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  1. I did not like Scootaloo’s parents. Her aunts seemed like better parents than they are. To put raising their child off on others so that they can focus on what they want to do in life seems seriously selfish. I get needing to have a job and traveling for work, but how many nights did Scootaloo have to put herself to bed or cook her own dinner? Military families move regularly, so why have a house in Ponyville when you can stay together in the place you are working? (I guess I’m thinking like the show The Wild Thornberry’s.) Also, why did it take Sombra coming back to compel them to finally be a family again? Equestria has been threatened several times before, so why is this time any different? Maybe it’s because I am a parent, but I just can’t see leaving my son for such an extended period like that and missing so many important milestones.
  2. This right here. I enjoy the show, like writing fan fics, and discussion, but when taken to the extreme, I feel like someone gets obsessed.
  3. I'm filming a wedding that day, so I will be watching it either later that night or the next day.
  4. I would love a a two parter, one showing the mane 6 doing something, the other showing various background ponies reacting to the events of the previous episode.
  5. How about we just open a portal to Flash's personality, or would that involve tooling with dark magic?
  6. Mine? Hmmmm... -I prefer the name Vinyl Scratch over DJ Pon3 -I like Sombra and think his fan fic potential is amazing -I ship Sombra and Luna
  7. "She's going to become a crazy cat lady!" "But she only has one cat." "Give her time..."
  8. Cadabra - Total AV hipster nerd. Active in AV club, film club, glee club, drama club, and home economics. Carries around her video camera everywhere.
  9. Oh you speak to my heart. I adore opera, and know a few who sing it. I used to sing it myself in high school before my asthma got too bad for me to continue. My personal favorite opera singer is Andrea Bocelli, who interestingly enough is blind. He is amazing!
  10. I don't have an album cover, but the soundtrack to Oh Brother Where Art Thou got me into bluegrass big time. I developed a love for country music, old blues, old spiritual, and anything with just a touch of twang, which lead me to learn about the origins of where the music came from. Heck, it even helped inspire a fan fic I wrote called The Private Scrapbook, which you can find here if you're interested: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/100158/the-private-scrapbook
  11. Ah, Stanley Kubrick. Gotta say I'm with you, though I have to add more of his films to the list. He is obsessed with sex, and seems to focus more on the shock value of it than he does on the juicier tidbits of stories. Just look at A Clockwork Orange. The book, while hard to read based on the fictitious language (the author calls it Nadsat, and you can find a dictionary of it online. I had to read it for a class.) has a lot more going for it in reguard to free will and choice. I would have much preferred to see more of that than Kubrick wasting the audiences time on bedroom scenes. I say more Lutivego and less horizontal!
  12. Star Trek Into Darkness. Don't get me wrong, I love Benedict Cumberbach to no end, and I can never get enough Simon Pegg in my lifetime. In fact I fan girled out seeing the two of them in a shot together. It's just the rest of it that was meh. The iEnterprise is dull and so is most of the cast. It was predictable too, especially with Jesus Tribble (and no tribble outbreak? Missed opportunity!) Another thing I personally look for in movies is how they sound since film is my passion. While I liked what they did in recording Benedict Cumberbach, the rest seemed to be inconsistent in levels from shot to shot. But I nit pick.
  13. I have random dreams. I've been on an Andy Griffith Show kick lately (don't judge) and my husband has been playing Fallout New Vegas again. The two combined in a dream and now I want to film it. I somehow think making Don Knots (or at least a look alike) into an incompetent ghoul sounds amazing.
  14. I'm not going to just hand you an idea, but I would be more than happy to help you brainstorm! I like playing a game called Rhetoric Tennis where you and another person bounce ideas back and forth until you come up with something cohesive. If you're up for a round let me know!
  15. My historical epic, The Private Scrapbook: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/100158/the-private-scrapbook
  16. The tale of Granny Smith's life, her trials and tribulations, her views on slavery, and the reason why she gives Filthy Rich those 100 of jars of zap apple jam. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/100158/the-private-scrapbook
  17. Today marks the air date, and therefore wedding anniversary, of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. Happy anniversary to them, and may their story arc together continue to grow more and more amazing! This episode is significant to me since it was the episode that got me interested in MLP:FiM. I work in weddings as a videographer, so anything wedding just peeks my interest. After hearing that there was a wedding episode I decided to give the show a try. To many happily animated years as husband and wife! P.S. No wedding videographer pony at the wedding. Such a waste!
  18. So far this sounds pretty ligit. I would like to add one head cannon that I got from Magical Mystery Cure. Starswirl the Bearded clearly had a huge influence on magic, but even he failed. He even abandoned a spell that Twi would later pick up (did others pick it up before her?) My head cannon wonders if that spell of destiny changed some ponies for the worst. Take King Sombra for example. What drove him to madness? Was it his destiny? Was it altered by this spell? Also, we know from the history book that there was a queen who established the Crystal Fair. Was this queen his bride? Starswirl the Bearded is an interesting pony to wrap head cannon aound. I honestly want to make a list of every spell used in the show and trace them back to their creators to see what spells fall under Starswirl the Bearded.
  19. I would love it if my fic didn't die, especially since I have been working on it for months and it's up to 45 chapters now. If it happens than it happens, and of it does then it may as well go down in a blaze of glory.
  20. Here's another: Meet the pony writer behind the Daring Doo series. Perhaps the author comes to Twilight's library for a book signing and Rainbow Dash gets involved.
  21. I have often wondered thar myself. My wishes: -Rarity episode! -Lore from the Everfree Forest, and new creatures -More Apple Family lore, and maybe a Big Macintosh centered episode or Granny Smith episode. It'll probably ruin my fan fic I'm writing, but oh well. -More pony history -Shining Armor and Cadence starting a family -A marital tiff between Shining Armor and Cadence -A Mr. and Mrs. Cake episode -More information about Starswirl the Bearded, or more spells he wrote -Manehatten chapter of the Cutie Mark Crusaders -Discord's usefulness -New villian -Twilicorn and what she is all about now. Will her friends be writing to her instead? -A Scootaloo episode showing her family -A Scootaloo episode explaining flight, possibly as a disability episode? Add Roid Rage pony. YEEEEAAAAH! -Derpy. Your argument is invalid. -Undersea stories. -Where Zacora came from. Again, ruin my fan fic. -Other kingdoms outside if Equestria. Keep ruining my fan fic. -Equestria games, and the return of the adorable mustang. Big list! Let's see what I can check off.
  22. Thank you for your help! I know there are plenty of spells in the show, so hopefully a reference guide will help writers. I did remember the controversial Reform Spell fro Keep Calm and Flutter On. Hope I can find more!
  23. I am trying to put together a list of all the spells mentioned in MLP:FiM. I intend to use it in later work, and hope it can help others.
  24. Welcome fellow writer! You'll have fun in the creative section. What is your favorite genre?
  25. Harris Trailer: https://vimeo.com/63257958 Check out these people's incredible smiles! This bride was amazing, and so was her groom and step-daughter. It's not everyday when a bride, a photographer, and a videographer all snort when they laugh.
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