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  1. Added you. It might be worth considering a Fire type to handle Grass pokemon that will OHKO Quagsire and handle steel types that could take out Sylveon.
  2. Anyone fancy a battle? Friend code is 4098/3117/3152 Completed the game last week, really REALLY enjoyed it. My Fav since Black. Been spending most of time playing around with competitive, but I prefer big Six on Six battles with friends Current team: Sir Slicer - Aegislash Asteria - Starmie Avari - Vaporeon Jawliza - Mawile Athena - Gardevoir Magmoor - Volcarona
  3. ETC (Echoes Threat classification) Lurker Target appears to be match a Turian in terms of physical appearance, however – scans indicate several severe mutations within target’s genetic makeup. Due to long term exposure to Pang’s highly radioactive core and severely unstable climate, the Turian has devolved into a feral state – with intelligence more in line with that of a pack species of hunters, like Varren. Subject has shown no signs of being able or willing to communicate and is highly aggressive. Subject’s skin is translucent, with a notable fluorescent glow – possibly a result to heavy radiation exposure. The feral creature also lacks any obvious eyes, and it is likely it hunts by either smell or sound or a combination of senses. Target also appears to have high territorial instincts and will mindlessly and ruthlessly hunt prey without any interest in self-preservation. These Feral Turians have been reclassified as “Lurkers” due to evolutionary differences. [FURTHER INVESTIGATION/OBSERVATION REQUIRED FOR FURTHER CODEX DATA]
  4. Just chewed through all five seasons of Adventure Time. AMAZING show. The most fun i've had in ages.

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      Love the show.>Gets darker and darker every season..

  5. "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"

