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  1. Once the teams have arrived at their respective gates, red lights flash to signal the staff to clear the area. "Please stand in a line and don't move" an engineer said before closing the gate. They went over to the control panel and waited for their signal. "This is it!" Slash said with a smirk as he extends his gauntlets to his elbows and tightens the wrapping on his hands. Professor Oobleck and Professor Port were the commentators for the tournament and had just finished wrapping up the last battle. "For the next match, we have Beacon's Team Samaritan versus Atlas's Team Cavity!" Port yelled into the microphone. Vinny inhaled and exhaled deeply to try calm himself, not because he's nervous about the fight, but because of how Allen was getting on his nerves. "You talk to much Allen" he said as he calmly put his hands behind his back and widened his stance. The roof starts to open up above the teams and the platform they were standing on started to raise.
  2. "Err...are you alright? You weren't that hyper a minute ago" Slash asked, a little worried about Andrea. Just a second ago she wasn't as confident but now it's like her butt is on fire. "Sounds like a plan on my part. But remember, it's 'our' team" he said as he looked at everyone, putting his hand on Tehengu's shoulder and Midnight's. "It sounds cheesy, but we've been through a lot...the four of us. We are all in this together." Vinny ignored Allen as he wasn't worth any of his time or energy, and instead kept eyeing their opponents. The camaraderie was something their team lacked, but it still wasn't as strong as what he has back home. The removal of the pain-in-the-neck called "Allen" would have improve this fault to a great extent. Unfortunately, it isn't possible, and it will be their downfall. ---"Team Samaritan and Team Cavity, please report to your respective gates." a voice on the intercom announced.--- "That's us I guess. Let's do this everyone." Slash smiled, looking at his team members with pride. Vinny looks back at the members of his team and nods. "Let's give it our best effort. Make Atlas proud to call us their students." he says before turning to walk towards their gate. It didn't really matter, he knows what needs to be done.
  3. "Basically yea. I'm sure they are well trained too though, so we'll still need to be careful of that" Slash nods. "Don't worry, we got this". He turned to Midnight and pointed at the screen and intercom. "We'll be called when it's out turn and then follow the hallway to the arena doors." "Since when was this your team? You're not even the leader, Allen" Vinny pointed out while returning a wave to Terry. "If anything, you're the one who is embarrassing." He said as he looked around, noticing people look at them because of Allen's yelling and the fact that he's doing up a girl's shirt. Vinny has had just about enough of Allen's...everything, but he has a job to do which unfortunately includes being associated with Allen. He straightens his robes and turns away, hoping to get away from the ruckus. "I'm heading to the arena. Kat, if you don't want to get lost, hold on to me or Terry. We have no time to lose." he says, promptly walking away. Upon arriving at the arena, Vinny spots a team in the waiting area, guessing they are local based on the way the were dressed. He looks up at the information board and sees that their opponents are from Beacon. Putting two and two together, he figures it out and looks closer at the members. There were definitely a few faces he recognized.
  4. "So have I. We'll have to be tight on our team work to get past their high-tech weapons" he nods in agreement. Slash laughs as Midnight calls Andrea out for her shenanigans. He'd usually sigh or calm them down, but since it's the tournament, it wouldn't hurt to amp them up a little before the fight. Vinny approached the girl stood next to her, arms placed behind his straight back and feet apart at shoulder length. His white robes went down to the middle of his shin, making his tall dark brown boots barely visible. He looked down at the girl and noticed she was picking flowers. "They are beautiful, but their beauty would have lasted longer if you hadn't picked them." he said in his regular monotone voice. "Where are Allen and Terry anyways? We are going to be late."
  5. Omg I remember you! XDDD. Yep, I have lots of cringey stuff on here too haha
  6. Ellie got a notification on her scroll as Grim stood by her, staring at the arena. "Oof, she must have thought I was you" she laughed as she replied to Midnight. "When the time comes, you'll know what to do" she says, trying to mimic Grim's demeanor in a childish way. "Focus. Today is the day" he said as he pushes a button on his earpiece to talk to someone. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Slash raised an eyebrow at Midnight's behaviour, guessing even she can get nervous too. "Alright, that's enough Andrea. Let's focus on what's ahead of us" he smiled as he walked with the team. He suddenly noticed something smelled familiar, quickly darting his head around to see what it could be. Slash shook his head and forgot about it, quickly getting distracted with the thought of what is to come. After about 15 minutes of walking, the team finally arrives at the waiting area for their battle. "It looks like we're fighting a team from Atlas Academy" Slash said as he looked at the schedule.
