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  1. I see. Anyways, I'll get the backstory ready for reviewing...
  2. So...is that where NightShade will be going once/if he gets approved?
  3. ...then...if I can't join with Michael, then can I join with Nightshade?
  4. Ok, so, Michael was originally a mobian fox who lived on Mobius, but accidentally teleported himself to Equestria when he tried to test a new form of Chaos Control. Since then, he's had to live on his own in Ponyville, with no real friends he could make... But, when he heard about the robot attack that was taking place, he couldn't help himself! He made his own hat and weapons based off of the ones he usually used when he played TF2 before. Now, he's going to try and help his comrades and do everything it takes to keep the robots from blowing up Coal Town... [and possibly more areas, if this RP GOES to other locations]
  5. I guess I'll choose Michael then. I'll have the backstory ready in a few minutes!
  6. Now...which one should I use? Ooh! Can I use both?
  7. And here's my second Character: Name: Nightshade Nocturnal Nickname: “Shade” Sex: Male Age: Somewhere between a Stallion and a Colt. A “Teen Pony”, if you will. Species: Unicorn Class: Sniper Eye colour: Bright Green Coat: A Midnight Blue colour, and soft Mane/Tail: A purple-bluish colour Hat: Bolted Bushman Loadout: Huntsman Jarate Tribalman's Shiv
  8. Hey, I'm here to apply for the Mane Vs. Machine Roleplay. Here's my first character: Name: Michael Nickname: “Fox” Sex: Male Age: Colt Species: Unicorn Class: Scout Eye colour: chocolate brown Coat: A bright blue colour, and soft Mane/Tail: A darker blue colour Hat: Robot Running Man with a small Sonic logo on it Loadout: Force-a-Nature Crit-a-Cola Pain Train
  9. (Hey guys. I heard there was a Mann Vs. Machine based Roleplay goin' on so I was wondering if I can join the RP with either Michael or Nightshade.)
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