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  1. "Ahh, sometimes the simplest solution is the most effective I suppose!" Yù said with a little titter after Kahz had scribbled his going out message. "Let us shall!" with a playful bow, the mare would follow her date along back into the casino proper. Words couldn't well express how Yù Xīn felt right now, she practically felt like a new mare. So long as no one pinched her, she'd be fine. Because if it was a dream she didn't want it to end. Especially since it was only beginning! As the two made their way through the gaming lounge, Yù allowed herself a few moments to more properly take in the surroundings. It really was a fitting theme given the owner and she had to give credit where credit was due, it can be hard to theme something and not make it heavy hoofed, but it seemed like Ice Storm and whoever helped get the place built had a knack for that delicate balance. "Hm? Ah, no I can't say I have." the qilin replied. "Not for fear of getting addicted, mind. But some of my clients in the past have come in trying to break their own. I worry that if I took up gambling it may make it difficult to help with that. Though, I suppose on the other hoof it could also give perspective into what makes it addictive in the first place." she pondered on this for a moment. Perhaps sometime she'd give it a bit of a shot. "I can't actually say I'm terribly familiar with the incident though. I moved to Canterlot sometime after all of that, so I've only heard bits and pieces in passing."
  2. Starlight settled in and politely listened as Candy spoke. Some ponies were very good at hiding their body language. Swallowing their nerves to work up the courage to do something that felt just so incredibly daunting! Other ponies on the other hoof didn't so much swallow their nerves as they tackled them, grabbed on for dear life as they trashed around inside their brain, and prayed to dear sweet Celestia that they could keep them under check just long enough to 'survive'. We've all certainly been there. After Candy had finished her explanation, Starlight slid a empty brown paper sack over just as she started to hyperventilate. Always be prepared. "Slow steady breaths. It's alright." Starlight smiled and nodded her head, waiting a moment to give Candy a chance to breathe again before continuing. "Now, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting your sisters yet, so I wouldn't begin to make assumptions about what she would do. Despite Twilight's..." Starlight paused again as she searched for a more diplomatic word than 'obsession'. "Fixation with paperwork, planning, lists, organization...ah...etcetera...There has been more than a time or two where some paperwork has been misplaced, misfiled, or mislabeled, or just plain misaddressed! And with the change in Headpony, it'd hardly be a surprise if there was some mix-up occurring." Starlight chuckled and sat up straighter. "Try not to worry though! It would take a lot more than sneaking in to join the school to get on Twlight's bad side, truuuust me. As for the paperwork, I'd be more than happy to get a hold of Headmare Bluebelle to sort this out!"
  3. Truly it was like a great weight had been lifted off the mare's shoulders. Yù never realized just how much the fear and doubt had been weighing her down. Perhaps even more so than some less savoury business. That however would be a bridge to cross another time, likely with much more care and planning. For now she would let her heart swim about in that ocean of feel good. Something she'd been needing for a good long while if that cozy feeling in her heart was any indication. The qilin watched with a bemused smile as Kahz sat about fetching a map and affixing it to the wall. That was certainly one way to cut out the difficulty of choice. Let fate decide! Or well, in this particular instance, a dart. Yù was rather excited to see just where it would la-...Oh. Well, at least it was still in the wall! Bright sides! The mare chuckled and smiled brightly at Kahz. "Sushi sounds delightful." rising up to her hooves and stepping her way over to Kahz's side, Yù Xīn would place a gentle kiss to the changeling's cheek. "And by the way, I like a little crazy." she'd say with a wink before making her way towards the door. "Should we give your boss the heads up before we go anywhere? I wouldn't want to get either of us in trouble for me stealing her star!~"
  4. Starlight chuckled softly and nodded her head. "That's true. Though free time is a bit of a double edged sword. Gets pretty boring as I'm sure you can imagine." she would say as she took her seat across from the younger unicorn, who shortly introduced herself as Candy Corn. It was quite clear to Starlight that the poor mare had so much nervous energy bundled up that if she wasn't careful she'd go from Candy Corn to Pop Corn. Heh...heh...Yeah that one's staying upstairs, too corny...Hah. "That makes a great deal of sense yeah." Starlight would answer with a nod. "It says good things about you that your father's willing to trust you to keep an eye on your sister." after a brief moment to take a sip of her tea before sitting the mug aside, the unicorn spoke again with sympathetic smile. "And if it helps you feel more comfortable you can call me Starlight. As the school's guidance counselor, one of my main goals is making sure my office is a place where anypony can feel comfortable enough to talk about whatever might be troubling them."
