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  1. PSP game recommendations? Preferably not sport games XD

    1. Ciraxis


      First PSP or Vita? Not that is much on later, so I will assume the former.

      First, God of War: Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta. In that order. Mind you both are excelent games, but if you play them in reverse it's like going from Lamborghini to Jaguar. Both excellent cars but you will fell what's faster.


      Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is another of my favorites. This is remaster of the classic SNES title but make no mistake, they added a lot of goodies in here. Three storyline is also a plus, giving a game much re-playability. Keep in mind that's quite harder the War of the Lions so you may want to consult some walkthrough. Some of the new additions are hard to find. And speaking of....


      Final Fantasy Tacitics: War of the Lions. If you played PSX version there is not much to talk here, an excellent tactical RPG. Of course there are new additions, including some new storylines fights, bonus characters and classes.


      KH: Birth by Sleep - grab it if you didn't played it. Although you may want to try the Final Mix version included in PS3 HD remaster of KH2.


      Burnout Legends - this is Burnout. What else can be added?


      Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops - Not as story heavy as other MGS's but still a good stealth game.


      Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Probably the best thing that came from compilation. Zack is also quite a likable dude (unless you hated Zell with burning passion, in which case....errr). Could write more but of course, spoilers.


      Valkyria Chronicles II - Good strategy games are a rare breed. Don't miss this time. Has the same setting as first Valkyria Chronicles so you may want to give the first title a spin before taking number 2.


      Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles - this is a remake of  Rondo of Blood from SNES. As such keep in mind that this one has more similarities Castlevania IV then Arian of Sorrow or other Metroidvanias. As a bonus, a full version of Symphony of the Night can be unlocked in this title, as well as classical version of RoB.


      Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - Unlike Portable Ops, this one was made under Kojima supervision. This title is a very important in the timeline, being a bridge between MGS3 and MGS V, with many characters being present in the later being introduced in this title. The gameplay is also a predecessor of the MGS V with capturing soldiers and choosing various missions.


       Jeanne d'Arc - PSP was blessed with many good tactical RPG's and this is another one of them. Quite an interesting system, somewhat different then Ogre and FFT. This also quite a challenging title at places, some free battle griding may be required in between storyline battles.


      Wipeout Pure - Just as the title suggest, this is a very essence of what series has to offer. While 4 tracks are remade version of the ones from previous titles, the next 12 are purely new, so have fun crashing at hypersonic speed.


      Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror - Unlike Omega Strain, Dark Mirror is a return to series roots. If you played the PSX trilogy the you will be right at home here. Oh one more thing, there is also PS2 version. Althought it has an ehanced graphics it was actually censored, removing blood, swearing etc. so PSP version is actually superior.


      GTA: Vice City Stories - This is a prequel to Vice City and...well this is GTA, what can you expect?


      MotorStorm Arctic Edge - as above, what can I add? This time in Alaskan flavor.


      Megaman Maveric Hunter X - Remake of the First Megaman X. Superior in every way. Still can't play as Zero, but as a compensation there isa bonus storyline where you play whole game as Vile. Yep, you read that right.


      Brandish: The Dark Revenant - If dungeon crawlers RPG's are you thing, try this remake of NEC Computer game. Keep in mind, it's hard as %^&*!


      Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception - All that Ace Combat stands for. On PSP there is also Ace Combat: Joint Assault but stay away from it - it's very online heavy.

    2. GigiThePug


      I wonder how long it took him to write that XD

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