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  1. We could start it and then peeps could jump in. It's how Persona works after all lol.
  2. I have so many but one always manages to stay on top... Franziska Von Karma
  3. Still haven’t touched the second season of Kakegurui. I have watched the live-action though.
  4. I still need to start the second season of Mob Psycho. I've been behind on anime recently.
  5. Hmm okay. I saw something the other day and was wondering lol.
  6. @PatchworkPsycho Are you from USA? Just wondering...
  7. omg lol I haven't drawn anything since April this year.

    1. Bellosh
    2. SymphonicFire


      I'll draw something next year xD.

    3. tacobob


      Well, you have two days to draw eight months worth of art! So get to it! :x

  8. I has a railgun keychain and t-shirt! I approve!
  9. Maybe somewhere next year when I'm not poor lol.
  10. Sounds a little complicated for an online thread lol. Secret Santa (or the non-holiday specific version of it) would be better since we wouldn't be spending a giant wad of money on postage.
  11. Idk when the last thing comes, so it will probably be April. Gosh, I got so much stuff. I don't even know if any of it got stolen by package thieves. I don't think my neighbourhood gets many of those though.
  12. Then I hope you will love your package coming in...April I guess.
  13. I said I didn't want anything and yet you sent me stuff. *slaps*
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