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  2. I have to move on if I want to feel better...I just get attached to people sometimes.

  3. Personally, I hate the mane rp. It's too strict on rules and neither of my characters would 'fit the qualifications'.
  4. I've been in a slump I guess...it really hit me hard today since I could find anything...most, if not all, seemed to ignore me...the few that didn't couldn't meet with some of my requirements...Its not like I ask for much, some haves rules that you have to follow just to talk to them, others don't like to be greeted. Like, what the hell. How do you expect me to contact you if I can't greet you? I dunno...I guess something else I'd like if someone to be able to vent to...but I'm rambling and this suppose to be a rp ad...suppose I'll add the actual ad now. So, story-oriented rps, romance, light action, light dark, comedy, and a few themes that I can't think of at the moment. Players must be able to post a minimum of four lines, what, like two or three sentences I guess but preferably six or seven lines or 'semi--paragraph' posts. Players that can play as multiple characters, not simultaneously, would be great. So umm...yeah...just pm me if you'd like to just talk or ask about anything but don't expect to start this weekend, I need to get my head cleared right now so if someone is willing to listen, that'd help too.
  5. I like MLP: Friendships untold. Sounds mysterious. I have two different OCs that I can play but I had two questions. 1.What's the required (or minimum) post length? I don't like one line posts at all but I generally post a consistent four lines or more if given a good enough post to respond to. 2. Can I play as both OCs that I had in mind? It doesn't have to be simultaneously, could be one for an episode or two then switch to the other. If not, that's fine. I am interested in this and I really hope this does take off but because of school, the tines I'm on vary so I'm not certain how consistently I'll be online.
  6. He'll be an NPC but I'll control him on small occasions that it would come up.
  7. [colour=#282828]Name: Snow Frost[/colour] [colour=#282828]Age group: Mid-teens[/colour] [colour=#282828]Gender: Female[/colour] [colour=#282828]Race: Pegasus[/colour] [colour=#282828]Mane colour and style: Shaggy-ish blue with light blue highlights[/colour] [colour=#282828]Coat colour: pale blue[/colour] [colour=#282828]Eye colour: teal-ish[/colour] [colour=#282828]Any permanent accessories: [/colour] [colour=#282828]Cutie mark: Snowflake with sparkles around it.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Talent: Archery (With c'bow) & Summon wolf (Timberwolf)[/colour] [colour=#282828]Class: Rogue[/colour] [colour=#282828]Specialization: Ranger[/colour] [colour=#282828]Fighting Style: Ranged, uses her environment to gain a good vantage point or a slight advantage. Natural perches like roofs, cliffs and some trees or rock formations make better camp spots to strike from above and narrow passes like natural cave tunnels, bridges and some canyons or rifts make good spots to setup small traps with combustion grenades or rough pit traps. Snow's ability to call a Timberwolf to aid in battles helps give her the edge against close combat enemies that fight with swords, daggers or axes.[/colour] [colour=#282828]History: Snow Frost is a caring Pegasus, only having her older brother to look up to f[/colour]fter the Darkspawn took their parents away[colour=#282828]. She took an interest in hunting as it was the only way for her to keep wild animals and Darkspawn away from their small camp near near Canterlot. Being the younger of the two, she was attached to her brother and looked towards him for guidance and safety. Snow knew well that if the templars knew of her Apostate brother, they would hunt them down with no remorse. Their decision to move to Ponyville was both good and bad. The decision was good because the town was far enough that the chantery's and templar's influence there was minimal and the templars executed their 'laws' loosely, avoiding them is their priority but there, the templars were less than vigilant. The decision was also bad because if a large enough threat were to emerge, the town wouldn't exist for long.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Snow is armed with a homemade ranged weapon akin to a crossbow but was automatically fed new bolts from a cartridge apparatus. The cartridges were made to hold ten sharpened iron-tipped bolts. The actual firing mechanism was taken from a basic light crossbow and modified to automatically recock itself after firing a bolt, trading off power and range for firing speed. Snow also carried a pair of sharpened daggers, one attached to her 'crossbow' and the other attached to her vambrace on her free hoof. That dagger was equipped to a self-deploying mechanism that allowed the blade to be concealed when not in use and at ready in seconds with the aid of a spring-loaded apparatus built into her vambrace, something that assassins probably carried on them but on a more basic scale than theirs.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Starting Location: Ponyville[/colour]
  8. I'm sorry ;n; I just didn't think it'd be like this. I was enjoying it when I had joined but it got out of hand. Beside, I don't think that's really necessary since I don't think anyone is still in the market area.
  9. I actually don't really want to be part of this anymore, I didn't think it'd get so violent. I'll either wait until all this stuff is done or I'll just drop entirely.
  10. X3 I have a response to this but I don't think I'm allowed to say it here.
  11. I don't see the problem. If they want us to move the rp to the Free for all (18+) then why shouldn't we? We won't get in trouble and we'd be free to do what we'd like in there.
  12. Oh **** >w> I'm behind again. DX I'll post after I get out the shower. School! You betray meh!
  13. Ah alright, I understand. Some people don't mix the fandom with those areas, why I don't know but it is what it. But yea, I'm still maybe maybe not. I'll think about it then I'll tell ya what I think. The applications are in the links in my signature.
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