  6. Echo One: Harkness, Levi and Raz. Echo Two: Sigmus and Noctrina. Both groups will be guided to some extent, but create your own drama/banter as you see fit! Both teams will be travelling at the same time, so one group won't be able to go too far beyond the other. Remain aware of your other players, and make sure they all get a piece of the action!
  7. RP is going on a - very short! - break while a player is out at Bronyconn. Expect normal service to be resumed next week
  8. LOCATION: Pang surface: -TRAVEL WARNING- -Pang's surface is highly radioactive. Full armor and active shielding is required to survive for periods extending beyond twenty-five minutes. Little information is available on the surface condition of Pang. Ground reconnaissance is required to ascertain accurate data. Mission Zone is that of the ruined city of Tryloch. Due to the unstable environment, deploying heavy weaponry is not advised and crews should remain wary of their surroundings for falling derbris. Surface temperature is below freezing, maintaining fully functional life support is vital.
  9. Moving on to Pang soon. If you've got anything you want to do, or anyone you want to interact with - make sure it's planned and get it completed as soon as you can. Time to roll.
  10. -ECHOES FILE 0013- -Unauthorized viewing will result in termination- -Level two authorization detected. Unlocking File- Synopsis: Due to unknown circumstances, sixteen ships have been declared missing in action over the past sixteen months. Despite varying in location at the point of declared MIA, each ship passed through the Illegal Dunwich Relay within a month prior of using the Relay. 04.06.188 - Turian Cruiser Trilian was dispatched to investigate the linked Dunwich Relay system – Gandrayda, for any evidence for malicious forces causing the MIA vessels. 10.06.188 – Trilian declared MIA beyond the Dunwich Relay. Trilian has failed to respond to any emergency hailing. No distress signal detected. 11.06.188 – Dunwich Relay incident escalated to Echoes. Missing ship logs: - Nayraya. Asari Cruiser. 175 Crew. Used Dunwich Relay (UDR) 02.01.87. Declared MIA 06.01.87. - SSV Tokyo. Alliance Cruiser. 105 Crew. UDR 06.01.87. MIA 13.01.87. - SSV Cape Town. Alliance Cruiser. 130 Crew. UDR 12.01.87. MIA 17.01.87. - Syglar. Turian Frigate. 45 Crew. UDR 01.05.87. MIA 03.05.87. - Blood Bringer. Blood Pack Frigate. 45-65 Crew (est). UDR 05.05.87. MIA. 17.05.87. - Salas. Civilian Vessel. 12 Crew. UDR 24.05.87. MIA 30.05.87. - Valhalla. –LEVEL ONE ACCESS REQUIRED-. UDR 05.07.87. MIA 09.07.87. - Dagnes. Salarian Cruiser. 120 Crew. UDR 24.08.87. MIA 04.08.87. - Drina. Quarian Recon Craft. 86 Crew. UDR 08.09.87. MIA 08.10.87. - Vaserbvius. Independent asari crusier. 90 Crew. UDR 03.01.88. MIA 05.01.88 - Twilight. Eclipse Surveyor. 30 Crew. UDR 06.02.88. MIA 07.02.88. - Kuwta. Vol Frigate. 45 Crew. UDR 09.03.88. MIA 20.03.88. - MSV Havok. Equine Independent. 30 Crew. UDR 23.04.88. MIA 30.04.88 - Aravach. Turian Cruiser. 145 Crew. UDR 08.05.88. MIA 25.05.88. - DUNWICH RELAY DECLARED QUARANTINED. 01.06.88 Mission parameters: - Locate the Trilian and its crew, rendering assistance if necessary. - If Trilian has been destroyed, investigate cause. - Recon to be performed on Pang to investigate any abnormal readings and/or evidence relating to missing vessels
  11. With a bit of time until the Valiant reaches the Dunwich Relay, you find yourself with some free time. The ship is open to you. Feel free to take this time to interact with other characters and investigate the ship. Your quarters have been designed for your comfort in mind, and all have in built bathrooms. The Medical station is on the second floor, and is home to the second Valiant NPC. The second floor is also home to the entertainment lounge, bar and kitchen for meals. The third floor is engineering, and also home to the weapons room and Vault. The Vault is simply a huge sealed door. No one is permitted to enter juuuuust yet, but again - feel free to check it out. Anya, Doctor Finn and Rhyder are all available for approach.
  12. LOCATION/CODEX ENTRY The Valiant The very first of a new breed of deep scout frigates built from the design plans of the famous SSV Normandy SR1, the Valiant is a state of the art stealth frigate designed for deep space exploration and stealth operations. Building off the plans of its predecessors, the Valiant is far smaller and compact craft; making up for lost fire power and size with sheer speed, maneuverability and superior stealth capabilities. The Valiant’s IES (Internal emission sink) is 300% more efficient than the stealth capabilities of the SR2, allowing the Valiant to remain undetected for up to 12 hours of silent running. An impressive improvement on the Original Normandy’s estimated 3-4 hours. Due to the long term nature of the Echoes mandate, the Valiant has been developed for comfort as much as battle. The Valiant possess entertainment facilities, a VR suite, a bar and individual quarters for all crew. Like all frigates, the Valiant is equipped with GARDIAN point defense lasers, kinetic barriers and disruptor torpedoes. But due to a concentration on active masking, electronic counter measures and advanced CBT shielding; heavier weapons were deemed an necessary sacrifice for speed. The Valiant has four decks (from highest to lowest) 1. The Captain’s Cabin. 2. Combat information center 3. Crew’s quarters and Medical station 4. Engineering and Vault The Valiant has been designed to run efficiently with a minuscule crew, thanks to the implementation of a V.I network throughout the ship. The pilot can monitor and manipulate the drive core from the comfort of the cabin, while the V.I is capable of repairs and general maintenance; removing the need for an engineer. With a crew of ten, the Valiant can function at 100% combat effectiveness. However, the frigate is capable of flying effectively with a crew as small as two or three well trained crew members.
  13. LOCATION: Pang -Dunwich Nebular There are few planets with as morbid a history as that of Pang. Once the crowning jewel of the Turian Empire: Pang has been reduced to a sobering reminder of the sheer unimaginable carnage that was unleashed in the closing years of the Krogan Rebellion. Known as “Laurel” before its grisly fate, Laurel was the third largest colony world in the Turian hierarchy – home to a million Turians, a world lauded for its beautiful landscapes, prefect climate and incredible wildlife. An oasis of the stars and a jewel of pride for the children of Pavalvan. That was until the Krogan Rebellion. The war was raging and both the Turians and Krogans were instigating ever more brutal tactics – and it was then that Laurel became the target. To this day, it is unclear what exactly happened. Even the Krogan admit the weapon that caused such destruction on an apocalyptic scale has been lost to their ancestors – If it was of Krogan design at all. The planet of Laurel cracked like an egg. Today, Laurel does not even look like a planet, but merely its spectral remains. A pale, wraithlike world shrouded in mist and shimmering ice. It is not a complete globe – only half of the planet now remains, a giant hemisphere of frozen rock with the remains of its glowing, molten core exposed to space like a luminous scab. The Turians of today call it “Pang”. Of sorrow. Of regret. Of Anger. Since it was destroyed, no one has dared set foot on Pang. It has been expressly forbidden by several Citadel charters, and the Mass Relay guarding the system was monitored intently. Even pirates and refugees refuse to approach, out of fear of the stories. Pang. The planet of ghosts.
  14. Midnight will be posting and then the brief stright after. if there is anything you want to finish up on the station now's the time. Point of no return and all that!
  15. LOCATION: The Minuteman Station -Horse Head Nebula Once a Cerberus owned orbital facility, the Minuteman Station has been claimed by the N7 division of the Alliance military as a covert operations base. The station itself is very secure - virtually untouched from the war, with state of the art defenses and shielding. Within the station, the corridors are clean and bright - but Cerberus decal still covers much of the station and has yet to be removed. The station has a large crew - thanks not only to a sizable Alliance team, but Asari and Turian personal, many of whom are volunteers to assist in rebuilding joint military defenses. There are a dozen docking bays - One large enough to dock a full Dreadnought class ship, while the other eleven can hold cruisers and frigates for fuels and repairs. In some ways, the Minuteman is an excellent example of the mutual good will and friendliness between the species of the galaxy. Before the war, the Alliance would never have allowed an alien on board such a secretive vessel - but now, welcomes all help with open arms. You have been invited - and accepted - an invitation to take a place in a highly secretive new military group. You have not been informed of precise details, but you know it's something big. You are expected to come to Docking bay XI for your debriefing, but you have a bit of time before you need to be there! Feel free to wonder the ship, interact with other players and I have a few NPC's if anyone wants to interact with them. Feel free to be wherever you want: maybe just arriving or on the approach - or already on board. It's all good. Use your imagintion for what exactly is in the ship. ------- Posting guidelines! All posts should be subtitled with your current location and then something more precise: IE Minuteman station: Docking bay II ALL posts are expected to be of decent quality, with solid grammar and description. If you're speaking with one of your characters, please use coloured text. Don't use colours for NPCs. If you're having a conversation with another player: PLEASE use a Gdoc to write the entire conversation and then post it all in a single chunk. Believe me, saves on a bit of confusement and ten page long conversations - I will be enforcing this one. There is NO posting order, but please be aware of other players. I'll do my best to ensure everyone's getting a good slice of the pie, but if you notice someone is falling behind - let me know. Decent quality posts are expected every two days to maintain a decent pace. Failing to post will result in a polite warning. Still failing to post or consistently breaking the two day limit will result in a harsher warning. Continue to fail to post and you're out the RP. While relationships are allowed- try to keep any smut of screen. You know what the mods are like. If you are ever in difficulty with what to do next, or need NPC support. I am here to help.
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