everfree Forest is the best idea. Do you have any hobbies or do you like to do anything that you have passion in?"[/colour] Static had then heard the response by the unicorn, who had apparently not heard him when he asked. He had agreed to take in the filly, though not a resident of Ponyville by the sounds of it. Static was happy that the filly might have a chance at a home for the night, but a little sad that it wasn't him. Why did he have to live in Cloudsdale? Anyway, Static turned toward the unicorn stallion and gave him a smile. [colour=#008080]"Alright, none of us apparently have a house to take in the filly, so I guess she will go with you. Hopefully she will be in good hooves with you. Where exactly will you be staying so that I could check up on her in the morning? Oh, and the name's Static Arc by the way. Umm, nice to meet you."[/colour]
  7. Have some things going on in my life, so my posts will most likely be delayed a bit. I just can't focus on writing a decent one for all of my RP's. Sorry about this :(

  8. (OOC: Hmm, interesting. I kind of want to see where this goes. I'm going to pass my turn to post to see what happens with this. I hope the Sheriff knows how to serve ice cream )
  9. After she had introduced herself, Cheery had bid Razor a farewell as he was going out to find the other ponies who were going with them. She promised to meet back up with him when she was done with everything she needed. Afterwards, Cheery turned back to the registration pony with a grin, listening into the registration pony's answer with glee at the thought of possibly getting a new friend and equally as excited to meet other ponies going on this fun little gem hunt. Cheery was then a little taken aback by his response, but quickly came to understand his words. He was just doing his job, and it wasn't too common where she would find a pony who was like her, always chatting up a storm and being friendly to other ponies. Mabye this guy wasn't that kind of pony. Cheery could respect that, so she went ahead and decided to move things along, while still holding her personality. [colour=#40E0D0]"Well why didn't you say so, silly? I can't let you stay here waiting for my signature, that would be rude of me!" [/colour] Without further ado, Cheery snatched up the paper and a quill and quickly scribbled her name on it. After she was done, she handed it back along with a smaller piece of paper and another hoof shake. [colour=#40E0D0]"Well it was reeeeeeaaally nice to meet you Mister, and if you ever need to cool down and have some creamy, ice creamy goodness, come by my ice cream shop! My card is with the registration sheet with the location! Have a Cheery day and I hope you stop by!"[/colour] And with that, Cheery trotted out of the building with her bits, and decided on where to go next. She looked to her side and took note of what she brought with her from her house/store, talking to herself as she planned out her moves. [colour=#40E0D0]"Hmm, two canteens of water, a map of Equestria, my mane brush, a couple apples for snacking, and one of my mini portable enchanted fans. Do I need anything else?"[/colour] Cheery noted to herself that the map of Equestria wasn't too convinient, and wasn't detailed when it came to the Painted Pinto Desert. Mabye she would get a more proper one, and mabye a set of binoculars? As it was apparent, Cheery wasn't too familiar with expeditions, and never really read any adventure novels that could highlight important tools needed on a journey. Deciding that she already had enough as it is, and thinking that the ponies running this thing might give some more supplies, Cheery began her trek towards the general store, not entirely sure where she would get a map of the desert and a pair of binoculars. Entering the store, she trotted up to the cashier pony asking for a map and binoculars, all the while using her charm to befriend the pony. Amazingly enough, they did carry a simple map of the desert and some cheap binoculars, and Cheery paid with the bits she got from the registration pony. Thanking the cashier, she trotted out of the store and decided to go find Razor and the other ponies going on the trip, and instantly put on a huge grin, overjoyed to be able to know the ponies who were going along with her on this gem hunt. After trotting around Appleloosa for a few minutes, she then saw Razor, who wasn't too hard to pick apart from the crowd. I mean, how many griffons can you normally find in a small, western town anyway? Cheery didn't know, but what she did know was that she had some new friends to make, as Razor was also with the rest of the gem hunt group. Cheery trotted up to Razor and the two ponies and greeted the ponies with a crazy, high-powered hoof shake, along with a super hug to the pony in the green cowboy hat, and a wave to Razor. [colour=#40E0D0]"If I'm right, in which sometimes im not but I'm pretty sure I am right now, you two are part of the fun gem hunt today! I'm going as well! It's sooooo nice to meet you! My name is Pleasant Flurries, but I prefer Cheery for reasons that would be too long to say. You might have heard of me from an insanely popular ice cream shop around here, I mean, I'm pretty sure everypony in Appleloosa has been there, not meaning to brag or anything."[/colour] Cheery then flipped her mane with a hoof, rolling her eyes as if it was no big deal, but on the inside, it really meant a lot to her how many ponies showed up to her door every buisness day to buy ice cream from her. It made her feel happy to accomplish something like that every day, and made her feel lucky.
