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  1. The box says it is called Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch.
  2. I am using a Bamboo tablet and I use the program that came with it(wel, one of them programs that came with it) called Sumo Paint. It seems to have most features I would consider basic, like layers, but I am unsure of how well equipped it is compared to Photoshop.
  3. So, I got a tablet a while ago and now I have finally gotten to finish a drawing on it. It turned out better than I exepcted, though that doesn't say much. Anyway, here it is: DeviantART for the drawing(if it doesn't load).
  4. <p>Did another Twilight drawing since I didn't like how the one I did earlier today ended up. Hope you enjoy DeviantART for the drawing(in case it doesn't show up in the post. And if you want to be kind and favorite it on DA )
  5. Not any time soon. The colour pencils I have make it very hard to gradiate the colour
  6. Finished a fairly quick drawing of Twilight Sparkle. It didn't turn out quite as I wanted, but that is neither here nor there. DeviantART for the drawing(in case the "scr=" shows up).
  7. Indeed I do Btw: if you quote my post I'll get a notification, so I'll see it a bit earlier
  8. Tdroid

    Tdroid's Album

    A collection of Tdroid's drawings.
  9. I have heard of it, but I have never actually watched it. Care to give me a short run.down so I may get an idea of what it is like?
  10. From time to time, but I have never considered myself an anime fan. It is just another form of entertainment that has its good and bad sides. Last anime I watched was Death Note, one I enjoyed a whole lot.
  11. Thank you It is nice to meet you Cat. Erh, sort off Favorite genre of music? I'd say rock, though that isn't exactly restrictive seeing how many sub genres there is within it. That said, I love music from all genres, seeing as I judge by songs and not genre
  12. I need friends. And something to add to my list of things to draw in the future. It is quite short right now.

    1. MyLittlePonyTales


      You can draw any of my characters:

  13. Thank you, it seems to be a fine city, though I am sure it has its scarry alleys Yes, I heard something about that, though I stopped watching it before that happened.
  14. I think it is pretty good Maybe you should try to make one of Dovahshy? I only ask because she is one of my favorite crossover characters
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