  7. Slash was surprised when Andrea suddenly grabbed his hand, confused as he noticed her scan his entire body. Still confused, he decided to leave her be since he's pretty much used to Andrea's weird behaviour. After listening to Tehengu speak, Slash thought to himself and agreed with him. Thing is, they aren't exactly sure how much power the White Fang has. Just a while ago, they found a warehouse belonging to them that had crates full of dust and stolen weapons. The last thing they should do is underestimate the White Fang, the team already had a taste of the destruction they can bring to the city. His thoughts where interrupted by Andrea yanking her hand out of his all of a sudden. Slash shrugged it off and replied to Andrea, saying "We should probably head to the arena. It's almost time for us to check in and prepare for our battle."
  8. Slash looked at what Andrea was pointing out; it smelled amazing (we have those here too XD). "I''ll take four please!" he told the clerk as he held out cash, also ordering a corn dog in the process. He offers them to the team as he quickly downs the corn dog and his own potato twirl. "Probably so that the match-ups are fair. That way people can't say they were planned and teams cannot research their opponents." he replied. "I also heard that there was going to be weird stuff going on with the arena itself, probably to spice up the fight." From the side, Ellie walks up to Midnight and hands her a slip of paper. Her hair was styled differently and she was wearing glasses. Her hair was also shorter than usual. "Hey, my guy friend is interested in you. This is his number." she said as she hands the paper to her before walking away. Hopefully it wasn't obvious, Slash was literally standing right next to her.
  9. "I think it'll be a surprise. We won't know until we actually fight them." Slash replied as he looked at the wares each stall was selling. The thought of fighting another team excited him, especially if they are from a different school. The unique weapons, fighting styles, semblances, everything made him feel giddy inside. It felt strange walking around normally though, like the breach didn't happen at all. Hopefully the tournament will go smoothly, but Slash isn't so sure. Another thing that caught Slash's attention was that Midnight seem to be warming up to Andrea and him, thinking the battle they had during their field trip might have brought them closer.
  10. "Don't be stubborn. You've proven you're tough, so just take it easy." Slash said as he felt Andrea's grip tighten. It's obvious that she was in no state to be left alone, there is no way that Slash would abandon his friend. He could hear the quiver in her voice as she tried to push him away. To his surprise, Andrea stopped mid sentence and her face rested on him. "You're perfect" he whispered as he lifted her legs to carry her to the airship. With that, most of the students and staff there leave the city to the authorities and head back to Beacon Academy. The school has much work to do to prepare for the up-coming tournament between the greatest schools in all of Remnant. -----------------Time skip to morning of the tournament. Team SAMT is set to fight their battle in the afternoon. Currently roaming the festival grounds before their fight----------- It's a great day to hold the tournament. The days leading up to it were so uneventful, almost everyone had forgotten the breach that happened in the city just a few weeks ago. Many stalls were open for business. Games, candy, weapons, almost anything someone could imagine. Other students were around, a few of them heading to the stadium to watch or prepare for the battles to come. There were also students from other schools that have come, some recognizable uniforms were from Haven, Atlas Academy, even Shade. Grim and Ellie were watching the crowd. Grim was still in his normal clothes, but Ellie had donned the Haven Academy uniform.
  11. ngl, I was made for this. I feel right at home. ...Ba dum tsssssss
  12. "O-of course" Slash returned the bow awkwardly to Beatrice as he turned back to Andrea. "The battle is done, please take it easy" he said as he pointed out the aircrafts landing near the area, revealing Oobleck and the other Professors. Goodwitch quickly patched up the breach with the debris around her while the others tended to the students. "See? We're all good. I'll take you to a medic" he put his arm out for her to lean on. The fight was over, but the fact that the White Fang got away still frustrated Slash, and with all this destruction. It is more important now than ever to be wary of the White Fangs plans as it seems like the school is their target. What their future plans are, he didn't know, but he's sure he won't let them get what they want. For now, they need to concentrate on getting ready for the tournament, which is also a likely event the White Fang would want to hit.
