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  1. no fair >.< everypony can draw bettrs than meh

    1. Stella-Song


      Everyone can draw. Just have to find what you are good at drawing, and if what you want to draw is not what you are best at drawing then the plan is to practice, and practice! I've always found ponies rather easy to draw, but even I had to practice to get the style for them that I have now. This was my first drawing of ponies, trying out the FIM style: http://fav.me/d3gx24e

      You just have to pratice. ^^

      And use reference... even from pictures of actual horses for poses...

  2. we all love fluttershy but u gotta admit. when shes not doing anything to help others derpy is kinda cute
  3. About Myself: message me to find out more How I found Canterlot.com: school How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: unknown My favourite main cast pony/s: AppleJack,Fluttershy,Miss Rarity,Rainbow Dash,Twilight Sparkle,Pinkamina Diane Pie lols wassup ppl. im new here nd i love mlpfim. if i have the time ill make my own ponies.
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