  5. Yes? It was a yes? The mare wasn't sure whether to be surprised or not, but she did know that she was relieved. Nay, elated enough. Forget trying to not look too excited, she was! Yù clapped her hooves and smiled in delight. "Words can't well describe how happy that makes me Kahz. Thank you." the qilin smiled fondly at her date for the evening. Ahh, even just thinking about it made her feel down right bubbly. "To tell the truth I'd been thinking of how to bring the topic up for quite a while now. I'm glad I finally worked up the courage." Taking another long drink of grape juice the mare let out another happy little sigh. "Now the truly hard part." she'd begin with a jesting tone. "Deciding on just where we'd like to go. Given that it's my first in Las Pegasus, I'm more than happy to let the dashing gentlecolt decide where we'll dine~"
  6. Nothing like a nice warm cup of tea to brighten one's day! And she actually had the time to make it this morning! Switching from tidying up in the mornings to the evenings was a small but brilliant choice. Starlight hummed a pleased little tune as she sipped from her mug, looking proudly over the neatly tamed desk in front of her. There was something to be said for controlled chaos, she could give Discord that, but it was more relaxing at work to have things tidy! Speaking of work. A rap tap tapping had came to Starlight's door, the unicorn perking her ears up and glancing over. Sitting her mug aside, she would trot on over to the door, peeking her head out with a smile she spotted what she could only assume to be the pony who came knocking at her chamber door. "Ah, good morning! I hope you weren't waiting too terribly long. Please, come right on in." she would say with a wave to the unfamiliar pony before taking a glance towards the other unoccupied seats. "Oh I really should dust those. Sorry about that!"
  7. Taking a sip of her juice Yù "Oh that entirely depends on the reason for the crowd!" the mare would say with a soft chuckle. It was true, they didn't get to spend terribly much time together on the island, but she certainly understood the work before pleasure ethos. Not that she always subscribed to said ethos, but she understood it. Smiling fondly when Kahz scooted closer, the smile didn't fade a bit until the changeling commented about things beyond his control. With a little sigh, Yù would place a hoof gently on Kahz's. "Mmm. Perhaps then I've been a touch too coy. Truth be told I haven't actually tried to flirt with anyone since I was a little girl." shaking her head and waving a free hoof she would continue "So I'll try to be a bit more blunt. Kahz I do like you. For who you are, who you really are. Not some fanciful glamour or changeling magic — though you are quite good at those glamours, mmm — but the real you." she glanced down, cheeks blushing bright red. There were so few she felt that her emotions could be real around... May as well take this shot, she figured. Nothing to lose and everything to gain!...Well. Okay, there were a few things to lose. Hope mainly, but details. "I find you attractive Kahz. No ifs or buts or stipulations. And while I understand if business or...other matters see you decline, I would love if we could consider our little excursion a date. the mare's fond smile found Kahz's eyes again at last, deep blush still staining her cheeks, but ancestors she was trying to not look like a twitterpated schoolfilly. "A date date." she added for clarification.
  8. *sniff sniff* What's that I smell? Wet dog...I mean...New Lore? Maybe a bit of both actually! Lore for Dimondia is now Live!