  10. Static Arc had stuck to this job for a few hours now, which amazed him greatly considering under normal circumstances, he would have bailed by now, his mind telling him that it wasn't worth it and to just leave and never go near the Ponyville market ever again. Static was proud of himself, not resorting to that and sticking by his own words to help out Carrot Top and going by his conscience to which he would never forgive himself if he wouldn't carry this out. Static's fatigue dropping only wished he was a unicorn like Bass Rider, having magic would really help in this sort of work, but his own determination to set things right gave him the strength to continue going without any breaks. As Static and his partner tossed the last piece of reusable wood into a pile, Bass spoke up and addresed the two mares who were out at the spa. Static didn't look up from Bass' words, as he was sorting through wood and measuring each piece to see if it wasn't in the right place. As Static exchanged sides with a piece, he spoke up. [colour=#008080]"Well, I've never really been to one, so I wouldn't really know how long it would be. After all, Carrot Top deserves it after what I did. I hope she'll like what were doing... I just keep thinking that what I'm doing isn't enough to fix what I did. I feel like I should be doing more to help her..."[/colour] Thinking that all of the pieces were in the right place, he picked up his mop again and moved back to where most of the carrot treats fell, and were still some that needed cleaning up. As Static worked the mop and pickied up any stray broken glass and throwing it into the garbage pile, he answered Bass again, quickly showing a look of guilt and sadness over thinking back to his act of selfishness and recklessness. [colour=#008080]"Carrot Top probably had that stand for a long time, and probably had some good memories with it, as long as her only means to earn bits. If I knew how she would react, I would have had better judgement on my actions. I want to change the past, but I can't. The only way to do that is fix her stand, and make sure I pay for everything I broke, all the while making sure were on peaceful ground. Anyway, I agree, let's get to the dump before sunset."[/colour] Looking over the pile of dead wood and broken glass that would be taken to the dump, Static noticed that they didn't have a wagon to carry it in. Thinking that Bass would just levitate it all over to the dump, Static stood by the pile, checking it over every so often to see if anyhing was out of place. When Bass asked about his leg, Static was surprised that he had even forgot about it. He looked down at his leg to see how it was doing. It didn't really seem to hurt anymore, so he guessed it was doing alright. Even if a hasty covering was the only thing that could be done, it seemed to be doing the trick. [colour=#008080]"It doesn't hurt as bad, so I guess it's doing alright. Umm, thanks for trying to cover it up, and even more, for helping me out with my mess. You really didn't have to, but you did anyway. You could have just left me be and been on your way. Why did you stay and help me?"[/colour]
  11. Cheery was paralyzed on the spot, overwhelmed by what she had done. She had never tried an exploding spell before, that kind of magic was out of her reach, and was way too dangerous for her to put to use. How had she managed that? Her stupor was suddenly grown tenfold when who else but Razor had come in to check on her. Cheery's mind was blank then on, only focusing on Razor at that moment. His sleek form, his oddly hypnotising eye colours, the colours of his feathers that make her want to... Cheery continued on to just stare at Razor, unsure of what she was doing at the moment. As far as she knew, her mind was pretty messed up, her emotions messed up. She was, however, paying half attention to Razor, and only answering in mumbles and strange, high pitch whimpering. After Razor had left, she continued to stand there, unsure if that had really happened. Was she dreaming? When she heard the faint jingle of her front door bell, Cheery finally snapped out of her trance, yet still shaken up about everything. Right then she shook her head, and like she was on auto-pilot, she sprinted over to to the front, still dripping with rapidly melting ice cream all over her, and greeted her new arrival, who was a dashing unicorn with a fedora on and was waiting for her at the counter. Cheery's mind was still a little broken though from the explosion, and Razor's sudden appearance, and paid no attention to how the unicorn looked, or to the fact that she was still covered in ice cream. Cheery rushed up to the unicorn and gave him a grin, which looked more... creepy than normal. Her eye even twitched a bit as she gave her new customer a heavy, sticky hug and shook his hoof, covering him in wet, liquid ice cream. As she did this, she wasn't even aware of the short concert that was going on in front of her. They seemed to be rapping, or something, but Cheery couldn't pay attention to it at the moment. [colour=#40E0D0]"Howdy there, Mr. Unicorn! I'm Cheery and I run this establishment of ice-creamy delight! Now, as I take a short nap, you think about what you want to order, and I'll serve you faster thsn you can say..."[/colour] And with that, with everything that happened to Cheery today, her jumbled up emotions too much for her to handle, Cheery fell over on her side behind the counter, and fell into an endless dream about Razor. Cheery didn't know what was happening to her, but that would have to be answered when she woke up. If she woke up. Right now though, she was too busy being unconscious to worry about anything. (OOC EDIT: I almost completely forgot about this after I finished this post. Since Rainbolt has now joined, I'm going to need to update the posting order again. I was going to put Rainbolt before Shadow, but since it's too late, the posting order will now go me, Shadow, Rainbolt, TotalEclipse, and then Mojo. I'm still trying to keep this as neat as I can. Also, welcome Rainbolt to my little RP! Hope you have a good time here and thanks for keeping this thing going! )