  13. Slash finished with another beowolf before noticing an Ursa major approaching him from the tunnel. Not good, he was still handling the last few beowolves that were after him. Luckily enough, Andrea provided some backup which distracted them, long enough for Slash to quickly extend his rope kunai and decapitate the last few. "Thanks for the assist, Andrea!" he yelled before turning to the Ursa. He had fought Ursa before, but it left him pretty beaten up. Honestly, he was a little intimidated by it, especially since it left bad memories. Slash was younger back then though, he has grown and it already seemed smaller that he remembered. Either way, he needs to kill this thing. Slash must play his part in protecting the city and his allies. Slash quickly retracts his rope kunai and runs at the Ursa. He lifts both his gauntlets up and shoots both his kunai into the beast's chest, making it roar in agony. He wraps the rope around his wrist for a better grip and pulls it, speeding towards the Ursa and kicking it down to the ground. "I did it!" he thought, pulling out his kunai. Distracted by his small victory, he suddenly felt a big impact on his back as the Ursa swats him away. He falls onto the ground and slides, grunting at the immense pain. Slash picks himself up as he watches the Ursa do the same, brushing the rocks off his scratched skin. It'll take more than that to kill it, he should have known. With that in mind, he creates small platforms leading towards the Ursa. The faunus jumps from platform to platform and leaps into the air, dodging the Ursa's attempt to bat him away with an air dodge and stabs both kunai into his head. "Hooolyyyyy!!" Slash yelled as he held on to the Ursa's head as it thrashed around in pain, before it finally collapses. He breathes a sigh of relief as he looks around to see what was going on. Most of the other teams had dealt with their grimm and have started to assists others in battle. Slash quickly walks over to Andrea to check on her condition, "Hey, you alright?" *Feel free to wrap up*
  14. "Let's do this!" Slash yelled as the ground rumbled. The opening of the tunnel suddenly bursts with grimm of all sizes, flooding the square. Packs of beowolves approach the team, followed by a very intimidating King Taijitu. The teams in the back started to fight off the beowolves to prevent them from spreading all over the city until proper backup arrived. Slash was immediately surrounded by beowolves. He charged at one and gave it a round-house kick to the head, immediately giving the one next to it an uppercut. He quickly shot out his rope kunai at a couple and swung them around, knocking away the grimm that surrounded him. Sensing one about to grab him from the back, he does a back-flip over the grimm and stabs it's back with his kunai.
  15. Slash spotted Midnight walking up to the hole. It looked like she was running ahead of the team again just to attack her enemies, but for some reason it didn't seem that way, as if her reason to fight had changed ever so slightly. Perhaps it was because of something that went down in the tunnels, or maybe the fact that the city was about to be overrun by Grim and that there were only so many students present to stop them. "Andrea, you're injured so stay back and get help. I can't let Midnight face the Grim on her own." he said, activating his gauntlets as he walked towards Midnight and stood beside her, the ground starting to rumble as the Grim approached the breach. Other than the four of them, there were three other teams present to assist them with the impending doom they are about to face. They'll need to stall as long as they can for more backup to arrive and patch the hole. "Let's work together, Midnight. You don't need to fight this alone; we are here with you." Slash's ears perked up in excitement and confidence, nodding towards the female faunus.
  16. "If you say so, hOnEY" Slash teased as he let go. It was a relief to see that Andrea was somewhat back to her normal self, thought it was obvious that her wounds were still taking a toll on her. He stands himself up and looks around, glad that other students from beacon who were back from their own missions had come to help, but he can't help but wonder how they could have known. "Sorry, but it's far from over. Those bombs on the train opened up holes all throughout the tunnel, giving the grim a way to enter the city. Soon they will pour out of that hole and we'll have to stop them from taking over the city. We need to work with Tehengu, Midnight and everyone else until the professors come to fix the breach. First we need to find them and make sure they are alright."
  17. Slash had an idea. He quickly make pentagons and connected them together into a formation that would cover the three under a dome. "Alright, hang on Andrea. This will hurt quite a bit" he said as the dead end approaches. Since his panels cannot pass through objects, he'll have to make the rest of the ball while they were airborne, which was easier said than done. Slash holds onto Andrea while Oobleck holds onto Slash as they brace for impact. The train crashes through the wall and a flash of white blinds Slash. When he opened his eyes, he seemed to be in the town square that had debris everywhere from the train and the wall. The noise from the crash also left his ears ringing. He rubbed his head to and looked around, noticing that there were no civilians to be seen in the area. Slash looked around for Oobleck and the other two, no signs of any of them yet. He looked down to see if Andrea was still there, hoping that the crash did not make her injuries worse.