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  9. When one sits down and thinks of beautiful and prosperous cities, names like Canterlot, Manehattan, Huangjing, or Polohama spring to mind. Few ever think of the Diamond Dog Kingdom of Dimondia. Fewer still ever realize that Dimondia exists for that matter. Situated to the north of Solstice Heights and south of Marelia, Dimondia is a small little 'Kingdom' founded several hundred years ago by the diamond dog prince Ziggy. Ziggy and his brother Stardust were the sons of King Bowie. King Bowie ruled over a great majority of Diamond Dog packs with an iron paw and with little care for his subjects, often caring only about results. The King barely ever lifted a paw to do his own work when his subjects could do it for them. Both Ziggy and Stardust, as well as a majority of subjects of his rule resented the King and eventually overthrew him. But this caused a new divide. Ziggy believed that the King should serve the people as they serve him, while Stardust felt that the King needed control to ensure there would never be another civil war. The two, along with the citizens that supported them, agreed amicably to split off and make their own kingdoms, and bid one another farewell. Ziggy himself went on to found what is now known as Dimondia! Where Stardust ruled over the remaining packs that either roamed or claimed their own land. Out of the two, only Ziggy's kingdom lasted beyond himself, as Stardust had no clear line of succession drawn out. That's not to say Ziggy's kingdom had no hardships. Success, after all, breeds jealousy. Many times over the course of the centuries Dimondia would be raided and the rulers driven out, but time and again the rulers would return and lead Dimondia back towards being a beautiful and thriving city once again. The most recent raid however some fifteen years ago left Dimondia bereft of King and Queen, the two having been led out of the city along with their young pup. There's been no sign of any of the three since. Without a ruler to guide them, Dimondia has lost much of the luster it once held. Where once there were proud buildings and businesses lining the streets, only a few dozen remain. The walls of the castle still stand, but many of the ramparts have seen better days. While the royal line themselves currently are missing, many of their court still do their best to carry on with their jobs, hopeful that one day they will return. In the meantime, they have sometimes resorted to bringing in temporary rulers with varying degrees of success. A small handful of attempts were coerced by dint of a magical set of royal apparel that would keep the ruler from leaving the city. Though they've since learned that doesn't work out well either. Relations with other Diamond Dog settlements, such as Gaberott and Caninia, as well as the still roving packs across Equestra, have remained on good terms. Dimondia's main trade would be that of beautiful jewels and impeccably pure minerals, were the city in better straits. Little trade goes in or out of the struggling kingdom despite being opened to Diamond Dog, Pony, and beyond, but the citizenry remains hopeful that this will change once the royal family finally returns. ~Unleashed: Lore and Legend of Diamond Dogs Ashley 'Ash' Ravencrest
  10. Clearly just gotta feed em after midnight for that!
  11. "Some juice sounds lovely, thank you." Yù would reply with a smile and a nod of her head. "And I'd certainly not mind a dinner date later." she added with a wink, listening to Kahz as he spoke. Truth be told he could be saying nothing at all and the mare would still be happy to listen. The mention of the resort really caught her ear though, perking up she'd smile and tilt her head just a touch. "Oh! Is this the same resort I visited on our last meeting? I remember it being quite the relaxing time." Yù chuckled softly. 'How about that.' she thought to herself. 'That does make a good deal of sense, I suppose.' the qilin didn't particularly know enough about Queen Chrysalis other than hearsay, most of it not good. But the resort was rather relaxing, lovely even. So perhaps she had turned over a new leaf? And if someone so supposedly evil could do so, perhaps there was hope for her yet. "Well, for what it's worth, I think you're doing a wonderful job. I had no idea you were such a talented singer either! A fine way to get a nice snack from fawning groupies, present company included~" Yù playfully teased, tittering softly. It was part joke, but she knew well enough it wasn't entirely a falsehood. "I've always thought singing would be a fun little side thing, if I ever had the time to take part in it. Once upon a time before things got more...complicated...I would occasionally find my way to a karaoke machine for a song or two if you can believe it."
