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  1. You spot a trail of pink liquid on the red carpet. Thunder can be heard outside, and there seem to be a few leaks in the ceiling of the Prussian castle. You see a door that leads to a corridor, which has more of the curious pink liquid. Do you: Follow the trail of pink liquid? Panic?
  2. Tipper smelled smoke as he played, which caused him to stop moving entirely as he listened intently. He slung the bass on his back as he looked around for the source of the smoke. Eventually, he found the place and thought to himself "Dear me....it appears I've been caught up in another hazardous environment..." He set the bass down, took a deep breath to calm his nerves and decided to look for the fire. After a while, he couldn't find it, so he resorted to saying "Oi! Anyone in there?"
  3. (My theme song XD)Tipper's head-banging eventually undid his afro, revealing the true length of his mane as he continued to play.
  4. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKcBNysVl-I Couldn't resist there )
  5. (You, my boy, are quite a genius. Side stories are always good, as long as it connects to the main story in some way.)
  6. OOC: Okay, this is a humanized thread. It will work similarly to my Bioshock thread, which operates as follows: You have a beginning lifeforce of ten. Instead of ten Sanity, you start with five Sanity. There is no way to regain Sanity unless you solve a puzzle. Lifeforce is restored over time. Ways to lose Sanity: Witness a horrifying sight or hallucination (Ex. Hear a woman screaming, a door opens by itself,etc.), looking at a monster (Bros will cause you to lose 2 Sanity), standing in the dark for prolonged periods of time, being chased by a monster. Ways to lose Lifeforce: Walking into a trap, being attacked by a monster Magic and flight will not work here, because the Shadow prevents the uses of such abilities. Weapons? Forget it. The monsters of Brennenburg Castle are immune to all damage (Sure, you can throw a chair or something at them, but that will just piss 'em off) You start with an empty inventory. I will give a situation or event, and a few responses available for the player to execute. You will select one action, which will lead to the next situation or event. When speaking to other players, you must end the conversation at some point in time in order to keep the game moving. Your goal of this thread is to kill Alexander of Brennenburg, the evil Baron of the Castle, and to escape Brennenburg alive. The same rules of my Bioshock thread apply here: No snide, rude, harassing, or just outright mean comments will not be tolerated. Try to have fun Sincerely, -Thunderhorse You awaken on the hard floor of a stone castle. You have no recollection of what happened to you...at all. Do you: Look around? Check your inventory?
  7. (Well, M'boy, good luck, because my OC is kinda easy to get along with. )
  8. (Gotta have that groove, my boy! I do that with almost every entrance I make XD Although it isn't necessarily that song...)
  9. [colour=#333333]Tipper happened to be on the groove as he 'walked' down the street, his bass speaking in it's melodious tone.[/colour] [colour=#333333]"Shine...make 'em wonder what you got....make 'em wish that they were not...on the outside lookin' bored...." the purple earth pony sang, his afro mane bobbing with his head-banging.[/colour]
  10. Well, I can't help it sometimes. It's how I handle my...darker....self. It's better than what other folks do!
  11. I'd saythat this is one song that gets into my head a lot.
  12. Eventually Tipper pulls the bass off his back again out of boredom.
  13. "I suppose." Tipper says with a shrug as he slings the bass on his back, humming "Go Forth and Die" as he did so.
  14. (Oi! Give 'er a chance at this, my good sir! Annoyances must not influence!) House sits down and naps on a chair.
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