  18. Professor Oobleck and Slash caught up to Andrea and stopped after watching the horror that unfolded in front of them. He shook his head as he saw Andrea pass out, quickly rushing to her aid. "Andrea? Andrea! Can you hear me?" Slash yelled as he put pressure on her shoulder. "I have a first aid kit, but in this state she needs medical attention." Oobleck pulled out the kit and started to dress Andrea's wound. "We don't have time for that. This train is heading towards a dead end so something needs to be done." "Use your semblance, Mr Claw! Haven't you thought of that?" "What? I've never used it as a shield before and I don't know if it'll be strong enough!" "Do it! There is no other choice but to try! I've seen semblances similar to yours so it should be alright!" Slash frantically uses his semblance and makes a platform, trying to figure out a shape that would be the most effective as a shield. A box would be too simple, there are too few sides and the center of each would be very weak, especially against flying debris that may come from the crash.
  19. Slash opened the hatch to his car and looked forward, seeing that he was quite close to the front of the train. He turned to look back and see how the Professor and Andrea were doing, noticing that they were still fighting a sizable group of White Fang baddies. It also seemed as though she was injured, but the Professor hasn't noticed yet because he's busy with his own group. Slash runs to the back of the train where the two were, hoping he's fast enough to prevent more damage dealt to them. The colour of his face drained when he saw how Andrea was fighting, actually resulting to killing them. He gritted his teeth and ran faster, not only to assist Andrea, but to protect them from her too. "Andrea stop! You can't kill them!" Slash yelled, tears welling up in his eyes. Upon hearing Slash's voice. Professor Oobleck looked at his direction and quickly turned around to see Andrea. "Oh dear. This is not good" he said, finishing off his group before heading to Andrea's and using his giant torch (idk what it actually is) and swinging a few White Fang members off the train.
  20. Slash was starting to get annoyed. Landing a hit on her was difficult even with a plan in his head, like playing wack-a-mole with no hands. He kept thinking of what he should do while throwing punches, all of which continued to be dodged by the woman. It suddenly hit him that his semblance might help him in this situation since it is difficult to predict, plus restricting her space seems to work well. He conjured a large panel behind her and one in front of her, moving them closer towards each other until there was barely any room. "I'd love to defeat you with my fists, but I don't have much time." Slash said as the panels were so close to her body it was almost touching her. The woman smiled and suddenly vanished. Slash quickly let his panels disintegrate and sure enough there was no one. He suddenly felt a wack on his head and stumbled, turning back to see the woman standing behind him. He gritted his teeth and shot his rope kunai at her, shattering her image as if it were glass. He touched the ground and the glass pieces vanished. "She uses illusions." he muttered, looking around to see if she was still there. "Looks like she's gone. I should go help Andrea. Midnight and Tehengu should be fine on their own." he said to himself as he opened the hatch of the car he was in and climbed out. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grim turned to Midnight and put his hand on her face. "For now, stay with your team. Tell them you took care of Torchwick and that the controls were damaged. I trust you and promise to make sure I never hurt innocents or our kin." he said as walked over to the controls and used his cane to destroy them. "But first, assist your team. I still have need of them." The faunus picked Torchwick up and tossed him over his shoulder. "Try to cooperate with your team too. You wouldn't want them to suspect you" he smiled at Midnight before a lady in pink. white, and black suddenly appeared next to them and their image disintegrated, not leaving a trace.
  21. "Don't worry, the city has already called for an evacuation when they detected a train heading for the dead end. I have also been told that since your team hasn't checked in over radio, backup is coming." he said, holding both of her hands. "The city will be safe and so will the people, but I cannot stop this train or my plan will fail. Revenge on those who oppressed us will be delayed and all our efforts will go to waste!" Grim's words got harsher as he continued talking, holding Midnight's hands tightly and looking at her. "I've done my part to show that I have changed, that my endeavors do not cost the lives of innocent people. I need you my love, the White Fang needs you to come back."
  22. Grim looked at Midnight as she walked over and smiled, putting his hand over hers. Judging by her reaction, the plan to convince her might be easier than anticipated. The White Fang still can use her after all, but he'll need to bring her back first. "Of course not, I wouldn't resolve to putting innocents in danger, especially if among those innocents are our faunus brothers and sisters." he said softly as held Midnight's hand. "I tasked Torchwick to help me with my plan, though I see I should have kept a tighter leash on him. It's regrettable it has come to this, but I can still use this towards my plan while saving the city and it's people."
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