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  1. that is safe enough cause i don't even know a single piece of info about you XDD but anyway just do what my friend did. I remember the first time a actually saw a pony. My friend became a brony before i did and she didn't have any brony friends. I was pretty close to her so you know what she did? She bought me a pony for my birthday and i was like "WHAT IS THIS THING!!!!" so she spent hours talking about the show and she made sure i watched at least 10 episodes and i became so addicted to the show that i had to call myself a brony. :lol:

    So there is an idea! But i'm not sure if it works :-|

  2. And usually your best friends or friends become your worst enemies or they go off to another country and that is the problem with friends. One day they will have to go...

    P.S how old are you? cause the problem also depends on age. Depends on if you can let go of the situation or if you can hold the grudge for a long time. You are a sensitive person as you said but how long will the pain last and what kind up trouble will come because of your =/ idk XD but anyway PONIES ARE AWESOME AND IF THEY CAN'T UNDERSTAND PONIES THEN THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU!

    Roses are red, violets are blue,

    Ponies are awesome and so are you.

    But you're being teased 'cause you're a brony,

    You're feeling blue so what can you do :-|

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  3. yea i know how you feel. All of my friends go "HAW HAW, YOU ARE DRAWING PONIES! YOU LONER!" and yea even the teachers think i have a problem which really bothers me cause the boys are all all doing gun imitations like "BANG BANG KA BOOM!" and they think they are normal. MY LITTLE PONY IS NOT A TV SHOW FOR LITTLE GIRLS! The show actually found me friends that are bronies and respect me for who i am. Pizza is right! if they don't like the real you then they aren't who you should trust and call a "friend". If you need any help with these problems send me a message! ^-^ there is always a way to solve a problem :)

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