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  1. 1 King Sombra 2 Discord 3 Fluttershy 4 Rarity 5 Rainbow Dash 6 Pinkie Pie 7 Twilight Sparkle 8 Applejack 9 Derpy 10 Vinyl Scratch 11 Scootaloo 12 Sweetie Belle 13 Apple Bloom 14 Princess Celestia 14 Princess Luna 14 Princess Cadence 14 Nightmare Moon 14 Pipsqueak 14 Lyra 20 Queen Chrysalis 21 Zecora 21 Soarin' 23 Shining Armor 24 Rose Luck 24 Trixie 26 Colgate 26 Octavia 26 Berry Punch 26 Flitter 30 Flim 30 Flam 32 Cloud Chaser 32 Snowflake / Horsepower 34 Spike 35 Carrot Top 35 Spitfire 35 Braeburn 35 Caramel 35 Babs Seed 40 Cheerilee 40 Diamond Tiara 40 Silver Spoon 40 Iron Will 40 Bon Bon 45 Granny Smith 45 Dr. Whooves 45 Lightning Dust 45 Photo Finish 45 Hoity Toity 45 Fancy Pants 45 Fleur de Lys 45 Prince Blueblood 53 Big Macintosh 53 Twist 53 Gilda Whenever a character lacks a backstory or seems disliked without reasoning, it WILL become my favorite, even if I don't understand why... King Sombra is best pony.
  2. Hmmm... let me see... - Less annoying spoilers - Give AJ more character than apple-loving country pony - Rainbow Dash solo song - Actually give King Sombra a backstory - More random Pinkie Pie songs, like in the older seasons - Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash sister stuff - Luna singing (Princess duet maybe?) - Have a background pony be a part of an episode, but not revolve around it. (Similar to Derpy speaking) Actually came up with more than I thought.
  3. I love Fluttershy best! Also, I notice nobody has voted for Applejack...
  4. I don't know why so many people think his voice is annoying, I think it's adorable!
  5. When I was on my birthday trip, I was derping around with my Rainbow Dash "Deal With It" shirt and some guy rushed past me and said "Nice shirt." Nothing major, just the first time I've seen a male brony IRL. (Most of my friends like My Little Pony but the only ones that do are female.)
  6. I honestly went on a pony buying craze when I found out the pony toys existed. I bought so many blind bags, I think they're out of stock! (Haven't seem 'em since summer.... )
  7. Fluttershy Definitely Flutters, I mean she trolled the crab-cakes out of Discord and she is simply pancake flippin' adorable!
  8. Dawning Demise Sunlight Shatter Corrupted Sunrise Anarchy Flare Lit Chaos This is what I thought of so far, I might add more later.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTHFdTwmkZo
  10. Someone most likely brought this up before, but at the end of Magic Duel when Pinkie wanted her mouth back, Twilight cast a spell through the 4th wall! Discuss please. (Sorry if stupid thread is stupid I just found this interesting.)
  11. Princess Celestia, if serious business is going down, I suppose, and why fudge monkey does Rarity have wings?!
  12. Become mortal enemies with Discord. 'Tis a shame really, I truly loved the chaos he brought upon Equestria. (As long as nopony dies in the process that is.)
  13. Pegasus: Derpy and Raindrops Unicorn: Sea Swirl, Vinyl Scratch, and Lyra Earth Pony: Roseluck and Candy Mane
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