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  1. Sure come on in, you can make your intro/wake up post now
  2. Interesting, depending on my internet stability I might do it. And just to ask, what points at this being the last season?
  3. Hmmmm, I think I'll stay away for a bit rather then jumping into a cluster, and wait for the most opertune moment to jump in.
  4. Ya we meet, explore for a while, one of us wakes up the baddies(maybe by fixing the power), and that's about what I've got planned.
  5. [colour=#fa58f4]"Mmmmmmmmm" cupcakes[/colour] Pinkie pie said, rubbing her distended stomach, lethargic after consuming nearly all the cupcakes in sugar cube corner. She lay in her bed room above the shop. *twitch twitch twitch* her tail came to life, [colour=#fa58f4]"Twitchy Tail! Something's gonna fall! Gummy don protective headgear![/colour] She jumped for her closet and pulled out a pair of umbrella hats putting one on and planting the other on the alligator gumming the table leg.*stamp stamp* [colour=#fa58f4]"my hooves getting stompy too! That means someone new just arrived in Ponyville! I should go meet them, their new, and if their new they don't have friends, and if they don't have friends they must be lonely, and if their lonely then it's my job to make them happy!"[/colour] She decided while leaping about excitedly. [colour=#fa58f4]"Gummy, I shall return!"[/colour] And she was off, searching for the new pony.
  6. I lie on the floor for a while thinking, Clockchime... It's my name I gues. Who am I? Why can't I rember? I tryed to focus and only got vague images, a large gear, lit halls, machines, just scattered all through my brain. I shook myself out of my thoughts and slowly raised my head to get a good look at the surroundings. The room was cold and dead, a potted plant rested in the corner, mummified. There was a table with somethings on it, but I couldn't quite get a good look. I sighed, "well going to have to stand eventually, might as well be now." I shifted my hooves under myself, readying them. "1... 2... 3...UP!" I heaved with what little might I could muster, pushing down on the floor. slowly, ever so slowly, I got to my hooves. my knees were shaking from the effort, I quickly stumbled over to the table, leaning on it to gain my balance. On the table was what apeaed to be a long dead console, some sort of cloth bag, and a clipboard. The clipboard had a scrap of paper latched into it, I craned my neck to get a better look. "Subject:Clockchime, engineer 2nd class..." "So that is my name and I'm an engineer" I lurched toward the clip board to read what else was on it, but as soon as I touched it the paper crumbled to dust."horse feathers, well no getting that back." I moved on, making my way around the table toward the bag. It wasn't so big, it had a strap that looked like it hooked around a ponies back. There was a metal label just under the clasp, I carefully raised my hoove to clear the dust from it "Clockchime 147759" "this must be mine". I prodded the bag, luckily it didn't turn into dust, it seemed to be filled with some metallic objects. "Hmmm I should take it with me, but I doubt I could Cary it." I pushed off the table, letting my weight balance on all four legs "well at least I can stand" I bent my neck to the bag and bit onto the strap and slowly started to pull. it moved slowly forward to the edge then doing a dive bomb off the edge, making a huge clattering noise, which echoed down the hall, and rang in my ears. I shuttered, hopeing no pony heard that and began dragging it toward the door."lets see who else is around"
  7. Hitman asked to be skipped so we'll continue Too big?
  8. If hit man dosent comment by Friday he'll be skipped
  9. Well the lets just wing it and see how it goes, the blue one needs to go then How long should I wait till pokeing someone about posting?
  10. Are we just gonna go like this? 1-2-3-4? Hmmm maybe I should find a better way to it How about posting what's going on in here
  11. I felt myself slowly become real, my mind becoming clearer. "Am I dead?" I thought to myself while sorting through my thoughts. My question was answered as a splitting head ache made itself known throughout my head, "Deafinately not dead" I decided. I sat still for a while and got my bearings and slowly gained sense in my limbs. I felt my hoof, "yes hooves, I have hooves" and tryed to move it toward my face, only to be greated by a paralyzing pins and needles fealing wich slowly faded. "Well that sucked" I only saw one way through this, and I didn't like it. I slowly counted to myself before doing my best to streaching every muscle. It hurt so much that a strangled cry escaped my lips "graggggg....",I paused and felt the pain gradually dull to a manageable level. I slowly curled into a ball and rested a bit more. I tryed to speak but just sent myself into a coughing fit. "Hmmmm what now? It'd be so much better if I could see what I was doing" agian I wasn't looking forward to it. I slowly opened my eyes, wich were caked with who knows what, I was greeted with nothing but bright blinding light, I blinked feaverously as the light slowly faded to a manageable level. "Hmmm I'm in a box, maybe I am dead. Well not helping anything in here" I reached out for the lip of the container and tryed to pull myself up, and with a grueling effort I managed to sprawl myself out on the floor in front of it. I lifted my head as an automated voice started up "good morning ms. Clockchime, we hope you enjoyed your sleep in one of our lovely stasis pods, please wait and one of our attendants will be with you shortly." It said before shutting down. If I had had more energy, I would have kicked it.
  12. Sure, give me a name and a job and the make you're wake up post And way ahead of you already sent them messages Ummm is that too long?
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