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  1. I apologize for not saying my leave... (Maybe I did, but who knows what.) But, I might occasionally drop in and say hello.
  2. GUYSSSSS! I'm so sorry I left you and left the RP's hanging. I'm not really into the MLP stuff anymore as much as before, but I still think MLP is cute. (Does that make sense?) I haven't watched much of S4 and I saw the S5 trailer. It looks really cool! As for my life it's been well. I'm now a Junior in high school and it has been my best year yet. I won't be on here very often, but I might want to drop in and say hello to my brony friends. See you soon, Frosty
  3. Renee has almost the same color scheme as my OC, Mended Heart. ^^
  4. Oh dear... my sister got the game when it was released. I don't think she knows. Thanks for the news, I'll tell her!
  5. Is it me or is friendship harder than it looks? :/

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    2. DreamySunday


      I'd gladly be your Friend :)

    3. QuickLime


      Nothing worth having is "easy"

    4. Bellosh


      If friendship was easy, there wouldn't be a need for MLP:FiM.

  6. Welp, the Potterhead side is coming back to me. :P

  7. My roommate showed me the trailer, (she's a big Avengers/super hero fan), and it looks interesting. I might look into this or not.
  8. Pottermore anyone? My username is: ShieldLight3228

  9. Hey! I voice actor this pony! Don't forget the mane description! (You probably edited by now or I didn't see it so, derp.) Keep up the good work!
  10. Hey! HEY! You still here? :( Just came here to say hi!

  11. Omg whoever put "Hipster Giraffe" for my title, I THANK YOU SO MUCH! *squee* (Just noticed today so....)

    1. NeoExlucky


      I've been calling you that before it was cool frost. XD

    2. Rosewind
    3. Frost137


      @Rosewind, :D

      @Neo, really?! I-I don't remember. D:

  12. Or maybe see her in the Shadowbolts. But then the Shadowbolts were just illusions... Maybe have one episode indicate that there are such thing as Shadowbolts and Lightning Dust is with them!
  13. I blame GreyEyes for this. Raina and I hopped on the writing band wagon because she is writing a story about her life at school. So Raina and I decided to write our own stories. GreyEyes is writing about like three stories so far. Raina is writing two? Then boils down to me, what should I write about? Me, I'm a type of person who likes or thinks about the grandest adventures with the people around me. So what would be the grandest adventure or something of the likes to write about? Raina and I were thinking about to write how we both save ice cream from either GreyEyes and her roommate or from global warming. (We are the weirdest roommates, possibly the most annoying ones above Freshman Hall. EDIT: She agreed that we are.) But then I thought about Lyra, Lyra Heartstrings. How cool would it be to write about her being in our school? Interacting with my friends, going through the craziness of the dorm life, and being under the stresses of school, what would Lyra do? How interesting! I decided to use my FIMFiction account for something then just reading stories! I began to write the first chapter. It seemed a bit boring because it had nothing to do with ponies but the fact that I was a brony. All of first chapter was just introducing my friends and I pretty much. I was still worried if I submitted the story since it had nothing to do with any pony. I continued the story with the second chapter: The Girl with the Cyan Green Hair. The chapter that introduces Lyra. I submitted the story. Hopefully the mods don't judge me. Twenty minutes later the story got accepted. People started added the story to their favorites. This makes me happy! I thought the story was just like any other humanized pony story so there would be a bunch of dislikes. So far there is only one since today. But out of fifteen (I accidentally added one to see what happens) it's pretty decent! I just hope that this doesn't get in the way of my studies. >.< If you want to check it out then head over here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/129978/that-one-human So that's what I have been doing lately so thanks for reading~!
  14. I'm walking on sunshine! Whoa-oh!

    1. NeoExlucky


      and don't it feel good?

  15. Congrats Starswirl for getting Princess Celestia!

  16. I think GreyEyes is going to write that next chapter now about me and my roommate.... D:

  17. Whenever I listen to Titanium, I'll always hear "I am Octavia."

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