  12. "Quite a bit! It's been far far too long for my liking." Yù would say with a smile as she stepped her way in, taking a seat as she waved her hoof. "I don't mind even a little bit, the guise is handsome but I like the real you better." perhaps a funny sentiment coming from someone who often hid her own self from nearly anyone, but it didn't mean that it was any less true. "I've learned in my line of work that many ponies can be judgemental of what they perceive as different or what they don't understand even if it's subconscious. It can be so ingrained into generations that they never even know until they're confronted about it." the qilin gave a little knowing nod and a chuckle as she settled in. "To a much less degree than I'm sure you've had to deal with, I've gotten had a few strange looks since moving to Canterlot." It was never anything terrible, gawking, questioning if her horns or scales were real, if her mom or dad was a dragon. All harmless if a bit on the busybody side of thing, it was hardly their business after all, but she could only imagine the things that Changelings had to deal with. Especially given certain prior events. Ponies can also be quite slow trusting at times, but her mind was digressing, there were better things at hoof. "How have you been lately? I must say I've missed you quite a bit, so I'm elated that we've finally had the chance to get together again." Yù was a smart mare, she always did her research. She hadn't met any changelings (that she was aware of) before Kahz. And given those butterflies in her stomach the first time they had met well. She did quite a bit of reading to make sure she wasn't under some magical wiles. She wasn't. She knew better now. Distance made the heart grow fonder. But...Were her feeling truly reciprocated or a facsimile? That she didn't know. 'But...' she thought. 'It doesn't really matter, does it? For once I feel happy, why let a detail I don't know stop that. The illusion that it could be could crash down around me any moment. So why not savor it, put it on the line, and hope for the best?' ((I am SO sorry for the terrible delay. Writer's anxiety has been kicking my ass hard))
  13. "Ahh. I do seem to have that effect on creatures now and again." Lián said with a playful little grin before blowing out a small cloud of smoke to carry his bushel of apples by his side. "Thank you, Applejack, I'm certain they'll be wonderful. I do hope that the rest of your year is as prosperous as this, and that we get to see one another again soon. Perhaps over some apple tea next time." the qilin gave a proper bow to both Applejack and to the new arrival as well, stepping aside and leaning over the side of the counter. "It was lovely seeing you again as well, Apple Bloom. Until we meet again!" with that, the prince gave one last wave and began ambling his way back on down the trail. From somewhere in the trees a sharp ear might be able to hear the slightest of rustling. But perhaps that was just the breeze...
  14. The Prince chuckled once again and smiled, offering Applejack an understanding nod "Those will do just fine, they sound quite delicious." Lián dug into a pocket of his robe, fetching out a small satchel of bits that he carried on his person, he knew better than to carry too much money anyway, being made to wear his robes was already enough to make him stand out, he didn't need to be carrying all the bits he could on him. Laying the bits down on the table, Lián smiled at the sisters, it seemed that Apple Bloom's determination had won out today. Perhaps Applejack was getting soft? That wasn't really for the qilin to say though. Just to think. It was all in good fun anyway. Before Apple Bloom would get her 'hard earned reward' so to speak, Lián pulled a hoofkerchief from another pocket of his robe, using it to clean the mud and muss away from her face and mane. With a little flick to the ground the hoofkerchief was left clean and sparkling as it was when he withdrew it. "It never hurt to keep one of those on hoof, never know when the need might arise." he would offer with a playful wink as he tucked the cloth back away into his robe. Placing a hoof under Apple Bloom's chin, the prince would gently steady her head. "Easy there, shake too much and one might miss the mark ahah." and with that, the stallion leaned in and pressed his lips to Apple Bloom's in a sweet, tender little kiss. One that, for the filly, probably felt like it lasted a lifetime. But surely was only a few moments. Pulling back, the prince smiled and dipped his head. "There we are, I hope that was up to your standards, Miss Apple Bloom." he'd say with a playful grin.
