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  1. All right lets try this one more time.

  2. So..sorry ive been away. for so long...im home now :)

  3. well. Here we go, my adventure into canterlot
  4. Ok....so here is my crossover application. i dont think this is the right place for it. but here it is anyway. if your interested in having a fickle character, msg me or leave a comment. Name: Tempest ​ Sex: Male Age: Prime of life Stallion aged equivalent. ​ This character is for Crossover, not World of Equestria. Therefore the playable Species list does not apply here (or so I understand it). My World of Equestria character Application will be submitted at a later date. Species: Draconiuses ​Eye colour: Right eye is green, Left eye is white ​ Coat: Tempest’s body is formed as the Following. Pony head with a mint coloured coat, a body of a cheetah with a black body and yellow spots, Right front leg is a chicken leg, Front left leg is a Frog leg that is coloured red with pink spots. Rear Left leg is a Cat leg with brown fur, and Rear Right leg is a Mint Green pony leg. ​Mane/Tail: His mane is black and white, but his tail is purple with blue stripes. ​ Physique: Due to the mixed up body parts, there are many athletic, skinny and muscular parts. ​ Residence: Tempest currently resides deep in a cave in the Everfree Forest. Only emerging to practice his trade on the unsuspecting traveler, and occasionally onto surrounding towns. ​ Occupation: Currently employed in practicing the arts of spreading chaos. ​ Cutie Mark: Not applicable. ​ History: § Tempest was born on the western edge of the Everfree Forest. In a small home made of wax coated paper and salt blocks and sugar cubes. § Life for Tempest was surprisingly easy, raised in a deep forest/woodsman life style. (well, easy and happily as it goes considering who his Parents are.) § Father is Discord, (now stoned…literally.) Mother is Eris, Spirit of chaos from the age of Discords rule of Equestria, before the rule of Celestia and Luna. § There is no other family that is known of right now, rumor has it that the Pony Screwball is Discords Daughter, but that has not been verified at all. § Tempests life is still very much the same, still a woodsman life style. However, his heart is filled with anger and hate towards the Alicorn sisters Celestia and Luna, for taking away his family, and now a even more burning desire to reap revenge on the little ponies of Ponyville, especially the ones called Twilight Sparkle, AppleJack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy for banishing his father before he could be reunited. § Tempest inherited the home from his family and maintained it over the years. Hoping and praying for his families return. § Tempests hopes’ to one day, over throw the Royal sisters and corrupt the Elements of Harmony, but he does not feel ready to enact his plan yet, he is waiting for more time to pass. Planning and scheming.​ Character Summary: § Tempest excels in causing havoc and chaos in the world, he has a particular ability to distort the colours of the world and alter them to his will. § Tempests motivation in life is driven fully by vengeance and anger. Tempests greatest dream is to take over Equestria and enslave Celestia to use her magic and break the magic of friendship and free his father Discord and to make Celestia and Luna to revive the spirit of his mother, Eris. (whom they vanquished when they rested control of Equestria from Discord in ages past) then to turn the Elements of Harmony into the Elements of Disharmony. § Tempest loves salts and sweets, Pretzels and Marshmallows are his personal favorite, especially Strawberry flavored Marshmallows. Life wise he loves riddles and pranks, creating total chaos and complete mayhem. He Dislikes the Idea of Harmony, (and for good reason, since Harmony was what took his family away) He also Dislikes the idea of friendship, for no traveler ever gave him the chance to become friends. So he was alone and always avoided by the passer by’s and wanderers. § Tempest has a secret hobby, he gathers water from the marsh and boil’s the salt out, testing it on allsorts of breads and pretzels. Trying to find a perfect taste. He also loves making sweets, saltwater taffy and delectable treats from ages long ago, chocolates and sweets filled with fruits. § Tempest tries to be calm around the travelers that pass through. But becomes cross rather quickly if he feels ignored by them. He doesn’t like being alone, but is convinced that this world has turned on him just as Celestia and Luna had taken away his world when he was so very young. He tries to make friends, but has felt that nobody cares anymore. So he no longer tries to make friends, instead he lets his emotions terrify them, scare them away and wreak havoc on them, he thinks would ignore them. § Tempest is not good at keeping his temper, he is not good at giving other ponies and creatures a chance to prove they are actual friends, always afraid he will be betrayed and turned on. Tempest has always failed at accepting loyal friends; he is never giving them a chance, and therefore always failing at making new friends, always failing at having someone trust him in return. § Tempest has 2 fears that haunt him. The first fear is to be vanquished and loose his chance to rule Equestria. His biggest fear is: that he will fail at reuniting his family, and becoming happy as he was when he was very young. It is this fear that could make him fail, when confronted with defeat, he loses the will and heart to carry on, believing he has failed his family.
  5. I know that feeling, but as i am customizing, i will add the back story to each customization. then when im all done, tie up any loose ends.
  6. well thanks everypony this was a lot of fun to find out and learn about everyones OC's here.
  7. ive got my Vinyl Headphones, a tiny bit of pony. but thats all. i dont like collecting mass amounts, then it crosses over into clutter.
  8. Thanks again for all the great welcomes. Lifeismusic: i listen to anything up to the year 1999. my taste ended then when the curtain closed after Billy Joel's millenium tour. so 99' and older. (except metal and rap, i wont listen to those at all really, nor scream-o stuff)
  9. as Discord would put it "..and your is the most elusive element of all, Magic.."
  10. I have a question for everypony. how do/did you create the background story for your OC RP ponies.How did you earn your cutie marks. I got mine by helping a friend of mine find a girl friend (they have been together for 3 years and he is planning to ask the BIG question) is your ponies nature based off your real life, or completely random story stuff. I am really curious at to what everyone did/is doing. so let me know. thats my pony. Ruby Heart.
  11. actually turned out rather well. I hope to hear more ponies and their story. its really cool. and thank you to everyone who has posted
  12. working on my rp app

    1. MyLittlePonyTales
    2. DiskjockeyVinyl


      thier is just so much to fill out. lol. which wouldnt be a problem , except i love intricate details. so im trying not to write a book for each subject (as much as Twilight Sparkle would probably love it.)

    3. MyLittlePonyTales


      Just a few paragraphs can generally do it. :)

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