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  1. i have been emotionally compromised, and I'm not fit for this life....

    1. weesh


      First part: that applies to us all at one point or another. Second part: that applies to nobody.

    2. MyLittlePonyTales


      Yeah, the first bit is a side effect when you associate with humans.

  2. its hardly a rumor anymore. its been released in an official magazine. its happening whether we like it or not.
  3. 4/5 for indiana jones pony. and the kinda motivational words that some reason remind me of STANground.
  4. hnnnng i haven't drawing ponies in a while!! i'm sorry gaiz!! been trying to draw new things, hopefully get to the ponies soon! OTL

  5. OH! ok, sure no problem! I'll get right on that!
  6. this is ****ing stupid. im out.

  7. honestly can not see it going more then 3-4 seasons. i really think this is it, but if there will be any more, it will be 4 seasons before its completely done. that's my prediction anyway.
  8. sooooo, a little proud of this one. its my second time drawing mecha. :c and of course i choose to draw the more detailed transformer series. Knockout mind you... as i'm drawing this... i'm oddly listening to classic brittany spears... wtf?
  9. i still have to say i srsly love this style from you! and this pony! super cute!
  10. IcyHooves


    now that i'm not at work, i can properly reply to this. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGOMGSOAWESOME!! i've been wanting to draw discord for a while. i might get to it soon.
  11. Hello!! Welcome to canterlot!! Discord is the best. He should sound intelligent since john, the actor that played Q in star trek, voiced him. He's a brilliant man and his voice is amazing!!! It gets even better when Discord and Q are basically the same character.
  12. It's in the fifth paragraph. Should I just take that out and move it to the cutie mark section? Iunno, I'm so ocd about having the cutie mark story in the history since having it in the cutie mark section oddly breaks up the said history, least to me. Maybe its just me and how easitly confused and how complicated my head makes things. If you wish, I can move things around.
  13. curling up in bed with a good book~ "Night of the Living Trekkies"... i love it. <3

    1. Tenkan


      Never heard that one before. :P

    2. IcyHooves


      It's a really good book. Very different. Hahahaha

  14. Glass Glow is ready to be graded! (as you can see, i'm very excited about this guy.)
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