  15. Lián chuckled softly, Apple Bloom's determination was certainly admirable. The mischievous side of the Prince did wonder, just how strong that determination was. Perhaps it would be fun to bide a little bit of time. Nodding his head the qilin smile. "I quite happy to have been able to stop by as well. It's been far too long since we all last spoke." he would say as he looked the apples over with a polite tilt of his head "Ah, they do look rather delicious! I have to admit I've been interested in learning more. What can you tell me about this particular..." the stallion rubbed his chin in thought, searching for the right word. "The term is cultivar right? The terminology escapes me but it has had me rather fascinated." Truthfully, this wasn't a lie. The stallion liked to learn about whatever he could, he wanted to speak with the rest of the girls again at some point to learn more about their trade as well, but right now Lián thought it the easiest method in which to give Apple Bloom that little bit of extra time. It was all far too humorous. ((Sorry for the terribly long delay, and terribly short post ;3; ))
  16. Starlight chuckled and smiled at Silverstream's sudden upswing of excitement. This is what made being a councilor worthwhile. She wasn't always able to bring a smile to a student's face right away, but so long as she was able to help guide them on a good path towards that happiness, well she was doing pretty well in her book. It was obvious that the hippogriff had a love for both the school and the prospect of her being able to help students both new and old. "One step at a time." she'd say with a smile and a wink. "You don't want to put too much pressure on yourself right out of the gate, after all. But if you're serious about looking for a special outfit, Rarity would be absolutely elated to design something for you I'm sure!" The unicorn jotted a few more notes down on her notepad, just to keep herself reminded to speak to Headmare Bluebelle about the tutoring program as an official thing. "I think though as long as you're not pushing yourself to be everything for everyone, this could be a perfect path for you. Just remember that you're one creature, and not to bite off more than you can chew, alright? Even tutors, or councilors, can ask for help."
  17. Yang, after hearing the boss grump at the pegasus, checked his paws over again and brushed them off with a shrug before leaning on the counter with a grin and a friendly wink to the bartender. "Yángguāng, Yang if that's easier on you. Any friend of the boss is a friend of mine." the dragon would say sliding some bits on the counter from a pouch on his hip, which took a bit of noodling to reach. "I'll take some baiju if you've got some. Vodka on the rocks if not." Yang would turn his attention to Corva and rock their head back and forth popping their neck. "Just got done with a little personal hole diggin'. Figured I'd stop in and get something to cool me down y'know." The dragon's attention was immediately drawn to Jian though as soon as the qilin had mentioned something about work. "What's on the docket today boss?" he hoped it was something exciting, Yang was the kind of dragon that was best kept busy, else he start getting antsy and being antsy didn't make good noodles. "Knockin some heads around kinda job, or a more quickie in and out kinda job?"
  18. The Prince chuckled to himself as he waited in line, watching in turn as each of his friends took their turn...sampling Apples, so to speak. It was such a cute and quaint idea. If something like this worked for something like selling apples, perhaps something similar could be done for charities back home instead. It was certainly something to ponder over. But if it made the old bags of bones back home flip their wigs, it'd certainly be worth the time and effort that went into it. And they could hardly speak out against it if it was for charity now could they? They would have to thank the Apples for this idea later, but for now it seemed it was finally Lián's moment in line. A smile gracing his face and a nod of his head to Yanhua. "There's nothing to worry about, my friend. No hearts will be broken to day, of that I'm certain." after all, it seemed Apple Bloom was already occupied entertaining someone to b- ... Well scratch that. As the Prince arrived up at Applejack's stand, before he could even open his mouth to speak, the filly was there in a flash. Any faster and he was almost certain she could have broken the sound barrier. Impressive to say the least. The stallion would smile and politely give a little bow in greeting, brushing back a stray lock of his mane as he stood back straight. "Good afternoon Apple Bloom, I happened upon a flyer for this today on a little walk of mine." he'd say patting the pocket where just the corner of the flyer could still be seen. "I had planned on stopping by to visit regardless while I was here, but this seemed such an interesting concept I decided to forego other plans I had thought of to make a trip here. I'm quite glad I did, it gave me a chance to see some dear friends of mine while they were here." Lián would motion towards Feng and Yanhua making their way down the road before turning his smile back to Apple Bloom. "And a chance to see you and your family, of course. But yes!~ Apologies, I'm taking up your time. I can't claim to be the most knowledgeable in what apples are the sweetest. So I shall trust your judgement, Apple Bloom. I'll take a bushel of whatever your favourite apple is."
