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  1. I was unaware of this convention... I doubt I'd be able to go anyway as I have other commitments, besides, I'm in the Midwest, and that's in NYC of all places. But why NYC? Why not some place more naturesque like Charlton, West Virginia? I'm just curious considering the traffic and obvious lack of nature and ponies, save for the horses the street cops ride sometimes.
  2. Yes, it is! If you go to my Gallery on here you will see the whole picture. And the sequel to it where he fights the Manticore.
  3. Not me, pal! I LOVE Ray Bradbury's stuff. I even got his autograph once and gave him some art at a book signing once. Illustrated Man was great. So was Martian Chronicles, R is for Rocket, S is for Space, etc, etc.
  4. Paranormal Activity 2. Not a very cheery movie.
  5. This is hands down my favorite episode of season 2, and mostly because of the discussion concerning the definition of the word uncouth between AJ and AB. Those two are awesome and adorable sisters: "But what's uncouth?" "It means uncivilized, bad manners." "BURRRRRRRP!!" "EX-actly!" Awesome.
  6. So is this an actual essay for school? If so, that's kinda neat. And here are my answers: 1. I do not. But I do speak very little Spanish... 2. If people did, I am unaware of such things. 3. I don't speak the "Brony" language, I just watch the show and continue to speak as I always have, so it has no affect one way or the other. 4. What is the Ponify app? Most I ever did was use some art I did as a background on my computer.
  7. "WTF is up with all these ponies?" Then someone suggested I watch an episode.
  8. So I was taking my 10-minute break at work, and we're allowed to surf the net, check emails so long as whatever we're surfing is work-safe. Well, I got on to youtube.com to watch episode 3 of season 2 and it was around the part where Rarity was lounging on the couch whining about something or other, when my supervisor comes up and says, with a very serious tone, "I know you're on break, but you know we're not supposed to watch any streaming at work." I said, "Not even the Ponies?!" (Yes, I really asked this. hehe.) She said we're not supposed to stream ANY videos at all and reminded me of the acceptable use policy our company had implemented. She said this was my official verbal warning. Was it worth it? Hell, yeah! But still, the Ponies got me in trouble! hehehe
  9. Oh, you know it is. It's a blatant nod to the Q from Star Trek! And this what makes the show even more awesome. I hope to see even more cultural references more adults will get. I'm still waiting for them to do the Manticore/Tarkus battle as the season finale. > (I dream way too much.)
  10. So this is Q's latest form, eh? He couldn't defeat Picard, so now he has to pick on the Ponies! This will not stand, man. This aggression will not stand. I was amazed that they got John de Lancie to do the voice for this chimeric-looking creature. As soon as I recognized his voice my mood was exponentially better.
  11. I'd also like to see more verbal interaction between AJ and Pinkie. Those two seem to play well off of one another, particularly in that episode Party of One. That cracked me up.
  12. And by what do you want to see, I mean, what do you want to see a character do, say, encounter. Personally, I want to hear Apple Jack say the words, "Fixin' to". Oh, I pray that she will say those words when she is about to do something. LORD, please let AJ say , "Well, y'all, I'm fixin' to go down and pick s'more apples" or something to that regard. That will, in my mind, complete her Southerern-ness. I don't ask for much. How about y'all? What do you want to hear/see happen?
  13. Well, I started a new gallery. I guess that should be appropriate as I'm a new member here. For close to a month, but I've not said much. Sorry, y'all. I've been busy. But to make up for it, here's a link to my first pony-related art: -D!
  14. Thanks, guys! I did upload some pony art, but apparently, they disappeared on me. I'll upload em again when the bugs get hashed out. -D!
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