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  1. well,beause i watch thsi alot of time in my home in blu ray ,i this part when flynn cut rapunzel hair for what to kill mother golthel yeah right.in the latters sence when rapunzel did come out of the tower when she was little got to be kidding me MOTHER GOLTHEL LET RAPUNZEL OUT LOL did not see in 18 YEARS oh my god why did seek outside when mother golther is slepping she can go to flotating lights that part should be in that moive troll face.dont ask me i have on blu ray or how cost,it came out from two years ago it was 52 amation on disney movies.but i stop watch it but i turn to watch the smurfs yay happy
  2. i think it look like for next is new my little pony toy line ,new mlp season 3 final
  3. yes new toys are coming and how was your chistmas what did you get for chistmas someponies spend time with their famies who celebrate different hoiday in december
  4. so i love doing role play . i love joing role play with people
  5. About Myself: i love my little pony How I found Canterlot.com: google How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: when i saw the show and toy My favourite main cast pony/s: Twilight Sparkle hi im princess celestia im doing here is role paly and fun with new friends.im thnking new ides for role play like royal wedding,crystal empire.please be nice to me
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