  19. Yù playfully smiled and nodded in understanding. "Take your time, I'm happy to get to hear you sing. And perhaps later, we can tango~" she'd add with a giggle, settling back in. She hated to see him leave, but what a joy it was to watch him go. It was funny. For all the things in this world that made the mare want to take, he was one of the few that made her want to give. Not just gifts of course, but that too. Something she never felt she'd give to anypony. What a strange, terrifying, wonderful feeling it was to want to give somepony your heart. But could she go through with it? Could she risk the one thing that had been hers and hers alone? And then, she heard her name. Had her eyes not already been locked to the stage, the mare would have whipped her head up in surprise. A bright blush now stained her cheeks. She nearly wanted to cry. What little filly growing up never dreamed of someone dedicating a song to her? It was such a silly, sappy, beautiful sort of thing. One Yù never imagined in a million years would happen to her for real! She wanted to laugh at herself for being so flustered by this. But no, this was her moment now, no one else's. She let those happy tears slip on by as she leaned on her hooves, listening to the changeling...heh. Sing his heart out. The risk was well worth it. Once the band's set had finished — and ample time had been given for Kahz to retire backstage — Yù would rise up to her hooves and wipe the remains of those tears from the corners of her eyes, fix a few runaway strands of her mane, and make her way backstage to gently rap-tap-tap 'Heart Sight's' door.
  20. Lián couldn't help but to chuckle quietly to himself. Hardly surprised by Feng's...hmm. Passion would be the right word. He hardly seemed the type to ever do anything by halves. Who knows how long the longma had been practicing in secret for the day to put those lips of his into action. Ancestor know Lián had done much the same. Fools in love, they say. Or perhaps that was just how Feng was. Without firsthoof experience in the matter, the prince would never know for sure. But Maple wasn't on the menu today. Apples were. For now the prince would quietly wait his turn in line as Sunset's came and went, and Yanhua stepped her turn up next. Who knows, perhaps next year Applejack could have the whole royal retinue under her proverbial belt. Conspiracy theorists would have a right field day with that one, he was certain. Having drawn closer with the line's movement, the young prince finally managed to see Apple Bloom from the corner of his eye. How long had she been watching in line, he wondered? Long enough to know he was there, Lián was certain. The qilin would give her a wave and friendly wink.
  21. The mare blinked in surprise at the hippogriff's suggestion. It was...absolutely brilliant! Starlight couldn't help but to laugh and give her own forehead a gentle slap as she shook her head and sighed. "That's an absolutely brilliant idea!" the unicorn smiled over at Silverstream, sitting their now finished tea aside before speaking up again. "Sometimes adults can't always see the obvious answer sitting right in front of them. I don't know for certain if we have a tutor program right now, but I think it's an absolutely wonderful idea. Not only for you but for students in the future who will feel the same." Starlight pulled a drawer open and withdrew a pen and a notepad, scribbling down on it while levitating over the teapot to pour herself another cup. "As soon as I can, I'll talk with the Headmare about setting up something along those lines. If it's not something that's feasible in the immediate future, I can put you down to be a junior counselor if you'd like? I always try to be open and understanding to all the students here, but I'm sure some of them would feel more comfortable discussing things with someone closer to their own age." Starlight would take a sip of her tea and nod, sitting the notepad aside when she finished jotting things down. "Don't feel pressured to jump on that idea if it's not quite your...heheh...cup of tea." she'd add with a wink.
