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  1. I apologize for not saying my leave... (Maybe I did, but who knows what.) But, I might occasionally drop in and say hello.
  2. GUYSSSSS! I'm so sorry I left you and left the RP's hanging. I'm not really into the MLP stuff anymore as much as before, but I still think MLP is cute. (Does that make sense?) I haven't watched much of S4 and I saw the S5 trailer. It looks really cool! As for my life it's been well. I'm now a Junior in high school and it has been my best year yet. I won't be on here very often, but I might want to drop in and say hello to my brony friends. See you soon, Frosty
  3. Renee has almost the same color scheme as my OC, Mended Heart. ^^
  4. Oh dear... my sister got the game when it was released. I don't think she knows. Thanks for the news, I'll tell her!
  5. Is it me or is friendship harder than it looks? :/

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. DreamySunday


      I'd gladly be your Friend :)

    3. QuickLime


      Nothing worth having is "easy"

    4. Bellosh


      If friendship was easy, there wouldn't be a need for MLP:FiM.

  6. Welp, the Potterhead side is coming back to me. :P

  7. My roommate showed me the trailer, (she's a big Avengers/super hero fan), and it looks interesting. I might look into this or not.
  8. Pottermore anyone? My username is: ShieldLight3228

  9. Hey! I voice actor this pony! Don't forget the mane description! (You probably edited by now or I didn't see it so, derp.) Keep up the good work!
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