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  1. amberdragonling

    Mane Six

    Pictures I do of the mane six, doing mane six stuff.
  2. It is a chime, but the bottom half of her mark is cut off in this picture.
  3. Couples! Mane, oc or whatever. Just a whole bunch of love.
  4. amberdragonling

    Digital OC art

    Just some of my Pony OCs.
  5. That would explain why it wasn't working at first. Thank you C:
  6. A bunch of pictures of my ocs using traditional mediums such as markers or colored pencils.
  7. I tried using the full editor but from what I see I can only change the prefix of it. Is there a special button I have to click in order to change the title? I could send you a screenshot of what I see if that would be easier.
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