  22. With the lantern finished, the two would be able to carry it over to were others were letting theirs float off into the skies with their wishes. It was much the same for the king. As he and his dear friend stood shared lantern held in tandem, he couldn't help but to gaze into her eyes before glancing skyward as he spoke. "You needn't answer right now. Nor ever if your heart so tells you." the dragon would begin. To those that knew him well, his voice held hope and worry in equal and heavy measure, just the slightest of wavering. "But here, under the light of this moon. There's something I must say..." He would pause, working with Yuè he would send the lantern flying gracefully into the sky, adding its warm glowing light to the glittering parade of hopes and dreams. Àilóng smiled upwards as it started its way into the distance, his gaze once more coming to rest on the mare. "I love you,Yuè. With all of my heart."
  23. "You know? It's funny. I was just about to say the same sort of thing." Yù was used to keeping her cool on the outside from just about anyone. That happy little smile never leaving her lips as she sat back up properly. But if somepony happened to be good at feeling emotions or something, she'd be an open book with every page reading of her elation. "It's been far too long! I've been doing...well enough. Better now though to be sure." the mare would offer Kahz a wink. "Work has been a little slower these past few...days? Weeks? A lot of the days just tend to bleed together after a little while." When Canterlot wasn't dealing with some wild out there non-sense from Ponyville or the rest of Equestria, the city was frankly a little dull, and it wasn't like she could particularly spice things up there without potentially raising a fuss as well. Yù would casually motion at the seat that Kahz leaned against cheerfully "If you're not terribly busy I'd love if you'd like to sit a while with me. Of course if your hooves are full, I don't mind a bit waiting til after the show. I won't even beg for the Backstage Pass treatment." she would add with a playful wag of her brow and a giggle. "But I wouldn't say no either. How have you been though? Waxing poetic for a moment, life's been a bit less vibrant since parting."
  24. Yù Xīn let out a wistful sigh as she strolled her way through the streets of Las Pegasus. The mare had decided to at long last take another, she felt, well deserved vacation. Work itself wasn't stressful per se, the creatures that came to her for therapy were usually all quite nice. The day job was fine...it was the 'night shift' that was killer. Much to her chagrin she had begun to get used to her work with WRAITH...the pay was pretty good though she did have to admit. The qilin glanced down with a smile at a couple of absolutely gorgeous jeweled bands she'd manage to acquire thanks to the...let's call it supplemental income. Some of her repeat customers were...well, not repeating nearly as much anymore, one has to get bits somewhere when nightmares fade and diets work out you know. One thing that Yù tried to never do was gamble. It was a terrible habit that she knew full well was either running or ruining the lives of some of her patients. Which sure, was a shame, but it also meant they ran up rather hefty bills that took time to pay off. It was a waste of money is what it was. Casinos themselves, however, were interesting. Buffets, enticing lights, music...sometimes other entertainment. It was fascinating to see, even if just to catch a glimpse into the psyche of the ponies that found the thrill of gambling to be such a siren song. It helped her understand them better, for weal or for woe. This fact, coupled with the mistake of deciding to skip out on breakfast at her hotel room this morning, is what compelled Yù to stroll her way into the establishment. And while the prospect of an evening buffet is what originally drew the mare in, the sound of music pouring through the casino drew her attention a touch more than the tone of a grumbling stomach. Something about that voice sounded familiar. But she couldn't quite put her hoof on it...Which was passing strange. Beyond clients and some of those she was forced to work under, she hadn't committed many voices to memory per se. Normally Yù would shrug this off, go find something to eat, maybe something stiff to drink and call it a day. Something was nagging at her though to go and check out what was going down. And boy was she glad she had. Up on stage stood one of the few familiar faces that still brought a genuine smile to hers. 'What are the odds? she'd think to herself as she mad the rest of her way in, taking a seat at one of the unoccupied tables, leaning on a hoof with that smile glued to her face as she listened to the disguised changeling sing. The mare had been certain that karma only wanted to turn around and bite her in the flank, but she must at least be doing something right to be here, right now. She had been certain that the fluttering feelings in her stomach had all been part of the act she always put on for any new handsome face too. So she has been known to be wrong before...
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