  12. As Static listened to the ponies around him, Static became less and less sure of himself about the moment. It didn't look like his trying to cheer up the filly was working too good. She still seemed upset, and Static's lack of foalsitting left him clueless about what to do next. The only thing Static could do was step back along with the griffon, just to give her some room, as the other pegasus had mentioned before. So that's what he did, giving the filly a little more breathing room. After Razor had asked his question, he knew it couldn't be him. He lived up in Cloudsdale in a cloud house. If he brought the filly there, she would just fall through like any normal non-pegasus. [colour=#008080]"Well, it can't be me. I live up in Cloudsdale, so I don't think that could work out. Hmm..."[/colour] Static was stumped and a little fatigued about the whole thing. Right now he just wanted to get home and get to bed, but the filly still needed help, and she wouldn't open up and them where she lived. The only thing he could think of doing at the moment was to find somepony who had a house who could take the filly in for the night. Static looked around the area, stopping to look at the other ponies in the area. Razor obviously didn't want her, which was a complete surprise, and the other pegasus might also be from Cloudsdale and couldn't take her in either (which greatly interested Static. It was nice to meet a fellow pegasus, and might want to learn more about him, and possibly get a new friend, even though he was a little scared about the fact of talking to another pony), so he scanned the area, hoping to see somepony else who might be able to house this poor filly. As Static scanned the area, he could make out another pony in the near distance. A unicorn by the looks of it, and might have a house close here! Static cheered up a little, thinking he could help with this small dilemma, and decided to fly over to the unicorn under his common sense, forgetting about his shyness for a moment. [colour=#008080]"Hey there, umm, we have a small problem over here and hopefully you could help us. Umm, do you have a house around here by any chance that could take another pony, specifically a small unicorn filly?"[/colour]
  13. Ideas I like: I actually like all of the choices, and could definatly put my pegasus into each one. I really like the idea of the Wind Shear Passage one and The Sky Bar. Static could make some friends in that one. My character: Static Arc, my only pegasus. I really need to do more with him, so this could be a great way to develop him more. RP Type: I haven't done a private RP yet, but I could try it. Public is more my speed though. Shipping: I don't mind shipping at all, go for it. Static could use a marefriend
  14. Alright, just focus on the task at hoof, don't worry about Razor. Everything will be fine! Cheery had taken a very generous break since coming into the kitchen and crying her eyes out for a reason that escaped the ice cream parlor owner. Was it just a bad day? Was it because she had gotten too friendly with her customers and decided to strike up conversations left and right just because it was a slow day? Or... was it because of one customer? Now, Cheery never had time for a special somepony. All she ever had on her mind was ice cream, ice cream, and more ice cream. As much as Cheery didn't want to admit it, was this side of her coming out at the worst possible moment, and for a griffon no less! Cheery didn't know what to think, and tried hard to think about what she knew was happening to the corners of her mind. [colour=#40E0D0]"No...No, I don't have time for this right now. I...I'll deal with this later. I have ponies to serve, and I won't let this one griffon ruin this!"[/colour] Cheery then lifted her head, wiped her tears away and put on a determined look. [colour=#40E0D0]"If he's out there, I'll just ignore him. That's right, ignore him until he leaves! That's how I'll do it!"[/colour] Cheery then began to stride back into the front area, keeping her head and nose in the air. As soon as her group of customers came into view, she noticed that they were still chatting around the area she saw them last. When she looked at Razor, her cheeks flushed a vibrant red and couldn't help but feeling incredibly nervous at that moment. ...On second thought, I'll... make the Sheriff's order before I go out! Yeah! No reason to come out empty-hoofed, right? Cheery slowly walked back into the kitchen, and put herself to work. She remembered what each individual pony wanted, and decided to put it into a waffle cone, a welcome gift to the Sheriff's friends, even though they didn't ask for it themselves. Cheery got to her job, trying her hardest to keep Razor out of her mind, and before she knew it, she had three individual cones of one scoop of a different flavour, wrapped with a napkin. Making sure each was perfect for her guests, she made her way back out to the front of the store. She even hummed a little tune as she made her way out, not even thinking about Razor at the moment... ...Until she saw him yet again talking at the front of the store, in which Cheery let out a loud gasp and ran back into the kitchen, letting her mind go on auto-pilot, letting out a surprisingly strong burst of magic that held the three ice cream cones, in which they exploded, covering Cheery in a thin layer of toffee, chocolate chips, and cheesecake flavoured ice cream. This blast was surprisingly loud though, and anypony that was in the front room could have heard it. Cheery was shocked about what had happened, and just stood there surprised at what she did.
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